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Fatima Yamaha - Araya - Dekmantel - DKMNTL046Release date: 07 February 2017 / Pre-order here: member Fatima Yamaha returns to Dekmantel Records with his new EP ‘Araya’, that promises to be a worthy successor of his 2015 hit-machine. Dekmantel is proud to release the stunning three-tracker on February 7, that - at the same time - kicks of the 2017 year of the label.Dutch producer Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha has been hammering out quality releases under numerous aliases for more then a decade now. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 2015 re-gush into the underground forefront has now exhilarated his unique talent.The title track ‘Araya’ is the absolute eye catcher of this new work. Already tested in Yamaha’s highly anticipated live-sets over the last months, with great response, ‘Araya’ is a dramatic curtain raiser that only he can make. Next to that, Bron effectively spills his keen ear for melody on the B-side with his typical electro-funk with ‘Piayes Beach Bar and Grill’, while crystalline synth drops, a classic piano and skipping drums are the main ingredients for ‘Romantic Bureaucracy’. It’s no secret Dekmantel is stoked to release this dancefloor-magnet early next year.

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