Interview question on CAN protocol

Interview questions on CAN communication protocol

Tremendous Trio

You guys are the best youtubers ever!

Renezito Chavez

Boys form faster than girls, you’re definitely having a boy!

Jack S

Dis sad

Ryan Conley

Russian Memes Whoa Russia is invincible

Remember Strangers trying to sell stuff to u

Daniel Wolfe

Black Widow still not Russian.

Richi Salgotra

Please do other video of stereotype

Tyson Games


Michael Hugessen

cn tower

Brandon Tyler

I thought Pastrana was just in motocross and rally

Rosalie Barvik

I hate to be that person but the sound effect at 0:24 is offset

Yasin Hasan

what i hate that all of these presenter doesnt even move a bit, they just stand & talk .. makes it look a lot boring

Mr. GoliathMan

at 02:44 you can see a face in that giant fish monster

Isai Garcia

2:02 hulk got knocked out


The first time I found that first bunny in the video, it was being surrounded by a circle of Deckers, making it extra weird.

Samuel Brent

Why are you guys doing british teams we know are teams are better than Americans

Anwr Tarabchi

You are a boy you are the best YouTube channel I ever saw that always watch shock and I love you I love all of y'all and you're the best

They develop diseases in a way similar to ourselves. So adding to much energy of processed calories inside their system, with little matrix (3d structure with nutrients and antioxidants and fibers). Exerts too much pressure into their systems and collapse, opening the path for disease, and dislipidemia, just like we do.

Broderick Thompson

rule 1 never play horse with these guys

Brother vlogs

i feel bad for cody😢😢😢



Anthony Dinh

I’ll attempt to break the longest (highest) basketball shot.1083 Feet.


no my bad 1:43


Fuckboi music strikes again. 🗑🛑🛑

Call/Em /Chopstick

Make a video!!! - “simple” solluminati voice

Aiden S

Dang 3 years it felt like 1

Isaiah Rivera


Jennifer Sievers

Football won for sure

Thamara Balino

Keep doing the good work!i love you soooooooo much,stay humble!xoxo luv youuu

I’m not sure if I have depression or anxiety but I have lots of those symptoms for example I get insomnia almost every single night. If Even the slightest things upsets me I will either over eat or not eat at all. I try to block out mean comments but they always come back no matter how small or stupid they are or who they are from. I over think every little word I say afraid of what someone will say in response and I hate showing weakness. I tend to have mental breaks downs because I stock pile bad things that happen, and I end up just crying even if I’m at school, in class out in public or at home. I also tend to have panic attacks for some of the sipilist or most dramatic things ever. Things that happened years ago still upset me! And I tend to have self hate because of all these weaknesses, i don’t hurt myself but still the self hate hurts me and it’s hard to get that voice out of your head. I care to much about people’s opinions even tho I act as if I don’t. Example just the other day my friend came to my house and we joke saying we are twins cause we look simaler same b day almost same time same interests ect ect. And I was scared she wouldn’t want to hang out just cause of what I was wearing! I can hardly focus and I always seem to lose motivation or just lose interest in hobbies I had only the day before. I feel upset a lot of the time even when I’m happy. Also i understand depression goes deeper then just these symptoms but, I don’t want to go there as it is just hard to explain.

obvious things

let's just be good nun

Andrew Kerr


Vivian Zetune

I never understood why girls (and trans people) have had fewer rights than boys


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