Gigs: Silicon Labs' young coder program finds prodigy

Coders at Silicon Labs were so impressed by Abby Audet's code, she was recruited to be the company's first paid high school intern. RCRtv reporter, Joey Jackson, has the story.

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Cool bro1234

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Rick Ross

Bro the fuck. . . i would have smacked him the first time and if he tried again

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Was that a BNSF Mixed freight at 5:54 and why is Cody at the end of the vid I thought he was on vacation

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Rory Caird

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Congratulations!!! Hila is a warrior, a goddess without doubt (I’m a mom of 2, so I know) she looked so beautiful with your precious little man in the photos/videos. Theodore is so gorgeous & cute, I wish you guys every happiness, you deserve it. Thank you for sharing your story & photos/videos, I really enjoyed it. Take care xxx

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You should do a video on NMRiH. 


7:35 I love this part such a good description of what its like to watch something live.

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like, your voice are the most chillest i have heard. i've would be so happy if you did a q&n cus I've been waiting soooo long, just to hear your voice, and now I just want more of it! keep it coming my friend


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...i feel so bad for you Mike... Atleast your an adult now and don't have to go through it again!

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