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Brandon Ruanto



Me be nervous nelly

Ya boy Mike didit!!

Man lets get this song to #1 on trending 💯‼️💙🏁 TMC

Harith Arsyad :3

i wonder how thor left his hammer after age of ultron

Caleb Yazzie

Guru plz respond to my comment

Ahmed Rafa

And Jock killed her Many belive that the history is based in Real life


a FunWithGuru video? what is this christmas?...


Three word.... What the fuck

Marc Dahan

So who else before watching the video thought the dude in the thumbnail was pewdiepie, lol

Emma Ann Oberg

Please make a dairy video 🙏🙏

Владимир Соболев

It's very very very cool!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Mahony

At 4:12 he put up a rude finger

Razor Death

And rugby

Roshawnda Owens

Lol he got what he deserved GG that means good games

Jariah The cat queen

I don't have allergies....well we don't trust penicillin because my father is deadly allergic to it

All I know is that I'm hot

Queen Potato

remember if something is wrong nd your usual doctor is being a useless shit, just go to other doctors maybe a hospital

Gabriel Tejada

THOSE MASKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!And you might say "these are casual paint ball masks don't you play this?" Well the answer is no. Are the masks for that? SERIOUSLY, ARE THEY?

Chandler: Mr. Stark I don't feel so good

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Anyone notice the nerf sign above the exit sign

akash hegde

Fuck Justin bieber as nathan drake?? LOLOL!


Silent Hill the movie is plenty watchable.

once of twice

When purple dude had hair

MaddmanTDM x_x

3rd song twinkle twinkle little star


It’s ok! You didn’t know what to do, but the most important thing was that you eventually followed your gut!

King Of The Roblox

At 50 milion subs unmask panda! like if you agree

Barten van Casand

Music at 0:46 please?

Zephyr Weiss

try and find the video easter eggs XD only found 2


this story would be wholesome and good if it wasn't completely fabricated and preying on marginalised groups


Taj Parker

what about the chef assistant playing hitman absolution

Saul Romero

That super mario world song from logic though

help i’ve been doing this all day at school

Rehmana Ather

cory didnt win in the first round cuz he didnt even parallel park.its sad you guys didnt notice it.

Cookie Bite

How about the 300 Easter egg there is a saber tooth and a skeleton between the rocks

chaeli’s wunderworld

Wait are they a boy or girl

teresa nguyen

My bully is not that bad has much and Idk

Guy Lahav

do finding nemo

Bri Sutherland

This is coll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wellthe zombies yell for help when the sound is backwards

P0k3m0n Music

Nice bang 👍


Mega OOF

Co-suppressor of Sundae. She and Klondike are the final obstruction between the beast and world destruction.

Qoid Huwaidi

If you are putting spoiler into the video, please tell us when the spoiler start so we can avoid it. Thanks =D I love your channel




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