Michio Kaku: What If Einstein Is Wrong? - YouTube

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die sind gruselig :D


well they wouldnt wanna waste time and take slow motion shots of him jumping and making it for no reason...they simply did it after he made it soo they could show different angles...thats all..jus cuz he took off his hat be4 they took those shots doesnt mean its fake...yall just cant accept that..that kind of shot is possible i suppose.

Bartek Malysa

Full of shit.. rapper who never made it preaching what he does not do himself.

Brent: send me pics so I can admire your body that you're so ashamed of and let me love you

Bruce Kerr

eye on it

Ellie Kruger

why didnt they get in trouble or go to juvie? they assaulted her repeatedly and caused her injury

It's just Sophie in the bathroom!!

Ignat Petrut

2k19 someone?


You should wear helmet more in case of fall

lady. lonley

This is harsh



grim reaper


Jonas Sehen

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Arc Ray

i dont understand spectrograms or where you get one or how anybody figured they were a good place for secrets, but damn if they arent pretty damn clever places to hide something.


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Disney: "We heard you liked Moana"Everybody: yehDisney: "Frozen II trailers"Everybody: 🤯🤯🤯HECK OKAY

Sahar Mo

nahh if ur not a strict parent then ur kids just gonna be childish nd hell no

Sean Companero

I think Tyler's work won


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Little Man

See one of you guys a Stillwater klife

Fariha Choudhury

why did i think it was jesus in the thumbnail i-

Olipro 55

I feel sorry for the parents going through all of it especially him no one at a age like that deserves to go through with something like that.


Hey Corey remember his bag

Jacee Mitchell

sounds familiar...sounds like a soul sucker:-/ like my ex is... it was a very toxic relationship.

John Pickett

do you seee that!!!!!

1 million subs with no Videos

Dude lazy

Owen Durkin

is the video length a referance to the predicted 911 coincidence from the first deaus ex?

Oh.. It's....

Brendon and Amy White

Got Lord of the rings first

Yasmine Artates

How could the iPhone look like android in 3:00

Tahmid Islam


Yoshi Boyz

3:13 oml sticks aren't sharks.

The_ Galaxy

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I'M WEIRD "look at all those chickens"


My pet died today :(

Owen Vincent

How do u guys do that I tried. To do ping pong trick shots it did not work but it is cool

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Flex Argyle

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its my fav ff but I wont believe until Im playing it

Although i dont know how that smells...

Angel Thomsen

Chad or Tim

ranpgz™ 53

lolz guru I just realized u used h3h3' s acoustic theme xD

Imran Abid

2 controllers were harmed in the making of the video 😭😭

Jeddah boy

hi. (sorry bad english)

A city full of foreigners

Laraine Thorpe

Wow this was exactly what I needed to see

Dhiren Parmar

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Sammy Machin


Brit Edit

@logan boyland thanks

Layla Gorman

"I began to lose my friends and family"

French Baguette


Shine Rijie

U did a amazing job! Proud of u👏👏


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