F(by) 2017. Michael Snoyman - What Makes Haskell Unique.


Favorite DP video ever! - "Release the doves!" hahaha

Uhhhhh it IS 2019

moi dollita

“he was trying to convince them it wasnt gay”

Sybil Austin

i did it

The best.

Míša Podhorský

coby and cory congratulations

hiha haa

Нихера себе

Ryland Ubben

It shows battlefront in the video when Garret throws the disc in the Xbox but on the thumbnail it shows madden 18?😐😐😐😐

Legend 52

Love it!!!

Petar Stjepanovic

More water polo 🤽🏼‍♂️ plz

Ricardo Berenguer

Dude perfect is the best


You forgot to add the lazy town “cooking by the book” reference. A rare elite mob pretty sure in drustvar would quote the show.


Lmao those bottle at the end of the vid

Abigail Pinckney

Um mm.....gross!

On the dresses.

Harooligan 12

1:48 Please Tyler do not hurt your mates😂

Daddy Topi

Damn i hope there will be a BF: Dino kinda game or DLC or Mode or something

Jin Shirato

3:09 suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I miss the old days

Jakob Pro

I downloaded it

игорь макс

I'll be a hundred years old then.


pizza time (you can hear pizza mission theme song in front of every pizza place


Hell guys. Great Video as always. God Bless:)

Philipe Goudreau

How the F*CK can the car stay on 2 wheel 0_0!!!


Que dhr deve ser lá os cara deve pescar a vontade :)


Is dude perfect rich cause he always has expensive crap and I wonder how he pays for it

Lil Krobz

i call this, ball transfer XD

Gsp Royal

Are you all five are brother's


Man, weeping angels is getting kind of old hat in games now huh?

Satı Kılavuz

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