Feeling Happy - Best Of Vocal Deep House Music Chill Out - Mix By Regard #5

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seventeen's 6itćh

part 2! part 2!

But why is it blue

Gabs Data

That is at Dallas

Julian Aragon

Why can't the blond call the cops because she couldn't find the 11


Lovers of Gacha

That’s what happened to me but just an asthma attack where I couldn’t breathe

Foster's World

My favorite dunk was tylerssignature dunk


2:55 "The combination of the SSD and the Solid State Drive are totally what gives you a totally new experience!" Umm... someone missed some courses in computer science class

zara ziard

"if i was the tiger i would eat him alive":P

Luz Oros

Where’s Gare Like if watching in 2018


They should add a bumper sticker for every movie. That would be really cool.

Erdenebaatar Burnesed

nice Tyler good

Gta 5 gamer

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI

Nehuel Armenanzas

It's a sausage duck! 10:00

Kill me Slowly

When the “fat version” of her is your current weight. dies inside even more than normal that day


Cody said I think HE is Pregnant

adrian blinded

u ever think to urself what if they mess up

Amaiyah Daily

I knew it was checkers

Jambi Roze

I don't want to be a hater but how come he can't throw like that in games

Trev Gaming

Team ty

336 ali

Who is Jeff tonney ha put the vidoe on 1:41 and see what they write on that door he is the panda

1. Transition between animations - they look very low-budget and broken.

Obscure Apple

If anyone still watches this notice that there was a dog jumpingat the the door to the right at 3:23

Fly The W

Corn hole or baggo? Let the fight begin.

Nagalakshmi V

Kinect rush


Im wearing an Adidas shirt right now

Tashara Fiddiman

1:17 "lost dog, bolt"

jorge barrera

nope its not its for Xbox

raphael klems

1:13 That an reference to Anohana too isn't?

Confused Sydney

I have anxiety disorder/panic disorder and depression, yes, clinically diagnosed I’m not a self diagnoses. I have panic attacks up to 3 times a day! I have multiple sounds that trigger me and have panic attacks in class all the time! Many people recommended me a service dog my therapist did too! So luckily I had a young dog, it’s been about 8 months he’s still a service dog in training and he’s doing great! Me and my principal have talked about what will happen regarding classes kids etc, when he comes to school with me, he does over 50 tasks, the most important one is he alerts the changes in my body to when I’m about to have a panic attack, he’s helped me so much and I’d be lost without him, the point of this comment is for you to know even if you have multiple disabilities like I, there will always be a end to the big part of the suffering, okay bye :)

Jeff the killer

5:00 when you have gay friends and it’s your birthday

Jose Arturo

He looks fucking retarted but that look a little bit better

Nick_ Gaming

Minute videos is better than actually happened


Please invite Tiger Woods in next Golf Trick Shots video



2459 anyone?


Injury in the trees we also need a clean up someone spilled a Coby Cotton



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