Functional Programming is Terrible - YouTube

Rúnar Bjarnason loves functional programming, but here he plays devil's advocate and addresses some of its shortcomings. (Don't worry, there's a happy ending).** Scala training from NewCircle:

Jason Mello

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Spirit Goddess

Omg I saw Mark playing it and I thought there were different movie references!! How come I doubted myself?! Thanks for letting me know Guru!!! You're the best!!!!

Alexis Wong

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Braxtons Dev

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Shannah the ninja/neko

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Devante' Porter

Great after credits scene that shit was mad funny

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Dylan Geltzeiler

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thomas plouffe

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Cathal Hayes

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Zephyr Zack Rakon

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Jake Whatley

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Jerry Shanks

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pepper pig

Alexander Greiner

November And December 2018? How about 2019??

5Ratar 45

DAT kid on the tricycle with Running in the 90's tho...I died laughing there.

Collin Landschoot

2:28 RIP we all loved him

Foxer 1212

Team Ty all the way


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