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Let the curtain rise for our 6th Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir Cosplay Music Video! Taking a break from crime fighting, Marinette and Adrien are helping Alya to stage the school play. At the last minute disaster strikes and Marinette finds herself in the leading role - with Adrien as her very own Prince Charming! What will happen next?Featuring almost the entire Miraculous class, we proudly present… the School Play! We hope you enjoy the CMV! It’s been a long time in the making and we’re so excited to share it with you!! None of this would be possible without the efforts and passion of our amazing cast and crew. Check out the list below for the full credits and make sure to give them a visit if you enjoyed the video! ◍Cast★ Marinette Dupain-Cheng - instagram.com/luminara_cosplay★ Adrien Agreste - instagram.com/rascalrabbit_cosplay★ Alya Césaire - instagram.com/wildddcosplay★ Nino Lahiffe - instagram.com/shadow_tag★ Chloé Bourgeois - instagram.com/hildaglitz★ Nathaniel Kurtzberg - facebook.com/BlueShiftCreations★ Lê Chiến Kim - instagram.com/justjake529★ Sabrina Raincomprix - instagram.com/rhilentless★ Juleka Couffaine - instagram.com/kyashi_cosplay★ Rose Lavillant - facebook.com/gabikingactor◍Production Team★Miranda Evans★Oisin Carr◍Lighting ★ Gwithian Evans◍Graphic Design ★ Alice Cadenhead◍Props/Play Costumes ★ Rhiannon Occhini ★ Miranda Evans◍Social Media/Post-Production ★ Emi MannSpecial Thanks to The Vera Fletcher Hallwww.verafletcherhall.co.ukThe song is an original song by Shibuya Sunrise which will be on Spotify soon.If you enjoy the video please like, comment and share if you can. It really helps us to get more videos made. Our next event will be MCM Comic Con in London so make sure to let us know if you’ll be there (and what you’re cosplaying) in the comments BELOW! ▼▼You can watch our con coverage, behind the scenes and general tomfoolery over on our Instagram : @86thfloormusicFinally, make sure to like, comment and subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our exciting upcoming content such as THE WITCHER, STAR WARS HIGH and even more MIRACULOUS LADYBUG ♥ Hit the little bell icon to be notified whenever we upload a new video! We love hearing from you all and want to keep creating content you love so please let us know your thoughts and any kind of stuff you’d love to see! #MiraculousLadybug #Cosplay #CMV

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Sick Reverse

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Wilson Chen

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PokemonTrainer 999



i was talking about the context of the video, stop blowing things out of proportion

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what are the prices for the bags ?

chun yan gong

why was Garett not in the start scene?

Mârblë Södá

Is it just me or is Ned actually Ty?

Annora Schuyler


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Devon Paz

My favorite Tyler 8/10Gary 5/10 Coby 7/10Cory 6/10Cody 1/10

The Great Saiyan King

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Coronel Rhio

There's A Another Easter Eggs In Wall e while eva is scanning the robot on the red dot is have a A113

XD _Dubs4Days

2:22 did anyone pick up on that?

Ricardo Milos

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ShitPost Machine

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Joe McEnaney

Why does he have to be called Joseph?

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Lego Ang

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Jerry Shanks

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Caleb Staves

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Gabbe Nilsson

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Who Aa

1:40 confidence at its finest

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Edgar Aldana

Do more music Easter egg!

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