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Kyle Watanabe

I don't get the flash one

Sinamae •

It’s okay to compare yourself with others... like you need it to give yourself perspective... it’s not okay to obsess over it though- this can go either not listening or looking at anyone else and looking only at what other people are doing. Like many things moderation is best.

kevin sharer

You make fun off my swimming class

Like if you get what I mean

Edit: I read the desc after the vid


Texas Roadhouse > Outback

Harry Berry

I know who panda is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Nerea San Roman

I am shpanis


I mean, giratina is already as big as the dynamax version...

murray#92 carrao


Springs Hospital Co:

But ima boy

slime by Riley

what's 10 plus 9 19 what's 10 plus 9 21 '''daaaaaaaaaaaaab'''

Packi Kittipob

0:03 เลือกมา..!! (That means choose now)

Everybody has imperfections

Samuel Webb

??. ..

Zuly Pena

You guys should do Todd Gurley next

luis Palencia

Y el antagonista?

The Unknown

i friggin dislike this girl

formal cutie

the girl who voice over kinda sounds like kyutie (??) the one who reacts to literally everything lol

'This jerk. Such a pain i swear'...aren`t you the one who was adamant he goes to the hospital with you? And now that he`s going, you find him annoying?


Emma is so thin...

Antigonh Botsaith


Cooper Blackwood


Jerimiah 593

Google gravity


Yeah, that's kind of the point.

Stephanie Wall


Nachy Gold

Awesome video, Dylan definitely is awesome!


I dunno why but I can’t seem to go for anyone else but Garret every time

f k

This video was edited


COD player --"

Sean Da Best

Could just let the storm pass and take a boat, but when you gotta flex on non-magic normal people...

ЭNдан Games


Shit Pasta

They should add the Death Star too...

Porsha Robinson

He is a jurk sorry if I didn't spell jurk right


I’m an extrovert! Meet me irl, and you’d be annoyed by my bright personality!

Jafar Abdullah

Haha drumming with bowling pins at the end

Pablo Mahé

2:20 ND could also stand for Nathan Drake (Uncharted)


this is too fucking meta

Mic Chan

@Skata4life96 HATER.


Being British I don’t understand any of this

Jung Gukie

Sis has some killer makeup that still lasts even underwater

secret lock

well there ws a boy in my class that loved me but i hated him so much like i hit him with bricks nd stuff and became voilents sometimes o.o




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