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His wife: im about end this man whole career.


Im in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend and i can only imagine how heartbroken i would be if something like this happened to her... im sorry for your loss😔


I hate fiat


That last clip also freaked me out when I was playing :3

rouzbeh ba

bare with the consoles for now till maybe someday they announce it for PC !

Nerf TIP

Man you’re the best !


I can't wait to smack each and every child that sings obnoxiously

tyree tyler

doesnt count..... he didn't call his bank!

Jackson Conlon

I bet you or dude perfect watching this today is like WHY DID WE DO THIS VIDEO HE IS A BAD PERSON!!!

Chris World

These are not that model there more real size, fighter jet missiles

Aaron Ellis

When I found out that origins was all in Samantha's imagination, my mind imploded on itself and then flipped into the ether

But I guess you don't care about presenting the facts.. just mislead the people into promoting your world beliefs.. Bai Zuo ©_©

FaZe AssaZin

Its like panda 51

Parker Wigton

I love lacrosse so so so so so so much 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

I hope everyone sends love 💗 to you


white team all the way

Me: Get phone and calls FBI*

You should think about what this woman went through during these times, how would you feel if YOUR child died before you actually got to meet them?! At least show some support and like this video. The pain she felt and still feels must be unspeakable. To make it worse, she didn't have the support of the father because he committed suicide. The thought that some people actually disliked this video disgusts me. 😝 I know it's just a video, but it is probably really difficult for her to talk about her daughter for the world to see / hear. Can you imagine having to go through this?? Basically not being able to go anywhere without seeing someone with there child and thinking,"If only that was me...." Nobody should have to go through this, especially not alone. If you liked this video, you have my utmost respect.

Attack Helicopter


Heat Headquarters

Do Tom Brady edition.Pats 4 life

DemonEye Adventures

Last one to stop eating gets 10000$

El Majeed

I'm supposed to be watching this vid but this one ad keeps playing on my screen...

Sochi O

Are you dating Annie LeBlanc?

Can I Get 1.000 Subscriber for no reason?

5:07 like A123

Joshua Fortune

Sam Fisher hearing how snake is retired and him being the last original super spy made me cry fuck all of you.

Rock Rock

I thought an epidural took away all the pain. By the time I give birth hopefully they have better medicine


This is bullshit... Why do you dont have already a 500 000 subs? Your videos are good

Brian Ward

Wow. I feel bad for her... Conclusion, Kristin is beautiful anytime lol. But I’m a HUGE fan of both of those bathing suits!


Do you have all this games you showed or did you get them in a forum or something like that?

Parmjit Singh


NintendoNerd - Toby

le browsing through easter egg videos by funwithguru come across this one "I guess it cant be that long, after all its the most hated series every, call of dut- eyes pop out OOH YAY A LONG EASTER EGG VIDEO. Thank you guru I love watching your easter egg videos! *thumbs up*

Chloe Casper

ok so like does this mean cody’s going to propose to kelsey...


no from Frence!

Lukas Bramwell

In 2018 it was France


you should play minecraft

Ivana Spasojevic

Next Juventus or Liverpool

Girly Mesa

Go to a basketball game guys


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