Klimaempfang 2019 Professor Harald Lesch - YouTube

Der Clip zeigt die Rede von Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch beim 9. Hessischen Klimaempfang 2019.Mehr Informationen unter Schellnhuber auf dem Klimaempfang 2018: bleiben Sie in der Diskussion sachlich und respektvoll und verzichten Sie auf Beleidigungungen und Provokation. Wir behalten uns vor, unsachliche Kommentare zu löschen und bei rechtlich relevanten Inhalten die jeweiligen Nutzer zu melden.


Crabby Patrick Gaming

Child hood is done

PSX Royala

Me voted for trump🥶


More voice narration please, your tone is enjoyable


Panda's the best dancer, by far, even though wolves are my favorite animal.

Hazwan Hamidi

Thats was so freaking awesome😁

Audrey Parish

steve nash doesn't dunk I should know I'm his biggest fan look at my logo

Gaming With Garrett

Who’s watching this in 2018 lol

Tetsu Masago

the moment she opened her mouth she was signing up for clown school

Landon Marriott

I have that same glove that tyhas cool

pixil mon

also on the second easter egg it says what the fox say on 1 of the posters

ken Atilla

I dont want to be a dick but i think that humans should just all kill themselves there is like literally no reason not to



The Furious Flow

He had a reason to go to winconsin because of wheel unfortunate


Please pin this

Mahesh Kumbhar

Love you Bro. Great work.


I think she means"I fall in love with 3 year olds"

Captain: we are going to experience a little turbulence

Austin M.C.

2019 anyone?


1. The researchers were trying to use Dittos to bread with the Mew to create a perfect version of it.

Spooky Master

Tu should start his own nbl team


Sorry liam hemsworth

Kenbea Walker

Yes!!!!!!! I love these videos! Will you do the whole season?


At 8:30, Guru, I noticed a fade in and out. Did you miss the jump a bunch? Also the sun was more set so it must've took you some time. XD

First Name

What the fuck kids in there

Fenite Encantatum

Grading System:Panda - AWolf - BEagle - C

emma //

yall really dont understand the video?

Carter spolyar

giant soccer

David Coll

Why don't they look like the movie characters


zOMG!! hAX!!!!! HAXOR!!!! WHAT A HAXOR!!

Demon Eyez

Man imagine if beed didn't happen!! The bangers that could've been put out. Welp these 2 got some music to make up for us the people 😁

Danger Gaming

Fortnite truth or dare

Kiara Jade



Isn't scary creepy?

Nichiren Gabriel Ferro Fernandez

Lol these illustrations are legit like snoopy the dog!, lol 😂🤣

Hi Hi

Im from Brazil


1:52: “I shut off my phone”


dude perfect

josh lancaster

You missed one. At the. Beginning in the helicopter, Blake says something about looking at the hospital tapes that he gathered. Could be referencing the first one 😉😉

Mia Payad

1:53 Why did I laugh more than I should’ve xD

srinivas t

Was nice we want something special and amazing and cool and moreeeeee........

Playing with peoples mental call back to 9-11 is the cheapest low life moment for a news Chanel to of done as knowing it had nothing to do at all with this accident ..    

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