Head to Head: Scott Allen and Jon Skeet - Scott Hanselman - YouTube

We’re back with another Stack Overflow Question and Answer session - this time with K. Scott Allen going up against Jon Skeet. In this session, Scott Hanselman will select five questions from Stack Overflow pertaining to .NET and will send these questions to Scott and Jon a week before the talk. They won’t be allowed to see the answers online, nor can they see *each other’s answers* - they’re only allowed to reveal their answer at the talk. Will they be different? The same? You’ll find out…NDC Conferences


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Lego Brick Planet Animations

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Pet Planet 101

did anyone else see ty at 3:14


there are so many comments like “there’s a difference between acceptance and respect, this girl isn’t a bully >:(“ and they don’t seem to understand that telling someone you don’t accept them as a human being and don’t support their right to love someone else is the polar opposite of respect??? i don’t get these dumbass’ logic i can’t follow

Fear Me

Julie Gerrand

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Paloma Fernandes Ferreira


Katie Diru - Ingleborough PS (1491)

I really enjoyed this. I thought that minutevideos were chaging to clickbait , but thank God! I LOVE the creativity!




Matthew Stafford

Thanos :Am I a joke to you?

mirjana dimkova

In 2:32 Ty and the Twins are doing the Pennywise dance LOL like if you agree

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" My mom taught me one thing. It was to not be like her"

Lily Keevins

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why is there a PlayStation menu in the valve Demo room 2?

Night Hawk

Legend of Zelda 2 where you don’t save Zelda

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Nested Menu