Franco Battiato - Ruby Tuesday - YouTube

Best of FrancoBattiato: here: video by Franco Battiato performing Ruby Tuesday. (C) 1999 Universal Music Italia Srl

Seungji Han

steve aoki

Drift DaCuber

Or better than Super Screwball, Extreme Screwball

juicy fruit

1 minutes videos...hmmmmmmmmmm

Keaton Ciccone

I’m the sunlight shocker


How did you afford the nerf gun



Devin Harris

Hi gar

Master Poopy

The edits tho 0:08

Jeffrey Hildreth

kind of a stupid idea

Seth Ost

You should do a jet ski racing for your next race. Big fan😊

william blake

box score watchers :)

yeahno Nothing to see here


alicia silva

that panda tho!!!!!!


Are all people blind?! Its a fckin message from the Illuminatis ... Google occult musicindustry

Katie White

When she said she was on a train and thought of a boy going to a wizarding school or something the first thing I thought of was harry so stupid at time's....i had a couple of big things in my mind and the person here telling her story being JK Rowling wasn't as big as my other questions I was asking myself then harry potter books were drawn I was like 'my mind has officially been blown'


What about the covenant disco in halo reach or the phantom/pelican flight i...

The guy she sprayed champagne over his suit is perhaps... Even more ~~circumstantial~~ evidence is the ditto eeveelution plushies and the freckles on milo's face comparing to ditto's eyes in relation to his mouth ||

Sia Plesa

i'm crying. No other words than i am proud of her and her family. Send love. Thank you

poke digger

Anthony Go With Ian

1UP Milk


Kill Me

dude theres ways to shorten that but i still liked the comment

Sup3r Ry4n

Sometimes it’s intentional, and sometimes it isn’t.

Ace Tv

I feel bad for Coby

Divyansh Rai

Elon Musk ?


1 like = One vote of sympathy for Garret


ok so im fairly certain Serena has a thing for Ty...and it seems he had a thing for her as well. im prob wrong but thats just what it felt like from an outside perspective

no really this is sad

Razvan Themobil

Dont Tell Me there Using a Xbox controller

Iknoor Sandhu

Dude perfect is Scam Perfect 👍

1:06 that was better than coby's rocket 4. Bill

J C0917

Team ty


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