Fun of Programming to Children – TCS Japan Kids Drone Project (Japanese short version)

With programming becoming compulsory at elementary schools in Japan from the academic year 2020, there has been heightened interest in STEM education.TCS Japan contributes to the development of young STEM talent by running Kids Drone Project – designed to cultivate “programming thinking” of third to sixth grade students (age 8-12) while letting them touch and operate drones.Website (Japanese):version(04:34 / Japanese):

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I love your vids. There so relaxing and just fun to watch. Keep it up Guru!

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dude, I just noticed your voice kind of reminds me of murdoc from gorillaz, btw keep making these videos just The way you always do; awesomely!

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there is a reference to Half LIfe 2. A zombie in the school i think

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