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Dreifach-Siegerin Ekat: So begann ihre "Let's Dance"-Reise! ➤ die Whatsapp chats, Spaß Spaß Humor, laden Sie ein, schauen Sie vorbei und sehen! Abonnieren Sie unterstützen uns, danke!

ivan caceres

Coby will win soon bro

Riley Bowles


Will Hollmeyer

Th pga rule informer is actually wrong

Hasan Afrezsa

I dont know about you guys, but in this second movie, it look like Elsa's power still be central of the story. It feels like Incredibles2 when they still face the same problem from the first movie.

Keith Hampton


...Remember: People that smile are not weak, but the other way around. They surely went through something in their life but still... they are not crying(at least not in front of others)! They are keeping it cool and that's good... for others... not always for them too... you can't hold everything in yourself and if you do... it won't end well... TRUST ME... (i know...)

(I know it, i spelled it wrong) The "dad" Not onlly did the thing at 2:30 Am BUT HE WOKE HER UP! And no girls deserve to be ra*ed and WOKE UP AT 2:30Am !

Zaiah Mackay

question, who is in the panda suit?


Just so people know, comments with spoilers for TV shows will be deleted.


Jaiden: Post peed wallet

Antena Etna

The main character are arctor(joker) from serials Gotam

Alyssa Townsend

We only eat Organic, like it's beyond Organic, the Chickens just sacrifice themselves!


there isnt any worse feeling than hearing that somebody from the own family died. my grandfather died like 2 years ago and my dad died this year in october because of an heart attack. life aint fair.

Razi Ahmed

Real madrid

Javier Munoz

I wish I was the losing team


so maxis controls the red and yellow eyes zombies whlie rishtofen controls blue eyes MORE videos




I don't think its so much that but instead put in for their fans, I'm a big fan of Naughty Dog and so these Easter Eggs are awesome to me. It's the last game on the generation of consoles that really propelled their popularity to an all time high with Uncharted, I just think these are meant to appeal to the fans that have been playing all their games, rather than boasting.


Prashant Kumar


Potato Love

My mom has serious depression and if we didn’t help she probably wouldn’t be alive now but she is a alcoholic and my parents got divorced because they weren’t fighting and didn’t want me to come home to see them fighting or something like that! I know kind of crazy to hear but now they don’t hate each other. I still remember the nights my mom would leave I when I heard the door shut I would be scared and run down to her room to find no one there or the times I would be with her because I had I bad dream and all the sudden my aunts or nana would say it’s ok to go to there houses because my mom is in a bad state and sick but really I only stayed because I didn’t want my mom to be more sick if I left or try to hurt herself. Now my mom is in recovery as has been sober for a couple months, I live with my dad in a different state but know she is healthy and me being able to call and sometimes visit is amazing so for anyone who has a parent who is an alcoholic ask for help get them help and keep them in help for a long time the second and third times my mom came home and got sick not to long after so just remember alcoholism is not a bad thing it just effects a person who on the inside might just need lots of love and to go to rehab/recovery!🙂

Im doong better now I go to a counselor every Friday and my friends are here to help me even though they can't stand up to the bullies because they also have social anxiety but their always there for me


The last one


i do not know what disorder I have, but like all the time, I think of this, I don't want to do it, and I want to get rid of it, but I do it, I do this thing where its like pull my leg back when I step that leg in front. That's the only clear explanation i can tell you.


I just went to my local Walmart and just saw your book. I had to get it!


Garret is the most like us dad

Vallie Rose

Also, waffles or pancakes?


See ya later

Lynn Fenwick

I feel for you all.....but remember that it hurts so much because you loved her so much. You gave her a great life, and you should be really proud of that. I'm so so sorry for your loss, and the rest of the family's loss.

Adinath Udgirkar

Don't worry coby we

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Wtf is a tom boy


What about only throws Hail Mary

Coconut Boy

Ape Sex legends

Kiarah Merrill

Don’t think you guys will see this but I betcha that I could beet your record for the LEGO’s


I am so jealous.

Lacrimosa Requiem

awesome ! thanks

N Grady

I’ve been to that bass pro in Memphis

feng chen

Must take a long time to fix up the mess

Bullying is a bad word now??

Supercool man

The rage machine

I have no Subscribers

I disliked in support of Ty

Stoked status: 100%

Why are there so many idiots down here that can't figure out that Bungie didn't predict the future?

Sam Savage

You don't get enough credit

Sam Playz

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nayeon is a cute bunny

They snapped with the vocals😍

Adem Aricanli

anybody notice how ty puts the balls in the jugs machine slowly here but in the skip and slide football battle he puts them through as fast as he can just so he can win?


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