Calculate How many Helium Balloons to Lift you: The Science of "UP" Kid Science Experiment STEM

In this Kid Science Experiment we explain why a balloon filled with helium floats, and we even teach you how to calculate how many balloons it would take to lift you! This is the science of the Disney Pixar film UPThese experiments are for education and entertainment purposes and are done under professional supervision. If you choose to repeat any of these experiments, it is at YOUR OWN RISK.


Okay what’s next I bullied my friend so much she went into a deep depression

23 12

Barcelona is the B-E-S-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik Nelson

If you look at the last trick shot after the the ball bounced from hitting the ground it disappeared in mid air


This is such a banger

Corey Baker

I would play the left person because he looks the coolest.

Isaac Kim

318. Until MRB2 when Ty’s did the exact same thing

Oliver P. Wei Quan

Yay Trixie and Rainbow Dash in Game xD

Oscar Daum

my feet are cold

Lemonn Freakk

Wait if that's Samuel that means this is a leak to MGSR!!!

Edward Puskar

Who's watching this in 2016 this is such an old vid

Sarah Huddlestone

Just LOL

sirlovestomusic -and other random stuff

samoas for life

Mr Master


Tsighe Habte

do g

Tess Halperin

this kinda feels like a movie.


Thought it said GWAR!

Fortnite Pro

My favourite part was the igloo edition

Serena Morrow

it's hard for me to believeif u actually made it or not or if it's an edit so sorry

The life of Gabby

My friend saw Odell and give him a NFL draft football

Ross Harris

I didn't know mad max was set in Australia thanks for showing me that

Mr. Bubz

There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, I personally am not but I support those who are


Ислам Ислаи

Некоторые вообще детские и неинтернсые


Marco Chavez


Salma i love alkojji

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Imbesat Asad

Hello people,dont attack me but i think his life is purposeless bcz he doesnt believe in God,dont wanna sound old fashioned or anything but thats the truth.The purpose we are sent to this world is to worship God and do good deeds as this life is sooosooo temporary,enjoy life but enjoy it with a purpose..hope it makes sense xoxo

RC Trickster

Ty looks like Albert Enstien!!!😁

Tishara Collins

3:08 this guy is ill, he feeds his relatives to hungry dogs

Xylee Xylee


VIPGirsl214 MSP

I knew what the title meant when I read it

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Young XSO

Te amo

Murph Dog

Anybody else thinking where are the goal explosions?

bob man


Hope this helped!

Matt Scagnelli

I am the guy who has no idea what I am doing and the creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner😂🤣😂🤣

Kayoness Haskins

Come on chandler you can win

At the end of the bridge you cross over the river from Sanctuary to the Red Rocket station, you find the corpse of a dog and a man on the road, the man wearing the Drifter Outfit and having a double-barreled shotgun ((though it doesn't have sawed-off barrels)). There is also a car that has driven off the side of the bridge which sits in the river.


I didnt know songs has easter eggs too hory shet mindblown upload more of this men its awesoe.

Eli’s Dun

Me 2 seconds in: chanting D.I.D

Joejay Docherty

Does this sork for ps3?


damn they changed the thumbnail ded

Blak chak

Who's here before this shit goes platinum

Zainab Rizwan

Use me as an "I can't wait to see this movie" button

Mary Cullen McVay

My favorite trick shot maybe the Cody trust shot

TNT bros

His name is ty

Kevin Kirk

Philadelphia Phillies

Lucas Campanella

Can we get a Rip in the chat for gustav

Johnathan Henson

If you guys changed the shitty music, I'd probably watch this show...

Laumanu Akauola

toystory has the pizza

You said that you didn’t like children🤨

Ruby Mack

For all you people who think he's a monster or an Animal I just have 4 words for you, "SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!" If your that freaking close-minded then keep your idiotic opinions to yourself! He did NOT Put her through Hell!~ And He did NOT Treat her like I dog or Animal!!! PUT. THINGS. INTO. PERSPECTIVE!!! Geez! And If that hadn't've happened they would have been divorced so if he wanted to leave his wife for A BIT and that's what it takes for him to put things into perspective then SO BE IT! Stop whining and insulting him like little babies! I swear some of you people are so Immature!!! GROW UP!


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