ETC ION, Training Video For The ETC ION Lighting Controller

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John Elizondo

YOOOO GURU love your videos man. Been watching you for a long time ❤️ keep up the great work ❤️💪🏻


7:32 its old greg!!!! LMFAO

Antoine Lalange

Loooooooooooove the last one :o :o

Fluffy Dragonpower



Smoh’s videos are trash now but this one was decent.

Sorry dad lmao.

Adolf Hitler

You never knew that? I should set you straight and show you my mean worm.

Kat Shevlin

So good for awareness of stigma in mental health. F**king hate stigmatised people, they are toxic, the ‘norms’, eyes wide shut, ignorance is bliss, they make people worse, create divides and most often is why people end it. F”ck your ‘Norm’ standards, fuck stigma.

Noe Avalos

Is that you

Ems messi

50 million subscribers then panda face reveal like if agree

Abhi Gaming


Thank you!

xd Drogoz

Why Polish Bottle Knocker?

Ryan Robo

Bathing lady will always haunt me

Hi LewLew17

So ty is happy Gilmore now

Succ Dragon

This is fake

Richie Joseph

believe Jesus he cures all of those

Bluegrass HOA

dis is awesome

kellis cooper

cool , realy cool ! life would be so easy with this skills 🤗

Madeline Nolan

You are beautiful just the way you ya your beautiful


lol if you win the breakout you are going to a thing named falafel

Kary Villegas

Who is your favorote dude perfict person out of tyler garret coby cory or cody


aaahhh these are so incredible! thank you for making such awesome videos

Kiera Williams

When i saw this i though she didnt shower for sexual reasons or that she was scared that somebody was gonna watch her in the shower xD

Melissa Miller bro

Join the dude perfect club.Its awesome. Like

Ulises Lopez

Monster inc does have A113 its in one of the cards mike picks out

clfx 303

this Easter egg is just a copy of many other Easter eggs video . Be more original dude

Bailey Henry

Did u see in that wreck it Ralph part the there was a missing sign for bolt from the bolt movie

Sorry was me

Rose'ing around Chaeng

OMG i really enjoy 1st ever Japanese stuff for me 😄



yeah but.. KONAMI .. Ubisoft.. I can't see the connection


Scorpion vs Sub zero

Sophia M B

Did they have sex or no?

Jose Camacho

Yeah you Lost weight but you did not build

John Eisley Tiu

I think it would be more appreciated if non-ASMR talking would be cut out ☺

Asdf D


Aatrox Main

What donut was Chris Paul and ty was talking about?

Also if u ever happen To be sitting next to me on a bus and dont feel like moving over idrc.. just start conversations im lonely. 😂😂we cud talk abt james wetting the bed until he was 8yrs old

Nasir Hussain

Like if yo


This is one of the most warming videos ive seen in a long time <3

Breyden Babich

Not gonna lie


Dude Perfect's best days

amy double-rainboom

I listened to my bully and we became friends

zaf Patel

Sounds crazy but true in 1991 I watched the movie TOTAL RECAL ( Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the movie the bad guys make the good guys suffer by not giving them air and I recal I stuffed my self eating a massive meal then watching the bit where the people in the film have no air I felt the same cos I was so so full after my meal it felt like sumat burst inside my stomach and all of sudden I had no air to breathe I've suffered this all my life

Steven Slovitz

SLAMMING YO thaught me a lesson to not be you    

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