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Question from the audience: I recently purchased a new car and thought, "How could I Linux this baby up?"What are your thoughts projects like this running Linux in places where Linux isn't the GOTO method?More info, MP3 RSS Feed, & how to support the show: this episode, DRM free, on LBRY (at: lbry://@Lunduke== Made possible by ==Amazing servers and workstations, powered by Linux.Pogo Linux: 3D Printers.LulzBot 3D Printers: Hosting:Linode:




Good life lesson : Do not ever ever take a nude pic or vid.


Garret is the most like us dad

Nick Hohl

BOLT! BOLT! BOLT! haha funny as hell


Jude The g.o.a.t

I always think but I don't share my thoughts I'm not really an outspoken person

big skoot

yes good, this is sick

Dylan Strozinsky

The signature dunk is so fake you can see the pre written signature on the ball.

Skyeler Le

Ninja,Dr Lopo,courage,and Tim appear in the restaurant

Brittany Holtgreven

I have RBF too lol

mira fiona

this is truly inspirational in many levels. growing up , my parents would always compare me with other kids like “look at her she got straight A’s” or “look at him , he can play piano way better than you”. many people say that parents compare kids to motivate them but i dont see it from my parents. since my parents compare , i would also compare myself and started to develop low-self esteem in my interests and other stuff. watching this video made me realize so much. thanks for putting a lot of effort in this!

deoo iopg

Why did I only get this notification now?😂

Borderlands 3: I'm bout to end this mans whole career

What even am I?

jack baligian

@mjauziz No, I think it was just the angle that the camera was at that made the shot look fake.

Dennis Cabangbang

Part 3 pls.


Plays FIFA while at a baseball stadium.

Trenton Vernwald

Tyler is always perfect

Friday Filmers

Paris! Japan!


When I saw the first drawing... oh its kim jongun😂😂



saud aloteibi

plz do gta 5 or gta series


i he fell onto water from 14 000 feet he would die

Markus Marston


Oh Her depression had started somewhere in late November, so I helped her in December. She cheered up a bit.. she fell into Ace's trap.. and accepted the request. Each day, they became closer and closer. Ace didn't want me included, and Lilac had a problem with this. (Major moment) One day, Ace asked if they could be boyfriend and girlfriend. Lilac fell into the trap, AGAIN, and said yes. I told Lilac that this was not a good idea, it was a trap! She didn't believe me. Ace would use some stuff against her. "DO you want me to break up with you?!?!" And he wouldn't be a good person. They broke up.. then Ace came with some shit like "It's her fault. I'm a victim!" Lilac knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. Other classmates got in on this. Everybody went against Ace, and Ace got defeated. He got expelled, and he could never come to this school again. Lilac fell into a depression, once again. On the Last Day of school.. she would bang her head on the metal equipment, and when someone said "Okay, gonna go get some water." she'd say "Okay, time to go back to BANGING MY HEAD." She then ran into the big stall bathroom, and locked the door. She would scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I thought, "Hey, she isn't doing anything bad.. should we leave her alone..?" But everyone kept bothering her. It reminded her.. demons surrounding her, forcing her to tell everybody answers. Forcing. Forcing. She screamed, and she ran out of the bathroom, crying. She got checked out, because she had cuts on her arm and cuts all over her legs. But this was the last day, so we all had no idea what could've happened...


wouldn't the part where Elizabeth talks about the luteces. and Booker says something about giant balloons. would it be a reference to the gameplay video back in 2010?

Brian Wehrheim

It is a steak and cheese from Subway

Bernice Porter

Fabulous!!! Love and kudos to James Corden ❣️

Team LedgE

I like the bottle buster and make more videos

GTaliba 78

No there is no sound in space because there's no air there must be air to vibrate to make a sound

Linda Moua

Lol! Too true! My boyfriend is much taller than me so when we're walking and he goes too far ahead I just let him so it looks like we two strangers with a weird distance between us. 😆

Shianne Reed

I’m gonna guess and say you’re around 12 weeks. Only bc thats what my baby looked like then! I’m 34 weeks now!

hey i was feeling so sad and angry at myself i felt i was nothing more than weak rat. i waked up every morning early as a punishment to myself cause i didnt talk to them, i felt worthless i thought i was a horrible friend and they never deserved me. and i felt hopeless.

Ozan Gergoz

ty used to be overweight.

Ezquiel Valdibia

Nais virio

slow paste


Ela ah

My guy

Gannon's corpse: oh you sweet innocent child

Marcelo Quichimbr

Welp sounds fake


I loved the hockey puck one do u actually sell these 🤣

Shan ali Play

I love you dude perfect

who am i. who are you

.......and jakarta citizens laugh.

denis hima

Dude perfect please can you make soccer stereotypes

Trevor Heaney

I thought it was stupid til the panda started running. Then...hilarious


Jason F

1:08 where the fuck did the ball go? lol

Chanel Thomas

i hope you live your best life

Dead Shot 2339

do a video with cristiano ronaldo and paul pogba pls dp


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