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Monica Whitehouse

Does anyone know the dates that they were here?

Charlotte Williamson

Roses are red Tomato's are toYay I have a likeWait why is it blue?

Prosiah Josser

Crazy upgrade to dphq2. This one is great but the new one is mad.


Whats the need in saying that? Never understood why people leave comments like that. Other people haven't seen it.


i never got to play halo 2 D:

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me

I hope they break up

Rileigh Davis

I promise I will like this comment You said you will like it. so do it

Frederick Alexander

can u talk more

Darvin Méndez

i want a shirt right now



Agustin Madrigal


Corrupted Healthy

Hopefully this has more action than the last Frozen movie :/ the only reason i dont rlly like it is because it stolr lion kings spot ;-; honestly lion king is bettet just saying im not sending hate to Frozen or thr fandom of it ^^'

We have almost no collegen, so we get injured SUPER easily.

Seth Rambo

Where the heck was “you should’ve gone for the head”? That should’ve been #1


I think Tyler's signature dunk was the best. (Dude Perfect 2)

waes umar

I am not a girl dp

Mike T. Hamrock

absolute legend

Jeff the Killer

Drugs time: oooohohohohohoohow double rainbow

Beth Halpain

These dudes ROCK!!!!

giridhar nalam

It was checkers.

Derrick johnson

This touched me ♿️

the night owl

1:14 looks like fruit ninja


Nice bb love it


This is good for A Level Psychology

Popstar ZN

Amazing song 👌😍😍

Goodnight Hypnos ASMR

Y’all enter a country illegally and whine when y’all get deported. Dumbasses.

Knicki Sway

So aggressive but he didn't even cuss

Nico Lomma

There's a movie called a AXL

banán gamer

Cory noob and poop

Ruphus Bohulano

fuck you

jimin lovebot


dellwyn maslim

First 30 seconds I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck

The Gacha S.W.A.T team

Literally the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title was The Flash

Lupe Estrada

if u guys have Instagram go to sportscenter inta page and its really zoomed in and u can really see his injury also in slow mo



Voracious Child

Shady, cheating refs. They still lost. Laughing at KD, stay classless Toronto!!

Mauricio Crespo

The way aaron throws that football, men its like a bullet. What a talen.


you inspire me dp

Kawhi already put his shoulder into Looney and sent him flying, into Green and Bogut and sent them to the floor.

kevin Nguyen

That teacher is stupid and she is a *&*#& idiot

Matthew Gibson

you guys should try to see who can throw a football the farthest. 80 yards?


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