GROCERY store ! Elsa and Anna toddlers go shopping - Barbie is store manager - YouTube

In this toys dolls parody video you can see Anna and Elsa toddlershaving fun buying food, fruit, vegetables, flowers and more at the supermarket ! Barbie helps them at the check out section. Enjoy!See ALL "Come Play With Me" Videos here:For more videos, click below to SUBSCRIBE, it’s FREE ! Sound Effects Credits:From YouTube Music LibraryAnd"Prelude and Action", “Carefree”, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Jazzycreepeer J

Their genes should be harvested so genetically modified soldier have increased accuracy

zach mcdaniel

what do u meen dont try this at home!!! U think we got a 500 foot tower in our backyard!!!

Andy Solis

I WILL NOT DO IT! so funny

Elon Musk

Hey please put a story about JEFF BEZOZ

Noah H

It has more Easter eggs in battlefield 3.

Chatal Nabeza



This is amazing!!! I wish everyone had as big hearts as you guys do!!!!

Jonno Hicks

Ethan was the only smart person

Andres Vazquez

Estos gringos me agradan :v

Farel Aimar

FunWithGuru the ending was really mean to you

Maryama Farah


Jasbinder Tung

I didn't meet my grandad and my grandmother died when I was 6

Why am I so uptight today?

Jairus Cookie

May I recommend

Pedro Guzman


Max Purcell

Holy shit she’s a champ


🐼 panda is the 📷 camera man.

You Mad Bro?

God I miss the suffering! I still own the suffering the ties that bind, but nothing beats the original! I so wish they would remaster those two games!


Where do you live?

Rifat Ahmed

love u

Ellie Dublin




kesha moon 2.0

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Esteban Ramirez

Awesome vid, as usual


can you make more overtime videos


"I realised he wasnt like goku at all"

Alfred Castañeda

#2 trending in the philippines

Games For Cykits

You need to put cars 1 when he’s doing the road and McQueen has air pumped into his tires

• Maple •

Ngl the mom looks like velma from scooby doo

Gabrielle Grey

You do in the yellow


You will forever be my dad


Damn those voice actors are....WOW!

Santikil 12

where are you from

Zachary Rebman

Looks good, but too much potato.

ron forno

Gla Ben


itz yogurlxo

No one :

Ave Charles

l see it

Margaret Bila

Sooo what did she choose

Logan Wise

Starting his streak

QuietToaster 275

We will always love you guys

Kellie Lustenberger

Stephen curry

who looked dead jumped in batman I took my shot, gotta tell the truth, woah

April House

I love you guys sooo much I'm your biggest fan everrrr!!! Please comment on this!

brian crawford

My favorite shot was the Two WheelerBut I was a bit worried

Creepyx TV

Is from England.

Uncle Kyle

Thank God Silverstien didn't own the building. It would have came down from the fire smh


Uhm, anyone else see the comment on the bottom left at 2:26?

المؤتمن مهند



Sacha Schuurmans

Second isnt true it was also the case in bf3 the gunner of the tank also has an t rex toy

Jon Jacob

4:40 bounty😂

gacha life Chloe24

My life was ALMOST over....😕

Jacob Smith

and yet 5 years later i’m still wondering why tyler is wearing sweatpants while swimming

Aya ka


john cameron

Awwww Elsa and Anna holding hands looks like a heart. Love those two!!!!


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