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yuky valdez

Anyone that sees this comment come visit me sometimes

Sincerely, Ødëttė


Shreya Gin

I love the mom most, she is world best mom.

Brandon MacKenzie

Just horrible

andreas simeou

the sling shot

sanic thefastest

"World not ending"- 2012

shaniah carreon

give me something

Fotini Papacharalampous

Luke, I am your mother.


Joejuan Xiong

There is no sound in space. The sun to a big explosion and we can't hear it. Sound only goes through things and that is how it travels.

katy Jimmink

im sure they suck eachother cocks after a long hard days " playing"

Mohammed Shah Faisal

Anyone is able to comfortably receive over 4000 dollars per month just by responding to easy surveys at home.

Aden Manuel

Do a football and soccer giants

trash husbando

I'm gonna main FL4K for sure they're so cool. I love all the characters. I'm honestly pumped up for this! Looks so badass, and I missed them all.


Hey You forgot that Tomb Raider eference in the quest with portals.... That rope has a bow on the ground next to it an a climbing axe in the pillar.

Neal Reddy

When will they show pandas face

Taylor Watson

What’s the song’s title?

Caden Stork


Homie HotDog

Awesome i have been waiting for this

Guillermo del Prado

Hey Guru, could you make a video compilation of all the movie scenes that Call of Duty references through out the whole series? 

Claudia Dang


well i like eating not all the time but


This looks so beautiful and amazing

Loretta Savri

coby has one two battles


Girl: Let's see who's really under this mask pulls off stepmom's head and sees bio-mom

Kaan Arda Çetin

Selamın aleyküm

Heema Galab

Great video as always my man ,, I'm curious is that Adam Sandler in your profile pic?

Uncle Grandpa

0:11 hehe pp

Go Home

He kinda looks like Tadashi from big hero 6 😂😂😂

Carter Smith

5:25 someone tell me what the fuck that noise was

Daniel Rodrigues Glass

That last of gears was strange , but interesting, I mean, different lol


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