Funny Microsoft VS Apple Ads - YouTube

I found these ads to be quite entertaining and hilarious so I'd thought I would share.


is that it

175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk

6:39 Keep making funny scenes like this, just makes the whole video 10x better :D


Guy: comments that she's sexy

Sakwála Chakráya

Это не бумеранг,это очередная американская поебень.

Jacob White

Did you know that you are a game

evil Anime

Man how many retakes u have to take to perfect it

just Lukas and other people

Why did you not watch TV with your brother dantdm

Joseph Oetken

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) vs. Strider (Lord of the Rings)

Daymond Jones

I saw wowmin 4:42


Yes I have met a psychopath Video later: "I was called homophobic which wasn't true at all!! 1!! 11"

ملامح مصرية 2.3M Subscribers

Hahaha wowww Amazing 😍🤩😍😍🤩😍😍🤩🤩😍😍🤩🌸🌻⚘⚘🌻🌸🌸🌻🌷🌷💐🌸💐🌼⚘🌷



Đoan Tran

his name is No Eye

Shoddygoose 38

Y’all on crack if u think outback beats roadhouse

Luke Hefler

not truee haha

Pink Potato

Why easter egg created every game and every movie


Hate to say it but i think this one is fake, they never show us a video angle of it going through the hoop

Mis Tical

When I was around 5 or 6 (I’m 12 now)I was crying and crying my dad asked what was wrong and I said I was afraid of dying and he eventually calmed me down then I went to bed and I started dreaming and it was and just rows and rows of body’s and all of us in like this space world waiting for inevitable to happen and I didn’t remember where I was or what happened so any ways it could be real but I’m not sure


cringy but ok


Nested Menu