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Ethan Botelho

In the rage monster and it when in the water it was playable

Hoàng Gia Hưng

very meaningful

Isa queque

No jumping or heavy lifting if you can help it😌


FunWithGuru best easter egg finder ever 

Noah K

Why would you bring this in the game and take the hunting rifle out?

Tanzil Zubair Bin Zaman

If you need meat to grow and repair cells,muscles etc., is making meat in your own body, which came first, the meat or the animal?

George Atkinson

please can i have your teabag (maybe tetleys) no homo


dat is why teen life is so hard -_-


Anyone watching this in 2016?

I’m a disappointment. Period.

Dwight should have an asmr channel! 😂👏🏻

santeri tirronen

Nice game but not free, so.. :(

Ghosh Saroj



Dat ass.

April Spears

offended in texan

Joel Cortez

Jus weed

Although I am little, just a tiny bit curious on Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Heather Adams

They are so mean

Mr. Spartan

Xbox, keep lgbt out of your buisneds affairs


who else thinks dude perfect should eat a chicken live on camera

Mike Mike

Like si quieres conocer a Bad Bunny 🔥

Tim Whitmire

Your moms a b####

Le Toine

For me the best jumpscare is in "The women in black" when all the lights turned off in the child's bedroom.

Ethan Schmitz

Blocked in America?! Damnit

Fried Chicken

Rip the guy's suit

Queen Shiba Aurelia

Jyp:How many colour's do you want in this MV!?.

xristos nezantis

Oh my goodness.w(°o°)w

Peppachelet Jr

guru i waited 8 years to see that rat again and its awesome i love mirror's edge and i love THE FUCKING RAT...

BadDeathRose 20

So did ur mom make it?

கோவில் வரலாறுகள்

Do aeroplane trick shots three

it's a meme reference

Aubrey Tetzlaff

I think calling differences disorders is wrong. "Order" Is bleived to be the way things are supoost to be, but if everyone is different then there is no "order" at all!

Diana Marrero

El remix con sechh😌😍😢🙏🙏


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