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The TensorFlow community is thriving. We're thrilled to see the adoption and the pace of machine learning development by people all around the world. TensorFlow is an open-source project for everyone and we're looking forward to building it into something more useful in collaboration with the worldwide community!TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 info: to the Google Developers channel at

Harshith Das

How did you upload this

Zachary Snow

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Jesse Ala-marttila

Can you take a failed shot video meaby 10 mitutes

Slowly ease it up underneath your chin

Tigers fan 1987

Last one

Julie Crandall

I can't stand nuts in my brownies as well. To me, it destroys everything good about a brownie.

Timothy Black

FYI, in 2019 the drought is over. Now into record rain. Weather changes. Hydroponics is, though, a fantastic way to buffer food shortages. :-)


Ii predict in 2014 he is an directed rookie for the Houston Texans

• estrella

I love how every time Ethan and Grayson yell at each other emma just hides😂😂

Bence Koch

the background has a Hungaryan flag. Thats my country!

MOHtube everyday

why you just did´t get his phone no.

Go Spleef Yourself

XD Crisis two gave me my new club dance moves

応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel

also another Easter Egg is the meetings with Dr. hill which references Silent Hill shattered memories

Jack Frost

Bk won


Sis acting too brave


i found this one 2:28

JJ Show

ok cool that you are okay dude perfect

Chloe Fortune

My name is Alexis as well but I’m on my sisters account!!!!

Kuzma Kopnev

How long does it take: finding new easter eggs? Any sources/help of other people accepted?

Moataz Ahmed

I think cory


I guess all the movies before garret

Felipe M.

Do it for the gram!


Imagine if Stan Lee made X-Mens Ice man a female, Frozen might be a different story

dee villamero

how about cluk?


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