Python Regurgitates Two-Month-Old Puppy - YouTube

Gruesome footage shows the moment a wild python was caught regurgitated a two-month-old PUPPY. The serpent pounced on the female dog as she scampered around the yard at the home in Chachoengsao, Thailand, on November 13 morning. It swallowed the hapless puppy named 'Love Love' then slithered off under a pile of wooden crates to digest its meal. Owner Pongsee Parapitak said she went outside to give food to her two pet puppies but only one of them came running over. She then made the chilling discovery of the python.

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I’m really sad that this is a disease that people have to go through. I had no idea someone could go through that pain. I googled it and it turns out that there is something to ease the pain. It’s called Gamma knife. I’m not sure if it’s available everywhere but do some more research about it if you have trigeminal Nueralgia or know someone who does.

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