DRONKEN LOOPNEUS?! met Enzo, Milan, Joost en Pascal | Minecraft Build-Off | LOGS2 #8 - YouTube

De Minecraft Build-Off is terug!! Enzo en Milan strijden tegen Pascal en Joost. Wie bouwt het mooiste en meest inspirerende kunstwerk en overtuigt de strenge jury?? Let's BUILD!! :DWe droppen elke week 3 gloednieuwe video's op dinsdag 16:00, donderdag 16:00 en zaterdag 12:00. Vond je de video nou vet, laat dan een duimpie achter en vergeet niet te abonneren! Gaming PC’s en hardware geleverd door hardware geleverd door Verbonden door Check ook zeker de socials!Website: DE LEGENDS |Enzo ((((((((on! Maar vergeet niet te chillen!#LOGS2

Cindy Luna


Me: ends up dying The drawer: what brown

I. EAT. PAPER. help

my dads cooking > both

shanti j

"Hello hello hello hello HELLO" youre hilarious i had to rewatch to understand what that was hinting at!

morgan m

why is this me



Ishaan Malushte Malushte

Last one

-During the "NO MUSIC!" montage, we hear the Pizza Planet Truck, playing ice cream truck music.

Broken Sam


Avengers Newbie

At 3 it's not called love. Please stop this bullshit.

Shreya Gin

I love the mom most, she is world best mom.

Jenella Spates

The react cast should react to this 😂

Jason Verkler

Brody smith looks like dr lupo

cnr mc

Do you acctually use tnt?

Enraged Geometry

your cool and awesome

Trip__ __Time

Fckin awesome

Classic Basket

Gurukid, I love your voice. It almost makes me want to stop punting kittens. <3

trace firebaugh

where do they get those


I'm sorry but I can't fucking believe how good this is. This and no flex belongs on Youtube official music lmao

W Channell

NASCAR!!!!!! Racers

Toad ya Boi 930

3:50 did they even make it 🤔

Nash Szasz

Make more OVERTIME!!!! Pls, it's so entertaining

LeGoat Better than jordan

Dead game no one cares

Archana Pawar

Pls make video on cycle stunt battle

My names is Someone

Your not alone I have to use a wheelchair even tho I’m 10 every thing was upside down after they told me I had a disability I bursted in tears 😭 after taking therapy nothing seems to work I fell a bunch of times but I just wanted to let you know you could be strong just that it will take a little bit but NEVER GIVE Up!!!

K Garrison

Love you and your gorgeous baby girl.

Giuseppe Covarelli

Where is hawkeye?

Satish Varma

Hey do cricket battles


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