Gerard Schaefer Killer Cop Florida's First Serial Killer

I was interviewed for this episode which was filmed by SkyVsion out of the UK . Gerard Schaefer was Florida's First Serial killer. My book Silent Scream is about his victims

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My parents yell at me for "complaining" about nothing but it's really something. I try to tell the people I trust but they don't believe me anyway🙁 I have so meany problems including with friends because of depression and anxiety. I don't feel right at all I feel lonely half of the time. I wish someone would believe me but it never happens. 😕 I get yell at for looking sad all the time but I really do try to be like a happy kid. I just will always have a sad facial expression no matter how hard I try.😥 sometimes I fell like doing suicide I literally almost did it. I was so close till I thought about how painful it would be.

2: Now I'm this video I got proved wrong.

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