Emrah Karaduman feat. Murat Dalkılıç - Kırk Yılda Bir Gibisin - YouTube

Official music video of "Kirk Yilda Bir Gibisin", performed by Emrah Karaduman feat. Murat Dalkilic, from the album "Toz Duman" published by DMC, now on netd müzik.

TheLado_Show!!! _floof

0:24 me😂😂


Fucking amazing 😂

Emily Vening

My mum sneezed and i was out lol!!!

Zack Marshel

The panda legend has arived

Bienfait Hongeza

Mm those dudes are so funny

mohammad arkam

You get too much world record look me 00World record so cool you guys keep it up 👍I will also try to make a world record 😢

Nick Colsen


Tonyo Bacurio

Tall man

donna bryant

dallas cowboys

Ethan: Don't cheat My mom has a short temper, and she usually doesn't understand me too well..

Baby Yazzy

Me: wacthed the whole video


@Yakuppp68 You also need a low roof, like in the video i had glass. This is because sprinting and jumping makes you go slightly faster, because the roof limits your jump, you jump more and you go super fast.

Unable to move,

Brock Byfield

Who is watching this in 2018 I am

Mergim Cunaj

man..... everytime I hear gunna or baby now I skip that shit, they were good last summer, all them shits sound the same now though.

Patrick Harrison

This is why I hate console exclusives... I can't play games like journey or the last of us, and playstation owners can't play halo or Motorsport or dead rising 3. It's just not fair. I can understand it on the pc, where it's easier to make games that can't work on consoles, but COME ON. It shouldn't be pc vs Xbox vs playstation! We should rise against the corporations that turned us against fellow gamers and friends! DOWN WITH MICROSOFT AND SONY!!!

Mark Knopfler

Tyler you are bad goalie


would be better without the stupid music

Lachlan McCallum

Through the legs

Ammar AlQuran

My favorite team is the best team in the MLB of course. San Francisco Giants!


Let me know when someone finds the "Large scale battle" Easter egg in here

Kandida Kogtevran

what does it mean ASMR? please answer me🙏🏼

Makayla Sejkora

wow Paul is good at lacrosse!


I love this

Patocka Philipp

So,it‘s basically Ezio Auditore with a light saber and a robot as sidekick

Waspz_ Mia


Catherine Coop

these guys are actual fuckwits

They want me to let it go


I can throw cards, but i have to train me in aiming.But are the cards in the Video out of paper (like mine - normal play cards) or out of steel, because the carrot..

As i said in my comment, i like the zombies.

Jack Faylor

Forget “bull in a china shop”, it’s “a ty in a china shop”

Clayton McCollom

damn tyler had no beard lol

Martin Lucero

Me lo descargué y está re bueno

primo jasin

Blaze it


Send a nude makeup pallet.

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