How 3 phase motor of Train runs from 1 wire AC input in Hindi

How 3 phase motor of Train runs from 1 wire of single phase AC supply input in Hindi video tutorial. Train tracks with earth are used as the neutral wire. One phase AC is converted into DC and then inverted again to 3 phase using IGBT inverter to run 3 phase motor. Pantograph arrangement concept is also explained in the electrical engineering lecture in Hindi. Educational video tutorial on electrical engineering in Hindi, 193 by G K Agrawal (Gopal Krishna Agrawal).The lecture is given by a person with industrial experience and useful for electrical, electronic communication, and power electronics engineering student. How do train turn in Hindi ट्रेन पटरी पर कैसे मुड़ती है हिंदी में Metro train concept in Hindimotor rotates from the remote wheel, DC motor tutorial in Hindione wire is used to run 3 phase motor in Train in Hindi video tutorial. Single phase to 3 phase. GK Agrawal electrical in Hindi.#GkAgrawal#ElectEnggByDesigner #GopalKrishnaAgrawal #VFD#ElectricalEngineering#TrainEngine#Motor #VariableFrequencyDrive#IGBTUse #PWM

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