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From the creators of CodeMonkey - the game-based platform that taught you how to catch bananas - comes a new product that teaches kids from age 11 how to become game designers.CodeMonkey's Game Builder is now available! Learn more at

Were We Intelligently Designed? (+5,000 Subscribers!) - YouTube

The argument from apparent design, or teleological argument, is commonly employed by the religious in debate. It has an appealing premise, but given enough thought can be easily confronted and tackled. How is Earth so finely tuned to support human life? Why are the laws of physics perfect for the interaction of celestial bodies? Was the universe intelligently designed or did it come about through natural processes? These are the questions that we discuss in today's video.I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude towards all those who have shared and supported my channel over the past few days. I've experienced a substantial growth in followers on YouTube and across social media completely unexpectedly and I am still bemused by the sheer haste of it all. If you are one of those followers then I thank you endlessly. If not, why not give it a go? Links are below - I truly appreciate every click.Further thanks goes to graphic designer Noël Wierema who created the new logo. Check out his portfolio here: @CosmicSkeptic----------------------------------LINKS/SOURCES---------------------------------Original Video (OffTheKirb Street Preaching): Last Video: To My Friends' Channel (I'm in their videos): Me:Twitter:

Emrah Karaduman feat. Murat Dalkılıç - Kırk Yılda Bir Gibisin - YouTube

Official music video of "Kirk Yilda Bir Gibisin", performed by Emrah Karaduman feat. Murat Dalkilic, from the album "Toz Duman" published by DMC, now on netd müzik.

Off Campus Placement Interview - Tech Round & HR Round - Ankur Agrawal - YouTube

This video is a re-enactment of a Real Life Off Campus Placement Interview experience of Mr. Ankur Agarwal. After graduating from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Mr. Ankur Agarwal appeared for a few On & Off Campus Placement Interviews. And this was one such experience where he appeared for Ericsson Global India Job Interview.After clearing the Aptitude Test and a Group Discussion, Ankur went through a Technical Round and then a HR Round. In the video, both the Rounds have been Re-Created.You can reach Ankur Agrawal on Facebook, video is a re-enactment (by actors) of the interview experience as shared by Mr. Ankur Agarwal. Cast :Female Interviewer : Ms. Neha SaksenaMale Interviewer : Mr. Lokesh SharmaCandidate : Mr. Darshan Khatwani#JobInterview #OffCampusPlacement #HRRound #TechRound

Why these multilingual school kids want to learn more languages

More than half the students at Reay Primary School in South London speak two languages. To coincide with the release of the 2017 Languages for the Future report, we asked them for their thoughts on language learning.Read the full report on the ten most important languages for the UK's future after Brexit: as a language teacher in England and earn £28,000 tax-free: to our channel for more: Primary School:

Why your Job Applications are getting ignored. | Jean-Michel Gauthier | TEDxBITSPilaniDubai - YouTube

Too familiar with sending resumes and getting no response? Check this video out to see why your job applications are getting ignored and what you can do about it.Revolutionising job opportunities across the UAE, our next speaker is Jean-Michel Gauthier, the CEO of He founded his first startup in 2007 and is definitely the only pharmacist ever to successfully launch the world’s fastest PC in the UAE. Jean also manages Eternal Venture’s fund which has made 3 portfolio investments within its first year of operation.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

C - Basic Syntax

Watch More Videos at: By: Mr. Anadi Sharma, Tutorials Point India Private Limited


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FAME MMA 1: Hubert "Ken" Korczak vs Krystian "Krycha" Wilczak (Cała Walka) - YouTube

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Php And MySQL : How To Use Pdo Row Count In Php [ with source code ] - YouTube

How To Get Count Of Rows In Pdo Result Using Php With Mysql DatabaseSource Code: Programming Tutorials ➜ And MySQL Tutorials ➜ Course For Beginners ➜ Development Course ➜ our blog subscribe: Share This Video :this Php Tutorial we will see How To Use rowCount() To Get Number Of Rows From Pdo Result Using MySQL Database Table With Php And Displaying The Number Of rows .I Use In This Tutorial:- NetBeans IDE .- XAMPP .- PhpMyAdmin .Others Tutorials:Get Select Option Value From MySQL Database Using Php To Populate Html Table From MySQL Database Using PhpTo Use Mysqli Num Rows In PhpUpdate Delete Search Data In MySQL Database Using Php Part1And Filter Data In Html Table Using Php And MySQL DatabaseDevelopment - The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 - Build 25 Websites and Real Mobile Apps

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Handel – The Best of Classical Music

The Best Classical Music Playlist Mix (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Handel,..) Beautiful Piano, Violin & Orchestral Masterpieces by the greatest composers of all time.Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share it!- Music by:YouTube Audio Library

This Will Kill Your Computer - YouTube

Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Worth It? USB Killer will destroy nearly anything you plug it into. Don't try this at home.USB Port Blocker on Amazon: Frontier Foundation:

Rapunzel Kids Story & Rapunzel Songs | Bedtime Stories - YouTube

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your golden hair! Bedtime Stories and Songs for Kids youtube channel presents RAPUNZEL cartoon kids bedtime story and a collection of popular kids songs nursery rhymes animated with Princess Rapunzel and all characters of the story in this video.SUBSCRIBE our Youtube Channel NOW for FREE !Click here :and follow our next popular classic stories and songs for kids.You can watch from the starting of each part by clicking the link of start times below:00:00Rapunzel Story11:34Jingle Bells song with Rapunzel13:35Wheels on the Bus song Rapunzel16:18ABC Song with Rapunzel17:39Humpty Dumpty song with Rapunzel 18:39If youre Happy and You know it song with Rapunzel19:56Old MacDonald had a farm song with Rapunzel22:18Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with RapunzelPLEASE SUBSCRIBE: to all our FairyTales and Bedtime Stories for Kids :1- Little Red Riding Hood : Cinderella : Rapunzel : Bremen Town Musicians : Snow White : 6- The Little Mermaid : Snow Queen : Sleeping Beauty : Jungle Book : 10- Heidi : Beauty and the Beast : Alice in Wonderland : Pinocchio : Hansel and Gretel : Aladdin and the Magic Lamp : Puss in Boots : The Little Match Girl : The Frog Prince : Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves : The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats : Three Little Pigs : 12 Dancing Princesses :

Pascal Junior - Got You (Original Mix) - YouTube

CDeepMusic - Deep / Nu Disco / Chill House☑️Subscribe: ☑️Download // Stream:CDeep on Spotify:Label: Epic Tones Records CDeepMusic on Facebook:Visual Identity by Studio GRIS More at:✔️ Follow Pascal Junior#GotYou #Original Mix

Studio Ghibli Music Box Medley--10 feet long!

10 feet of epic music box songs and illustrations of great animes by Hayao Miyazaki!Studio Ghibli Medley PART TWO: List:Howl's Moving Castle - Merry Go Round of LifeKiki's Delivery Service - A Town With An Ocean ViewSpirited Away - Waltz of ChihiroMy Neighbor Totoro - Tonari no TotoroThe Cat Returns - Kaze ni NaruWhisper of the Heart - Country RoadMusic box meets ANIME Playlist:with me on Twitter or Google+ to hear updates on my newest projects: Twitter: Music found on Ichigo's Sheet MusicAnd you can find the music box I used here:

Python Context Managers and the "with" Statement (__enter__ & __exit__) - YouTube

► Discover Python's advanced features and how to use them to your advantageThe "with" statement in Python is regarded as an obscure feature by some. But when you peek behind the scenes of the underlying Context Manager protocol you'll see there's little "magic" involved.So what's the `with` statement good for? It helps simplify some common resource management patterns by abstracting their functionality and allowing them to be factored out and reused.In turn this helps you write more expressive code and makes it easier to avoid resource leaks in your programs.In this Python programming tutorial you'll see how you can add support for the "with" statement to your own objects either by implementing the "__enter__" and "__exit__" protocol or by using the contextlib @contextmanager decorator.You can use the approach demonstrated in the video to add support for the "open as" design pattern in your own Python classes to follow a more Pythonic style of OOP.To get more Python Tricks and to discover the full potential of Python check out "Python Tricks: The Book" at the link below.FREE COURSE – "5 Thoughts on Mastering Python" TRICKS: THE BOOK TO THIS CHANNEL: * *► Python Developer MUGS, T-SHIRTS & MORE: Python Tutorials & News:» Python Tutorials: Python News on Twitter: Weekly Tips for Pythonistas: Subscribe to this channel:


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C Programming का परिचय - भाग 1 - YouTube

इस विडियो के बारे मैं आपकी राइ मैं जानना चाहूँगा. "कमैंट्स" मैं आप आपका राइ छोड़ सकते हैं.


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Coding for Kids

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Quick Intro to Python - ภาษาไพธอนแบบรวบรัด - YouTube

การเขียนโปรแกรมภาษา ไพธอน เวอร์ชัน 3ฉบับโปรแกรมเมอร์ภาษาอื่นที่อยากมารู้จักกับภาษา Python 3 ในเวลาอันรวดเร็วไม่ว่าคุณจะเคยเขียนภาษาใดก็แล้วแต่ (Java, C, C++, Javascript, PHP, ...) Python จะเป็นภาษาที่ง่ายต่อการเรียนรู้อย่างแน่นอน=============================================วิดีโอนี้ทำมาเน้นว่าคุณสามารถกอข้ามส่วนที่คุณรู้อยู่แล้วได้ เพื่อให้คุณเสียเวลาชีวิตน้อยที่สุด หรือเร่งความเร็วในการพูดก็ได้ และถ้าไม่รู้เรื่องส่วนใดก็กดหยุดอ่านข้อความล่างซ้ายได้เรื่อยๆและผมเน้นว่าให้ลองรันผ่าน cmd เพราะคุณจะได้รู้พื้นฐานการ run โปรแกรมแบบไม่ใช้ IDE หรือโปรแกรมสำเร็จรูปต่างๆเพื่อนผมเป็นผู้ตัดต่อคลิป: เพราะผมใช้ศัพท์ค่อนข้างทางเทคนิค (เช่น implement, method, class, object, ฯลฯ) แต่ผมก็พยายามกำชับให้เพื่อนเขียนอธิบายไว้อยู่เยอะเหมือนกันปล.2 หลังๆเสียงมันจะไปก่อนภาพ (ขัดหลักไอน์สไตน์ที่ว่าแสงเร็วกว่าเสียง) ขออภัยด้วยครับ

‫أفضل 7 مهارات لا غنى عنهم للمبرمجين- سيندم كل مبرمج على الفترة التي قضاها دون اتقان هذه المهارات!‬‎

dir="rtl"جامعة المنح للتعليم الإلكتروني تقدِّمأفضل 7 مهارات لا غنى عنهم للمبرمجين- سيندم كل مبرمج على الفترة التي قضاها دون اتقان هذه المهارات!هناك بعض المهارات على قدرٍ كبيرٍ من الأهمية، والتي يعرفها عدد محدود من المبرمجين، وذلك بسبب عدم انتشارها بطريقة تسمح لجميع المبرمجين بأن يتعرفوا عليها ويتقنوها، ولكنَّ عددًا كبيرًا من المبرمجين بعد التعرُّف على هذه المهارات ندم كثيرًا على عدم معرفته لها من قبل، وهذه المهارات هي:1-مهارة الكتابة باللمس (Touch typing)مهارة الكتابة على الكيبورد دون الحاجة إلى أن تنظر إلى الحروف، وهذه من المهارات التي عُرفت منذ فترة، وهي من المهارات المهمة، وقد أفادت كل من تعلمها بالكثير، حيث إنها توفر الجهد والوقت، وتفيد في أن من يستخدمها يكتب بطريقة أسرع مما كان عليه من قبل.أما إذا كنت من محبي الكتابة في إضاءة خفيفة أو حتى من دون إضاءة فيجب عليك أن تتعلم هذه المهارة، حيث إنها ستوفر لك ما تتمنى، ويمكنك الآن أن تكتب أو تحاور صديقًا عبر شبكة الإنترنت، وتُعدُّ هذه المهارة على درجة عالية من الأهمية، وخاصة بالنسبة للعاملين في مجال البرمجة والمطوِّرين.حيث إن هذه المهارة ستسهِّل على مستخدمها أن يكتب على أي نوع من لوحات المفاتيح، سواء كانت غير واضحة، أو غير موضوع عليها حروف اللغة العربية.2-مهارة (VIM وEmacs)يوجد عديد من محررات النصوص التي يعتمد عليها المبرمجون، منها ما هو حديث من ثلاث أو أربع سنوات على سبيل المثال (Sublime text) و(Atom)، وهناك محررات للنصوص ترجع إلى ثلاثين عامًا أو أكثر.ولكن هناك محررات للنصوص مثل (VIM وEmacs) تُعتبر محررات من النوع القديم على شبكة الإنترنت وحدث لها تطوُّر خلال الثلاثين عامًا الماضية، وقد قام بتطوير هذين المحررين عديد من المطوِّرين وأغلبهم على درجة عالية من المهارة في عالم البرمجة وتطويرها، وتم إدخال المزيد من التحسُّن عليهما.وكان هناك خوف في السابق من استخدامهما، ولكن حاليًا وبعد أن عرفت أهميتهما، حيث إنهما يساعدان في أن تزيد من الإنتاجية لمن يستخدمهما، خاصة إذا تم استخدامهما لمدد طويلة، وأصبح العديد من المطوِّرين يقومون باستخدامهما، سواء كان أحدهما أو كليهما.ومما لا شكَّ فيه أن بداية استخدامهما ستكون صعبة، حيث إنهما يعتمدان على طرق متعددة للتحرير، ولا يعتمد على الماوس فيهما، حيث إن الاعتماد الكلي يكون على الكيبورد.ولكن إذا ما تم استخدامهما بالتأكيد سوف يزيد من الإنتاجية إلى أن تصل إلى الضعف.3-حاول أن تُقدم على تجربة الجديدمن المهم والمفيد لأي مبرمج أن يحاول دائمًا تجربة واكتشاف الجديد، سواء كان ذلك لغات للبرمجة أو أدوات وغيرها، حيث إن ذلك يعطيك المزيد من الأفكار الجديدة التي بالتأكيد ستفيدك في أي مشروع خاص بك من حيث التحسين والتطوير.4-مهارة لينكس (LINKS)تُعتبر مهارة لينكس من المهارات المهمة لأي مُبرمج، ويفضل استخدامها لمدد لا تقل عن ثلاث أو أربع سنوات، حيث إن الأدوات الخاصة بتوزيعات لينكس تكون غاية في الأهمية، حيث إنها تستطيع التعامل مع أدق التفاصيل في النظام.وهذه الأدوات مثل (تاتش، آر إم، إم في، دي دي، توب، كيل، إس، جريب، وغيرها الكثير)، ولكن يجب على كل مبرمج أن يفهم جيدًا كيفية عمل هذه الأداة حتى يستطيع أن يشغلها في النظام، حتى تصل إلى درجة الإتقان لها حتى تمنحك المعرفة الجيدة لأنظمة التشغيل، وطريقة عملها.عندما تتعامل مع أنظمة مثل ويندوز أو ماك لا تستطيع منحك كثيرًا من التفاصيل التي يتوجَّب عليك كمطوِّر معرفتها، ولكن عندما تقوم بمعرفة وإتقان أدوات لينكس فإنك سوف تستطيع التعامل مع هذه الأنظمة، ولكن بشيء من التطوُّر.5-لا تُكرِّر الأشياء بنفس الطريقة أكثر من مرةاحرص دائمًا على عدم ضياع وقتك كمبرمج في أن تكرر الأشياء بذات الطريقة في كل مرة، حاول أن تقوم بتحسين أدواتك التي تستخدمها حاليًا، حيث إنه يجب عليك عدم تكرار نفس الخطوات في كل مرة.ولكن يمكنك أن تفكر في استخدام برامج صغيرة لكي تقوم بهذه المهمة لك، وذلك بالتأكيد سيعود عليك بالنفع وتوفير الوقت، ما يُحسِّن من حياتك، ويجعلها أكثر كفاءة.6-الحصول على خادم شخصي خاص بك على الإنترنت:من المُفضَّل لك كمبرمج أن تحاول الحصول على خادم شخصي يخصك، وليس من المهم أن يكون ذا إمكانيات كبيرة أو عالية، ولكن كل ما يهمك هو أن تكون متحكمًا بطريقة كاملة على هذا الخادم.فمثلًا تستطيع أن تقوم باستخدام (سي فايل Seefile)، ويكون بديلًا عن استخدام (دروب بوكس Dropbox) لكي تحصل على الخدمة ذاتها، ولكن بصورة شخصية بواسطة الخادم الخاص بك.ويمكنك أن تستفيد بهذا الخادم في استضافة موقع شخصي خاص بك، وتستطيع من خلاله أن تكتب برامج تستطيع عمل بعض المهام بصفة دورية مثل نتيجة مباراة أو بعض عناوين للأخبار.فهذا الخادم يعمل طوال اليوم، وأيضًا طوال أيام الأسبوع، فعليك أن تتصوَّر ماذا يمكنه فعله.7-تعامل مع جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك على أنه مؤقت يجب دائمًا أن تحرص على أن تحتفظ بملفاتك التي تحظى بأهمية وتأخذ نسخة احتياطية منها، وقم بحفظ إعدادات البرامج الخاصة بك في ملف وتقوم برفعه على الخادم الخاص بجهازك بصفة دورية.تستطيع أن تكتب برنامجًا مبسطًا وتستطيع من خلاله أن تحوِّل أي جهاز جديد حتى يكون صالحًا للعمل، حتى يُنزل لك جميع التطبيقات التي ترغب بها وينسخ الملفات من الخادم الخاص بك، حتى توفر الوقت ولا تُهدره.وكل ذلك سيساعدك في إعداد جهاز جديد، وذلك إذا حدث أي عطل في جهازك في أي وقت، ولم تستطع إصلاحه، حيث إن برنامجك الصغير الذي تمت كتابته في يوم ما سيعمل على إنقاذك في وقت إعداد جهازك الجديد.

49 Java Method Overriding Example |

Launch Your First Android app with our TOP course at 82% OFF (24 hrs ONLY) HERE How To Design + Code A Complete App From Scratch To Playstore" ➨ Java Tutorial video shows an example of method overriding by taking a superclass, Cycle and a subclass Bicycle and using a printInfo() method in both the super class and subclass. When a subclass object calls printInfo(), a subclass version of that method is usedOUR WEBSITESOCIAL LINKSus on

SuperCollider Tutorial: 2. Making Sound

Here is a short description of the SC server architecture:SuperCollider appears as one program, but actually exists as two programs. The language, called sclang, is home to an object-oriented programming language, a library of classes, and the interpreter, which reads and parses your code. The other half of SuperCollider is a real-time audio synthesis program called scsynth, which communicates over UDP or TCP using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. sclang and scsynth are configured as a "client-server" model. The user, operating in the language, acts as a client to the audio server, and makes requests of the server by transmitting OSC messages. Because sclang and scsynth are fundamentally separate entities, it's possible to control the audio server using any OSC-compliant application, not just the SuperCollider language application.Because the two programs are networked, you could theoretically manipulate audio on an instance of scsynth running on a laptop halfway around the world, or you could have several clients connected to one audio server, as in the case in some laptop ensembles.

Resources for Learning Data Structures and Algorithms (Data Structures & Algorithms #8) - YouTube

Additional resources for learning data structures and algorithms.This was #8 of my data structures & algorithms series. You can find the entire series in a playlist here: I mentioned in this video:mycodeschool’s playlist: course on YouTube: courses on Coursera: Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena (book): Google course on Udacity: (book): find me on Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: a programming-related question? Consider asking it on our subreddit:

[Only 4 Blocks on Level 6, World shortest solution] Google 50 years of kids programming language

My friend "Kamol Ig Chuengsatiansup" just found the world shortest solution on level 6. Only 4 blocks used!


I Became a TOXIC SWEATY SOCCER SKIN...I let everybody that I was toxic to know I was just messing around and it was for a video :) No hard feelingsSUBSCRIBE For More Fortnite Content!Twitter: @SwifteyeSnapchat: NathanSwiftyy

Tales Of Phantasia - Final Act SNES version - YouTube

Suprise! I uploaded the SNES version of ToP =)I dedicate the whole SNES version to my girlfriend. We have our diffirences, but I still love her and I know she still love me. I want to propose her. Please pray with me she accept =)thanksOnly the best classics. ENJOY!!Dont forget to rate and comment.Do you want a specific file, feel free to ask me =)©NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

C Programming - 30 - Function prototype

What is the need of a function prototype in a c program.Visit my blog : my Facebook page : My YouTube channel :


Aujourd'hui , on se retrouve pour l'episode 6 de la série "Apprendre le Java" avec la notion de fonctions. Bon VisionnageQuiz : : : Développement Kit (JDK) : Twitter : Discord: Soutenir la chaine ?

Inline Function - FUNCTION IN C++ (PART - 3) -14 - YouTube

In this video we'll learn about inline function in C++. Ihave shown practically the use of inline keyword , So watch full videoMail: aniproguy@gmail.comMusic:SUNNY HOLIDAYS by Nicolai Heidlas Music Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0provided by Audio Library VideosFunction Overloading (FUNCTION IN C++ - PART 4):- or Generic Pointer in c++ :- and Data Types in C++ :- Type Range in C++ :- in C++:- Function - FUNCTION IN C++ (PART - 3) :-Overloading (FUNCTION IN C++ - PART 4) and Objects(part-3)[VISIBILITY MODES IN C++] :- and Objects[Most Important Video] Part-5 (Complex Number Program)FUNCTIONS IN C++ :- IN C++ ( SYNTAX AND PROGRAM AND ALL POSSIBLE ERRORS) VARIABLE OR STATIC DATA MEMBER IN C++ :-Overloading in C++- 32 :-

Top 10 android books for new android developer || android programming - YouTube

Top 10 android books for new android developer || android programming || android tutorial booksFree Download Links : you will receive other books from us so stay connect with us by Subscribing the channel :)FaceBook Page : download from : will need at least $250+ to buy these books from Amazon)Thank you for your help.Books Names :10. Java: A beginner’s guide.09. Learning Java by Building Android Games08. Thinking in Java07. Android Programming for Beginners06. Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform05. Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide04. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide03. The Busy Coder's Guide to Advanced Android Development02. Android Programming: Pushing the Limits01. Professional AndroidMusic : NCS Release JanjiTags :android development books for beginners pdf,android development books,android app development books,android developing tutorials book,android tutorials,android tutorials 2018,android tutorials in hindi,android tutorials 2017,android tutorials in telugu,android tutorials android application,android tutorials google,android tutorials advanced,android tutorials point,android tutorials by bucky,android tutorials for beginners using android studio,android tutorials for beginners,android tutorials android studio,android tutorials using android studio,android studio tutorials arabic,android tutorials by durgasoft,android tutorials by prabeesh,android tutorials by google,android tutorials beginners,android tutorials by naresh it,android tutorials by slidenerd,android tutorials bangla,android tutorials for beginners in hindi,android tutorials channel,android studio complete tutorials,android complete tutorials,android coding tutorials,android tutorials durgasoft,android tutorials download,android tutorials derek banas,bucky android tutorials download,android designing tutorials,android app development tutorials in hindi,tutorials on android application development,android material design tutorials,android development tutorials for beginners,android development tutorials #1,android tutorials edureka,ps editing tutorials android,superimpose edit tutorials android,edit tutorials android,android tutorials for experts,amv editing tutorials android,android tutorials using eclipse,android tutorials for beginners using android studio in hindi,android tutorials for beginners in telugu,android tutorials for beginners youtube,android tutorials for beginners using eclipse,lightroom android tutorials for beginners,tutorials for android app development,android game development tutorials,android game tutorials,android tutorials hindi,hacking tutorials android,android app tutorials in hindi,android development tutorials in hindi,android tutorials in urdu,android tutorials in android studio,android tutorials in tamil,android tutorials in bengali,android tutorials in youtube,android tutorials in urdu pdf,android studio tutorials in urdu,android java tutorials,kotlin android tutorials,android tutorials latest,android lightroom tutorials for beginners,lynda tutorials android,lightroom tutorials android,android learning tutorials,android layout tutorials,android lessons and tutorials,android libraries tutorials,android tutorials mysirg,android mobile testing tutorials, tutorials,mvp android tutorials,android maker tutorials,the morpheus tutorials android,android tutorials naresh it,android tutorials new boston,android networking tutorials,best android tutorials on youtube,tutorials on android app development,android tutorials playlist,android tutorials point pdf,android programming tutorials,android ui design tutorials,android tutorials video,android volley tutorials,videostar tutorials android,android tutorials w3schools,android tutorials with android studio,android web services tutorials, tutorials,android tutorials youtube, tutorials,android studio tutorials 2017,android studio 2.3.3 tutorials,android development tutorials 2017,pes 2018 android tutorials,android 3.0.1 tutorials,android studio 3.0 tutorials,basic 4 android tutorials,android development,

Learn ASP.NET MVC Step by Step

For more such videos visit training of MVC in mumbai more such videos visit more such videos subscribe our other Step by Step video series below :-Learn MVC Core step by step :- ASP.NET MVC 5 step by step :- Data Science in 1 hour :- angular tutorial step by step C# Step by Step Design Pattern Step by Step Azure Step by Step :- SQL Server Step by Step Data structures & algorithm MSBI Step by Step in 32 hours:- Xamarin Mobile Programming Step by Step :- SharePoint Step by Step in 8 hours:- Tableau step by step :- offline ASP.NET MVC Training in mumbai visit us :- or call 022-66752917Learn MVC 5 in 2 daysLab 1: - Simple Hello world(20 Minutes)Lab 2: - Explain MVC Routing(10 Minutes)?Lab 3: - Explain ViewData, ViewBag, TempData & Session Variables?(20 Minutes)Lab 4 :- Explain Model and Strongly typed views (20 minutes)?Lab5: - Explain Model Binders(10 minutes)?Lab 6 :- Why MVC and MVC vs Webforms ? (30 minutes)Lab 7 :- Explain TempData , Peek and Keep ? (10 Minutes)Lab 8: - Explain Data Annotations and HTML Helpers classes?(31 Minutes)Lab 9: - What is the need of ViewModel in MVC? (10 Minutes)Lab10: - How can we use Entity Framework in MVC?(20 minutes)Lab 11: - How to implement viewmodel, partial view and webgrid?(45 minutes)Lab 12: - What is the difference between ActionResult and ViewResult in MVC?(10 minutes)Lab 13: - How to implement AJAX using JSON and jQuery using MVC?(60 minutes)Lab14: - What is the use of Async Controllers in MVC?(20 minutes)Lab 15 :- How to deploy MVC Application on IIS ? (10 minutes)Lab 16:- How can we do Windows and Forms Authentication in MVC?(50 Minutes)Lab 17 : - How can we use MVC areas for better modular development?(10 Minutes)Lab 18 :- How to implement MVC with Angular?(60 minutes)Lab 19 :- Can we Overload MVC Action methods?(10 Minutes)Lab 20 :- How to improve Reusability using Angular? (20 Minutes)Lab 21: - What is the need of WebAPI in MVC?(30 Minutes)Lab 22: - How to do exception handling in MVC?(30 Minutes)Lab 23: - How to do update & delete using MVC, WebAPI, EF & Angular?(30 Minutes)Lab 24: - How to use MVC Webgrid?(30 minutes)Lab 25 :- How to implement Validation using Angular and MVC(30 minutes)?Lab 26 :- What is SPA (Single page application)?(30 minutes)Lab 27 :- How to Organize MVC project and Understanding CORS issue?(42 minutes)Lab 28 :- Explain the importance of DisplayModes?(10 minutes)Lab 29 :- How to do unit testing with MVC projects(30 minutes)Lab 30 :- How to implement SPA using Angular Routing?(20 minutes)Lab 31: - How to create decoupled systems using MVC DI?(60 minutes)Lab 32 :- How can we have multiple submit buttons in ASP.NET MVC?(13 minutes)Lab 33: - What is the importance of AntiForgery in MVC?(10 minutes)Lab 34:- What is the importance of ValidateInput and AllowHTML in MVC?(10 minutes)Lab 35:- Bundling and Minification(15 minutes)We are also distributing a 100 page Ebook "ASP .NET MVC Interview Question and Answers". If you want this ebook please share this video in your facebook/twitter/linkedin account and email us on with the shared link and we will email you the PDF.

How to deploy c# application with sql database - YouTube

Download Source Code :


Scratch is a computer programming language that lets you create your own interactive stories,animations, games, music, and art. Scratch is easy to learn and use. It provides an interactiveenvironment to create programs by dragging blocks of code.

What are the golden rules of programming in JavaScript? - YouTube

In "What are the golden rules of programming in JavaScript?" I answer a subscriber question.You can find subscriber questions here:

20 Awesome Tricks with WD-40 - YouTube

In this video we'll show you 20 amazing ideas with WD-40. Share with your friends these useful ideas!

Starting Thunkable Tutorials ! Create Android Apps without Programming & Coding - YouTube

how to develop or create android applications without knowledge of coding & programming just by drag and drop using thunkableDemo - any quick Tech Support,queries & help related to Youtube , blogging, android apps development , online earning suggestions. please visit - Youtube Gears / devices & equipements 1. My DSLR Camera : My Microphone : My Studio Lights : My Laptop : . My Tripod : . Vlog Camera : . My Smartphone : .My Studio Green screen :Studio wallpaper :

Ruby & Bonnie Pretend Play Shopping at Greedy Granny Grocery Store Super Market Toys - YouTube

Ruby and Bonnie pretend plays shopping with at Greedy Granny giant grocery store super market toy! Granny sells food toys, pretend fruit and vegetables toys, Princess Dresses. Greedy. This is a funny kids and children's video with Greedy Granny, Ruby Rube and BonnieMore videos:GELLI BAFF SLIME CHALLENGE GAME!! Greedy Granny,LOL Dolls & Disney ToysBABYSITTING Baby Doll Toys! Kids Pretend Play cleaning and feeding night time routineGRANNY ICE CREAM TRUCK!! Kids Pretend PlayGranny Surprise Birthday PARTY!! Cute & Funny Kids Pretend Play with toysCOLORS OF GLUE SLIME CHALLENGE! Greedy Granny VS Kidshelps Babies! Kids Pretend Play with Baby Dolls feeding and morning routine videoWheel of Pizza Challenge!! GREEDY GRANNY vs Ruby Rube & BonniePRANK ON GREEDY GRANDPA 2!!BAFF SLIME TOY CHALLENGE GAME!! GREEDY GRANNY vs Ruby Rube & BonnieGranny Kids Pretend Play In Real Life Toys ShopGrandpa takes McDonalds! Kids Pretend Play Food Toys Ice CreamGrandpa Kids Pretend Play In Real Life Ice Cream ShopGranny Plays Hide And Seek With Ruby Rube & Bonnie Kids Pretend PlayGranny Pretend Play Food Toys Ice Cream ShopGRANDPA CUTTING GIRLS JOJO BOWS PRANK!!Pretend Play with Baby Dolls feeding and Playtime at the Playground videoskit videos - to RubyandBonnie here→ Subscribe to Bonnie's Toy World Channel Here:

[CoH2][WM v SU] Propagandacast #2214 Jove v Bulat - YouTube

A 1v1 on Crossroads between Jaeger Infantry and Guards Rifle featuring big infantry engagements, heavy armour clashes and severe artillery strikes.If you enjoyed the Episode, why not subscribe or tell your friends ?Wish to Donate to the Propaganda effort ? :Patreon : feel free to send in a replay of your own on Propagandacaster@Gmail.comIf you want to stay updated on CoH or CoH 2 news, follow me on twitter at : my Twitch channel check out : : Free Music byEffects by

JavaScript Video Tutorial Pt 3 - YouTube

Best JavaScript Book : this JavaScript Video Tutorial I will completely cover JavaScript Object Oriented Programming : Objects, Classes, Properties, Methods, Prototype, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Constructors, Method Overloading, Polymorphism.Code is Here:

The TRUTH about HOW TO OPEN a LOCK with a NUT wrench! - YouTube

Here is an weird way to open a pad lock with a pair of wrenches. I was not sure if this actually worked so I tried it out. If you ever get in a situation where you have to break a padlock a set of wrenches may work.Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @YakMotley and Twitter @jackmotleylive!

Determining coefficient in binomial expansion | Algebra II | Khan Academy - YouTube

Practice this lesson yourself on right now: the next lesson: the previous lesson? II on Khan Academy: Your studies in algebra 1 have built a solid foundation from which you can explore linear equations, inequalities, and functions. In algebra 2 we build upon that foundation and not only extend our knowledge of algebra 1, but slowly become capable of tackling the BIG questions of the universe. We'll again touch on systems of equations, inequalities, and functions...but we'll also address exponential and logarithmic functions, logarithms, imaginary and complex numbers, conic sections, and matrices. Don't let these big words intimidate you. We're on this journey with you!About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnythingSubscribe to Khan Academy’s Algebra II channel:to Khan Academy:

GiANT CLUE GAME in Real Life to Win $10,000! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) Rebecca Zamolo - YouTube

Rebecca Zamolo plays a giant board game challenge of clue in real life at the Hacker mansion to win $10000. After Rebecca was on a chase from the Quadrant, she found the best hiding spot and escapes to the hacker van where Matt and Daniel are waiting. The boys transformed the van into a control room to spy on Rebecca at the Clue in real life party. As Rebecca gets into her disguise while Daniel hacked the spy cameras. The Red Hood says no one can reveal their true identity and someone is a traitor. The guests get trapped inside when RH orders lockdown as they play a clue game to win $10,000. Colonel Mustard trades places with Daniel and escapes through a hidden tunnel. The first challenge is don't chose the wrong cup. Green wins before they get trapped in an escape room and must solve clues and riddles to get out. The floor is lava challenge is the next game they play and use the spy gadget glasses to get across. Once we get inside the final room we learn that Mr. Plum has framed the others and it turns into a hide and seek chase through the mansion. Rebecca and Daniel call Matt and they all meet up to search for the game remote to stop E3. We hypnotize Kurt and it turns into a battle royale against the spy hackers to escape. Should we have him take a lie detector test so we can get more information to stop E3? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!▶Join the Game Master network! ▶👕 Get ZamFam merch! #hacker #gamemasterWatch my friends and other awesome videos!Sis Vs Bro Karina Says YES to Ronald for 24 HOURS! and Rebecca | We Stole Spy Hacker Van for 24 Hours! (Game Master Event Clues inside) | Who can LOSE the MOST MONEY in 24 Hours – Challenge Real Game Master | Throwing a Dart at a Map and Doing Whatever it Lands on! (Game Master Network Mask Reveal) Labrant Fam Welcoming The Newest Member of the LaBrant Family!!! Rebecca!Instagram Playlist Board Game Challenge Videos -

Paw Patrol's Skye and Chase's fun day at the Playground & No Bullying at School Baby Pups Videos! - YouTube

Best Learning Videos for Kids Paw Patrol Baby Chase & Skye Potty Training, Dress Up, & Playground and Paw Patrol Snuggle Pups No Bullying at School! Today's education videos for kids features our most popular baby pup Paw Patrol snuggle pup videos featuring, Chase, Skye, Marshall and Rubble. First, Baby Chase and Baby Skye want to join the Paw Patrol, but Ryder says they can't join until they're potty trained. In the meantime, the Paw Patrol pups wake up, get dressed up, and eat breakfast. Then it's time for some fun play at the playground! But, oh no! Skye and Chase get hurt and need a doctor! Maybe Doc McStuffins can help! It's all part of a day in the life of the Paw Patrol pups Chase and Skye! Next is, Paw Patrol Baby Pups No Bullying! In this educational toy video for kids and toddlers, the Paw Patrol pups are at school when they get bullied by Romeo! Ryder tries to make Chase, Marshall, Skye, and Rubble's day a bit better by letting them play at the playground, but Romeo comes back to be mean and bully. Can Ryder and the Paw Patrol pups teach Romeo that bullying is not nice? Can Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, and Romeo ever be friends?0:00 Paw Patrol Pups Potty Training10:30 Paw Patrol Pups No Bullying at School=======================================================Get Awesome Genevieve's Playhouse Shirts, Backpacks, and more:shop for some of our Favorite Toys:Awesome Genevieve's Playhouse Shirts, Backpacks, and more:shop for some of our Favorite Toys:to Genevieve's Playhouse Here:these other learning videos for kids!Giant 1 Hour Long Paw Patrol Learning Videos: Toy Car Videos for Kids: Masks Toy Car Race: Teaches Numbers with Cookie Monster: Words with Pororo the Little Penguin Toy House: Blue and Pinkie Pie are Hungry: Colors w/ Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue Mission: Pig gets a NEW House!

The Best Player From Every Major Category - YouTube

Any Surprises? Music: Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS*

How to teach and train your brain to Get What You Really Want ? - John Assaraf

David Laroche is interviewing John Assaraf. He is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world. He shares with you how to set and achieve goals and how to understand your brain better and teach it in order to get what you really want.

Sphero Mini Robotic Ball Review

Welcome to my review of the all new Sphero Mini. This thing is a whole lot of fun, so I invite you to come on in and check it out.

How to Become a Programmer? – [Hindi] – Quick Support - YouTube

How to Become a Programmer? – [Hindi] – Quick Support. आज इस विडियो में हम आपको बताने वाले हैं, प्रोग्रामर कैसे बने?


Bài này sẽ giúp bạn hiểu được lập trình PHP theo HƯỚNG ĐỐI TƯỢNG là thế nào. Gồm các phần chính như sau:- Class (Properties & Function)- Phạm vi Public & Private- Set & Get- Thừa hưởng giữa các lớp (Extends).Qua bài này, chúng ta còn sẽ hiểu được tính bảo mật & tính đa hình tượng, sự co dãn linh động trong lập trình hướng đối tượng trong PHP.(bài học về OOP này còn nữa nhé...)Lưu ý: Video này được quay lại từ một buổi học tại Trung Tâm Khoa Phạm.Khóa học lập trình PHP:

Driving a Tesla Across The Loneliest Road in America - YouTube

This isn't an ad, it isn't patreon supported.It's a trip that was important for me that I wanted to share.If you want to support the vlog, consider getting a hoodie: more hoodies in the world helps keep me incognito which makes filming vlogs easier) Discuss on the reddit: Related links:Summer of Grey, Part 1 & 3: complains about Tesla cup holders: Podcast: Internet Podcast: Trip 12x Time Lapse: Trip in full: Non-Linear Life: Music:+ RoccoW (Track Names: Bleeps Galore, Fuck Sidechain Compression on Gameboy)Ukiyo (Track Name: Kaleidoscope [because I :heart: Stranger Things])zeta zeta (Track Names: RAM, Bina 49)August 10, 2017 licenseall rights reserved+ Download2MP3 (Track Name: Mendelsohn Violin Concerto 1-1)by:

Full Fight: Crawford-Lundy - YouTube

In 2016, Terence Crawford trounced “Hammerin’” Hank Lundy to retain his jr. welterweight crown. Catch the full fight.


✪ Donate Ủng Hộ Tiền Mua Mỳ Tôn :Đăng ký Kênh Mới Của Tũn : Liên Hệ Quảng Cáo :ĐẠI CHIẾN PLANTS VS ZOMBIES BẢO VỆ KHU VƯỜN CỦA TŨN TRONG MINI WORLD | Thịnh Tũn-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------✪ Mọi Người Đăng Ký Kênh Để Giúp Tũn Đạt Mốc 100.000 Subscriber Nhé ♥✪ Link Đăng Ký : Facebook : Fanpage : Đăng Ký Siro Official : Đăng Ký Hùng Akira: Đăng Ký SUPITV : ✪ Đăng Ký Kuma :Những video các bạn đang xem đều nhằm mục đích giải trí vui vẻ cho các bạn Fan Cứng Siêu Cứng được thực hiện bởi các thành viên , diễn viên siêu siêu cute như SIRO, HÙNG AKIA , KUMA , Supi, Ruby#ThịnhTũn #MiniWorldBlockArtTags : Thịnh Tũn, Hùng Akira,PhongCậnTV,Siro Official,Mister Vịt , Timmy TV , Slenderman , Biệt Đội Rắc Rối , Heros TeamTHANK FOR WATCHING……..…../´¯/)……….. (\¯`\…………/….//……….. …\\….\………../….//………… ….\\….\…../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\.././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\..(.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….).).\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./..\…………….. /……..\……………..…/….\…………..(………. ..)……………./© Bản quyền thuộc về Thịnh Tũn© Copyright by Thịnh Tũn ☞ Do not Reup

Scratch 3.0 Programming for kids

a quick overview of Scratch 3.0 visual programming for kids and parents.Visit for short free tutorials you can use to teach your child programming.


GameMeneer kleding: DONderdag: DONderdag: Bedankt voor het abonneren: -Snapchat: dongamemeneerTwitter: (Elke vrijdag om 20:00 een livestream)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alle afspeellijsten:Survival Evolved: Scorched Earth: 17 Ultimate Team: 17 Draft: Map van een Kijker: Hunger Games: 4: Battlegrounds: & Nemen: 5: de wereld een leuke GameMeneer-tweet: is een video van GameMeneer. Mijn naam is Don en ik maak gaming video's, die ik vervolgens op het internet plaats. Ik ben ook die jongen die een vast gezicht is bij DagelijksHaaDee.Dagelijks kan je video's van mij verwachten in lekkere 720 of 1080 HD kwaliteit.Ik upload video's over heel veel verschillende games, omdat ik gewoon van veel spelletjes houd. Ben je nieuw hier en wil je op de hoogte blijven van alles wat ik doe, dan kan je op de 'Abonneer'-knop drukken.Muziek door: & & & door:Muziek:Jay Man - OurMusicBox

Serving static files with NGINX - YouTube

Learn how to serve static files with NGINX, while delegating API calls to Node.js------------------Deploying Node playlist: 2018 and on, the setup in this video will only work if your SELinux is configured correctly (to allow nginx to connect to Node and to read files from home folder). Otherwise you will be getting "Not Found" and "Permission Denied" errors.Check out this video if that's what you are experiencing:

Doubt Twenty One Pilots Lyrics - YouTube

Twenty One Pilots, Doubt, LyricsScared of my own imageScared of my own immaturityScared of my own ceilingScared I'll die of uncertaintyFear might be the death of meFear leads to anxietyDon't know what's inside of meDon't forget about meDon't forget about meEven when I doubt youI'm no good without you, noTemperature is droppingTemperature is droppingI'm not sure if I canSee this ever stoppingShaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts, noYou are all that I've got, noDon't forget about meDon't forget about meEven when I doubt youI'm no good without you, noGnawing on the bishopClaw our way up their systemRepeating simple phrasesSomeone holy insistedWant the markings made on my skinTo mean something to me againHope you haven't left without meHope you haven't left without me, pleaseDon't forget about meDon't forget about meEven when I doubt youI'm no good without you, no(bis)Don't forget about me, no...Twenty One Pilots - Doubt

Vom Mobbingopfer zum Big Bully | Hilf Mir! - YouTube

Wegen ihrer uncoolen Klamotten wird die 16-jährige Alice in der Schule von Pam und ihrer Mädchengang gemobbt. Sie erpressen Alice und drohen sie zu verprügeln, wenn sie ihnen kein Geld gibt.Weil bei Alice schon bald nichts mehr zu holen ist, soll sie für Pam stehlen. Damit die Mädchen sie in Ruhe lassen, tut sie alles was sie von ihr verlangen und steigt selber schnell zur Mobbingqueen auf...Hier kannst du dir ganze Folgen „Hilf mir!“ anschauen:Ratgeber-Serie zeigt Geschichten von jungen Menschen, die mit finanziellen Problemen, Liebeskummer, Stress in der Schule oder mit Eltern zu kämpfen haben. Jede Folge von "Hilf mir! Jung, pleite, verzweifelt..." beschreibt ein Problem, wie er im Leben eines Teenagers passieren könnte. Die Experten der Ratgeber-Serie analysieren die Konfliktsituationen der Jugendlichen und geben wertvolle Ratschläge zur Krisenbewältigung.#HilfMir

Ngjela: Nëse shpërndan Parlamentin, Metën e pret burgu përjetë - YouTube

"Kjo jave" me Nisida Tufen ne News24 - 15 qershor, 2019I ftuar në studion e emisionit ‘Kjo Javë’ me Nisida Tufën, avokat Spartak Ngjela komentoi krizën politike në vend, si edhe situatën e krijuar pas anulimit të zgjedhjeve të 30 qershorit, me dekret nga Presidenti Ilir Meta.“Ky s’është legjimit, Hoxha nxori ilegjitim gjithë parlamentet e Perëndëmit. Se vendos Presidenca është apo jo legjitim, opinion mund të japë, është një organ gjyqësor që mund të thotë është i paligjshëm. Gjithë ekipi i politikës ndërkombëtare tha do vinë zëvendësuesit, dhe ata erdhën. A ndodhin këto në Botë, sigurisht që ndodhin. E vetmja gjë që duhet të pyesim është cili është ligji që është shkelur.” u shpreh Ngjela.Sa i përket kërkesës që kreu i shtetit bëri pranë KQZ lidhur me numrin e deputetëve në parlament si edhe zërat e mundshëm për shpërndarje të parlamentit nga Presidenti, Ngjela bëri deklaratën e fortë ndërsa tha se e pret burgimi i përjetshëm nëse e ndërrmerr një veprim të tillë.“Nëse do të shkarkohet le ta lërë me kaq, nëso të dënohet me burgim të përjetshëm le të vazhdojë nuk ka asnjë pikë në kushtetutë të shpërndajë parlamentin, pervec dy rasteve. Nëse bën një dekret jashtë kompetencave quhet i pavlefshëm dhe nuk e shqyrton askush.” -u shpreh NgjelaNgjela komentoi edhe nismën e ndërmarrë nga PS, për shkarkimin e Presidentit, si edhe procedurën në lidhje me rastin:“35 deputetë duhet të paraqesin kërkesën për shkarkim, parlamenti ia drejton komisionit te ligjeve i cili thërret Presidentin dhe e merr në pyetje, parlamenti mblidhet dhe thërret presidentin në dëgjesë më pas formulon një komision hetimor parlamentar, i cili zgjat deri në 3 muaj dhe thërret Presidentin sa herë të dojë. Komisioni i kthen raportin Kuvendit, i cili e voton me 94 vota. Më pas i shkon gjykatës kushtetuese për verifikim. Nuk ka njeri t’i rezistojë këtij kalvari. Niksoni dha dorëheqjen. Është tre muaj kalvar. Deri sa të vijë votimi në Parlament, Meta është President”- theksoi Ngjela.

🐞Stacey Castor Takes the Stand - Cross Examination - YouTube

Stacey Castor Trial - January, 2009.Prosecutor, William Fitzpatrick's cross examination of Stacey Castor.FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICEThe Copyright Laws of the United States recognizes a “fair use” of copyrighted content.Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states:“Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”This video and our youtube channel in general may contain certain copyrighted works that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above or were obtained under the creative commons license.FYI - I make no money from this video.


ETC ION, Training Video For The ETC ION Lighting Controller

i stream SNIPED my stream sniper in fortnite.. - YouTube

i stream sniped my stream sniper.. (fortnite battle royale)Today in Fortnite battle royale season 6, we stream snipe my fortnite stream sniper!Stream sniper: songs by Kevin Macleod.Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0family friendly fortnite gameplay)

Visual Basic: Simple Login Form Tutorial - YouTube

How to make a Login form on Visual Basic/Studio 2008/2010/2012*Code will work on mentioned versionsCode:"ryuuichie" with your own username and replace "adminpass" with your own password*Do not erase the quotation marksSubscribe :)

Advanced Java: Multi-threading Part 2 -- Basic Thread Synchronization - YouTube

Get complete courses at video looks at basic thread communication in Java using boolean flags with the volatile keyword. I also take a look at why volatile isn't good enough for most situations.

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