Buckys Vlog - 9 - Tour of My House (Part 2/2)

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(use bathroom vents, to 1st elite guard)

Moksh Shah

you should have a video game zone

The gamers Are gaming Gaming

Nope no checkers

Nichole Bryan

TAKE THE MASK OFF PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first last

Just realized that the bounty hunter nearly killed something.


Give me a break!! Pete Weber kicked your ASS!

Weird Tate 99


It's me Red

Walls always work

40% about hitting or smacking them he hits inside the park

swagersol haynes

This was an amazing video Guru!! The toy story one kinda creeper me out tho and loved the L4D (one of my favorite video games) in cabin in the woods I'm going to look at the video in the description now

Lauren Cronk

Saw your story Jeffree. So sorry for your loss

Jonas Neuner

same song in bf1 ?!

So, Here how it works: I didn't know what to write

Jacket :V

On map "Bank" is 3 masks. Dallas, Wolf and Chains

Zachary Wynns

That was awesome I loved it

truu truu

You need to make more content like countdowns or gaming funny moments


Am I watching Ellen or jimmy Kimmle

Andrew Matanmi

Don't do overdose

Arctic adventurer

He smokes big doinks ma dud

louis Wavenon


Sir Shanks

Whats the song at 3:00?

froggy animationz

I'm the father and son and my friend is mr.freeze

Walt Spickler


Keira Copeland

Who the heccin heck is cutting onions?!


I just need Jamie Foxx to be rolled out in a giant tennis ball trying to get “trick shot” by Serena 😂


I just thought you'd actually be just reading the quote from the thumbnail, I was totally down to you just doin some iCarly poetry.


Hi FWG, love your work! I just wanted to say that i found an easter egg in one of my old game, i wanted to share it to you so you can include it in one of your great videos! don't you have an e-mail adress where i can contact you?

Thomas Martin

did anyone expect gordon freemans gravity gun to be in that room where you break the wall with the crowbar? I MEAN LOOK AT THE STYLE OF THE CROWBAR

Tobias Arclightning

Those nitwits who tell you "You cant do jack-shit", you CAN. They just dont want to see it.


you didn’t include talking warner’s nations of the world

Kate Lamey

brooo this guy came to my school like 3 years ago and now he’s making vids with dude perfect and david dobrik wtffff


Have you done the 8 player tranzit glitch for Black ops 2?


6:22......wait what?!

Manyya Mirza

I exploded when he said u Moran 😂😂😂

stan giles

if you added spring onions to potatoes , it would be champ , Irish dish


Twins rock

Joe Biller

wolf wolf dog

Biggest Boss

Fl4k is ProZD lol. Wonder how he sounds. Like LYSANDEROTH?!

luke arnold

Does it matter he missed 1

Stefanie Thai

Coby and Cory look the same

Atika makanera


Cruv - Games And Edits

Wow epic guys xd


Always Thamizhan

manchester city fans hit like now

Alisia Sadler

4:10 we love you guyys😌

micah johnson

trick shot my ass

Jaime Vicente Ibarra Lumbad

2018 anyone?

Andrew Adolphson

My grandfather passed away on March 15. I will cherish every memory I have with him

LGN Brady_10


Drake Nelsen

The Minnesota Twins are my favorite team

Kinyanjui Karago



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