Ellen Discovers Her Audience's Hidden Talents - YouTube

From impressive push-ups to marshmallow tricks, Ellen found some amazing hidden talents among her audience members.

Thanks for uploading a new video and keep up the good work :) Me: I’m the brokest woman in the whole world

Epic SportsGaming

You should’ve got closer you would’ve got powers


Дарова бандиты

eager hunter

2:43 Elizabeth Stone, 3 - Time Paralympian...swimming...

Captain Animalz

Idg number nine

Keanu Reeves:


Are you kidding me? Is there no Monty Python's Holy Grail reference in this game? Or was it not included/found?


Not too many needles in this haystack? I don't think this game has too much hay in the haystack either.

Omega Animations

Me: "mom I'm hungry" We pop out at your party, I'm with the gang (again)

Wolverine Spirit

I Actually Like Texas Roadhouse More The Outback



Andrea Bonifacio

I love the twin

Emily Williams

You need a high lighter called Diamon


How Ridiculous vs. Dude Perfect, like if you agree

kawaii_ queen


Jonathan Bartels

If you beat T series in subs ill subscribe


I just read Bipolar as Bipopular...

Tax Fraud

Anyone play battleship with bubbles or toilet paper in the toilet?

ameera abualsamh

I pronounce Hyundai and Nike the same way Ty does. Good job Ty , you know how to pronounce. Lol

Santiago Portillo


Normal peps : " sir, may i go to the toilet

Alfie Ayling

I thought I’d enjoy this. I’m allergic to coconut

Lee JaeKyoung

it was a checkers obviously

Generic Fire Dude

Your videos are always giving so beautiful vibes, the music and editing is top notch~

Aail Plsj

LOVE Manchadter


#TeamL&SGIRL 💜

super 555

Omg!I experienced almost of this God help me😢

Matt Wretched

Also your second home base is the Savini residence. If you don't know who that is. You been missing out. Young punks.


I would send him a picture of a bible and rosary

Thanouk 23

What is that for a big egg?


oh thats hot


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