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There are medicines in the bible to stop you from getting the sickness. find out about the holy anointing oils found in the Scriptures.SICKNESSDeu 28:22Adonai will strike you down with wasting diseases, fever, inflammation, fiery heat, drought, blasting winds and mildew; and they will pursue you until you perish.

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I like these tipe of videos




Damn, never knew about that KLK-Pulp Fiction one ¿How do you find this kind of info?

actual 5SOS trash

I had a panic attack today in class during a test


.... I no longer care if it’s a delusion or a genuine case of female neurochemistry being wired into a male body (or vice verse).

hollys World

Poop tastes nice, can anyone give me some poop. I play roblox and I have a gold fidget spinner. Pls help

......Norse mythology is wierd.

The fortnite Bros

To how ever left a dislike on this vid you are a hater go to we’re thay are try to live there life and when you finely get to meet famous people come talk to me because this is a happy vid

Noob Saibot

there's actually a movie called bates motel!

drangon slayer gamer

So from what I’m being told Elsa is trying to walk on water and fails and sees a water horse and then Grand papi tells her that she needs to find the thing that gave you the super Icey powers and but then hope to god that her powers haven’t gone to stronger but stronge enough to do something right maybe save the world I have no idea she already found out how to control her powers already in the last movie but now their getting better and let’s her see water horses I don’t fucking know what the fuck is the plot this could be anything hell it could be ending with a princess cinematic universe or with grand papi being a twist villain at the last 10 minutes of the movie or Ralph singing never gonna give you for the entire movie I don’t know jack shit of anything about this movie

Ramayana Roxas

Anna's probably gonna die. Sorry I'm a GoT fan.

Raj Kodappali


Yum Yum

Cigarettes has literally got to be the shittiest thing ever created by humans after YouTube

Heath Moser

rams will lose 13 3

Ralen Tracy Vlogs

0:51 is so me XD

Santiago Paradiso




John Rohrkaste

That rock giant at the end was the giant from Barbie and the nutcracker.


I think that intro might just have been a "reference" to CinemaSins

Ken & Amy Anderson

youll shooot your eye out is from a christmas story


HAHAHAHA That is so funny.



Loki Of Asgard

ikr xD

Sarah Von Ruden

dude perfect best

Huy Đỗ

"Elsa power is too much for this world " . Guess they going to get rip off Elsa's power, like Star destroyed the magic ?

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Did this video only have coby and cory... but that doesn't matter

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I love how you don't talk through the whole videos like other YouTubers... your my Easter egg guy👍🏻

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La canción refleja una relacion que estuve

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i play cod mw3 alot so ive played the davis family vacation it surprised me when the voice of the mom from the davis family vacation and the little girl came out of the toumbstones i recognised the voice

"Hit or miss,,



Alex Mak

From 1:03 knew Tyler ain’t gonna win!

daniel toy

Dude Perfect, you guys should come to Australia and do some epic Trick shots in the most iconic Aussie places.E.G. MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), Adelaide Oval, Sydney Harbor Bridge and many more.I think i speak for most Aussies when I say it would be a privilege to have you awesome guys come to Australia.

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FBI open up!

Joe Alejandro Makhlouf

If on the wall 17 bounces but if the wall and the cup look closley there is a little bounce inside the cup so it depends

Jeon Jhun

Jeon jungkook😱😱😱😱


denle una oportunidad al juego si nisiquiera lo han jugado comovan a saber si es malo o no recuernden a la gente no le gustaban los super salto vieron algunoen infinite warfare NO ven?

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Film with antonio brown next plz

Andot Mankhong

Dude perfect vs thanos

young city

Is the autotune/singing rap style gotta ever die ? Shits kinda getting old to me

Meme God

I peed on my gf once, so this is very relatable


Like just for the song ❤

Aman Chase

I wish that teacher got fired.

Mighty warrior Rocks

Air soft battle 2


I've gotten so used to not hearing your voice so I kinda want atleast most of your videos to stay silent like maybe a few of you talking is fine but I want most to still be silent


Unlucky animals dislike

I began exercise and eating less , I felt in anorexia nervosa,


Just give Anna fire powers and everyone will be happy 😊😆

But it's also a real place in Pennsylvania, which is near DC and thus why it is a location in F3.

Jeffery bacon


Trollaway Studio

Top 10 people Donald trump are scared of

Devan Jackson

this shit trash 🗑 all of y’all are weirdos 🤤


"check urself before u shrek urself"

Natalie Rivera

Your life is so sad i know you sufer in your days

YaoDong Jin


Leroy Pohatu

Don't you think the creators of Infinite added this little wrench as an easter egg, or just threw tools around the machine.

Mommydeb Loves

Loved this video. Thank ya

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