Why TED Talks don't change people's behaviors: Tom Asacker at TEDxCambridge 2014

Author and speaker Tom Asacker wondered why so many people watch TED talks and yet so few change their behaviors as a result. His answer? That only one of three elements of our irrational, but innately human, decision-making process truly makes for lasting change. Learn more about Tom Asacker at and TEDxCambridge at the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.

Lesson 1.5: Syntax and Semantics

A video segment from the Coursera MOOC on introductory computer programming with MATLAB by Vanderbilt. Lead instructor: Mike Fitzpatrick.Check out the companion website and textbook:

What does int argc, char* argv[] mean? - YouTube

In this tutorial I explain the meaning of the argc and argv variables that are often passed in the main function of a C or C++ program.Want to learn C++? I highly recommend this book - NEED MORE HELP? Connect one-on-one with a Programming Tutor.Click the link below:

F(by) 2017. Michael Snoyman - What Makes Haskell Unique.

David Pearce - What does the Future of Programming Look Like?

The prevalence of sophisticated (and unsophisticated) cyber-attacks presents a significant threat to modern society.Part of the problem manifests itself in the software underlying the internet, and the myriad of devices on the so-called "Internet of Things".Whilst useful advances in software development have been made over the last decade or more, it is perhaps surprising that the underlying programming languages have not changed significantly.For example, Java is more than twenty years old and, in that time, has undergone only cosmetic improvements. The question is: what should a programming language of the future look like?I hope to give a glimpse of one possible future.In this talk, I'll employ live coding to demonstrate a new language that represents a step-change improvement over the status quo.This is the Whiley programming language and its accompanying "verifying compiler". The language is focused on ensuring programs meet their specifications. Programming in Whiley feels surprisingly natural and the benefits from including specifications are immediately apparent.The language has been used for the last three years to teach a large undergraduate class about program specification, and we have benefited considerably from this experience.Bio:David graduated with a PhD from Imperial College London in 2005, and took up a lecturer position at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. David's PhD thesis was on efficient algorithms for pointer analysis of C, and his techniques have since been incorporated into GCC. His interests are in programming languages, compilers and static analysis.Since 2009, he has been developing the Whiley Programming Language which is designed specifically to simplify program verification. David has previously interned at Bell Labs, New Jersey, where he worked on compilers for FPGAs; and also at IBMHursely, UK, where he worked with the AspectJ development team on profiling systems.David Pearce - Labs Australia -

All 19 HEROIC MODE Boss Dragon Battles! - Dragon Mania Legends (Level 80 MINI FINAL BOSS FIGHT) - YouTube

Completing ALL heroic mode BOSS DRAGON BATTLES in DML! When you defeat level 80 Mini as the final boss, you unlock the BIGHORN DRAGON! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🤖 Join My Discord Server: Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: BOSS DRAGONS IN DML Wiki Page: today in Dragon Mania Legends we are taking on ALL BOSS DRAGONS! There are currently 20 in total and MINI is the final boss! For each of these fights I tried to use teams that would at least be mostly evenly matched to the bosses to give you some insight into what sort of levels your team would need to be to defeat each boss! I know there's no commentary for this one, I wanted to make this video slightly different and moreso just about the raw boss battles since when do we really do that? The FINAL BOSS MINI we had to take on with Andy of course!TAGS:dragon mania legends boss battle final boss mini final boss battle dml how to beat boss do not hack dml you naughty person hack gems gold very bad in dragon mania all 20 boss fights dragon mania how to beat mini final boss dragon all bosses dml korloth boss twinkles boss mini boss la fontaine mr popsicle stinky floe boss dragons

Programming Basics #30 Regular Expressions

Course. The Basics of Programming.#30 Regular ExpressionsLearn to code.Introduction to regular expressionsAs we know, strings have great built in functionalities, we can convert them to upper case, we can slice peaces out, we can find if a word exists in a string. But what we are more interested in, is in the format itself. Maybe we want to ask, is it an email address, or is it a url, or perhaps we want to know if a password have a mixture of upper case and lower case letters and special symbols.Now to do this, many programming languages including java_script, have something called, Regular expressions built in to the language.Regular expressions are strings looking for sequences of characters, that can describe and can match patterns in strings.They are not pleasent to begin with, but they very useful and you should know what they are, and what they can do.You have always two parts to work with regular expressions.First you create the expression that describes the pattern you looking for.And second, you try and apply to something, asking if he match's.So, step one.We create a variable, i'm calling my, R, E, from my regular expression. Equal to, forward slash, hello, forward slash.And now you may ask, where is the quotes?Note that we have the two forward slashes. They marking this as an regular expression.Is the java_script short hand for doing this....

DEFCON 17: Screen Scraper Tricks: Extracting Data from Difficult Websites - YouTube

Speaker: Michael SchrenkScreen scrapers and data mining bots often encounter problems when extracting data from modern websites. Obstacles like AJAX discourage many bot writers from completing screen scraping projects. The good news is that you can overcome most challenges if you learn a few tricks. This session describes the (sometimes mind numbing) roadblocks that can come between you and your ability to apply a screen scraper to a website. You'll discover simple techniques for extracting data from websites that freely employ DHTML, AJAX, complex cookie management as well as other techniques. Additionally, you will also learn how "agencies" create large scale CAPTCHA solutions. All the tools discussed in this talk are available for free, offer complete customization and run on multiple platforms.For more information visit: download the video visit:

Actualizar y Eliminar registros utilizando Codeigniter - AJAX - YouTube

En este videotutorial les explicare como poder actualizar y eliminar los registros de una base de datos, en la cual estaré utilizando el frameworkCodeigniter de PHP. El proyecto lopuedes descargar en el siguiente link :

Apprendre à coder et en vivre en Freelance - YouTube

Tu as encore accès à tout mon programme Hardcoders : sa vie grâce au code.Meetup de décembre à la Capsule.Pour ce Talk concocté par les équipes de La Capsule,Bootcamp de développement web et mobile, nous avons le plaisir de recevoir Anthony Welc, Youtubeur aux 25000 abonnés et créateur du programme Hardcoders: vivre du code et pratiquer tous les jours.Etre Freelance aujourd’hui c’est pour beaucoup une forme de liberté totale!C’est se libérer du carcan de l’entreprise, organiser son emploi du temps en fonction de ses priorités, choisir pour qui on travaille, choisir son cadre de vie, Bref, l’indépendance, et ca fait envie!Oui, mais .....Comment trouver ses premiers clients? Peut-on se lancer en tant que freelance quand on est junior? Comment bien évaluer ses tarif? Comment travailler efficacement avec ses clients? Combien peut-on espérer gagner quand on est freelance? Comment trouver de bons clients? Comment savoir si ce mode de travail peut vous convenir?Pour répondre à ces questions, Anthony Welc nous partagera son expérience et ses conseils. Anthony est un “self made man”, qui s’est formé de façon autodidacte au code. Fondateur du programme Hardcoder, pour apprendre à coder en ligne, il crée une chaîne Youtube qui compte aujourd’hui[masked] abonnés. Il travaille avec succès en tant que Freelance et répondra à toutes ces questions ainsi que les vôtres!

Curso HTML para Principiantes - YouTube

Este video es una introducción a HTML, el lenguaje que permite la creación de paginas y sitios web y es una de las tecnologías fundamentales del desarollo web, tanto de aplicaciones Grandes como de sitios web pequeños.VISITA MI SITIO WEB PARA MÁS CURSOS Y TUTORIALESCODE - YOUTUBE:EN DISCORDMENCIONADOS

Angular 5 or 6 in 60 Minutes | From Scratch to Pro in Architecture of Angular

Learn complete Angular in Just 60 minutes. You will be able to create a nice App in angular after this along with the knowledge of Angular 5 architecture.Get DigitalOcean $10 bonus : My Patron here can donate any amount via Paypal follow this link =====================================================Join Our Slack Community - May Also Like --Real Time Chat Series - ans Github series - with Admin panel Series - Authentication Series: Multi Auth - Beginner To advanced Series - Text Best Package Series - Ajax Todo Project - 5.4 Full Beginner Playlist - 5.3 Hindi Beginner Tutorials - Playlist for the "Laravel 5.3 Hindi Beginner Tutorials" Series: ME ==================Subscribe for New Releases!Twitter - - - me questions!)--- QUESTIONS? ---Leave a comment below and I or someone else can help you.For quick questions you may also want to ask me on Twitter, I respond almost immediately.Email me support@bitfumes.comThanks for all your support!LARAVEL 5.4 Tutorial | Cara Instal LARAVEL 5,4 dari awal Part 1 | BitfumesLaravel 5.4 Tutorial | Come installare laravel 5,4 da zero Parte 1 | Bitfumes-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Laravel 5.4 Tutorial | Email From Server (Godaddy) #3| Part 26 | Bitfumes" es apiما هو أبيo que é api

R Programming Tutorial - 18 - Creating Scatterplots with ggplot2

Facebook - - - - - - - -

How to Control Your Mind & Emotions | भगवद् गीता | Dr Vivek Bindra

In this video, Dr Vivek Bindra is giving tips to control your Mind and Emotions.To Attend a 4 hour Power Packed “Extreme Motivation & Peak Performance” Seminar of BOUNCE BACK SERIES, Call at +919310144443 or Visit attend upcoming LEADERSHIP FUNNEL PROGRAM, Call at +919810544443 or Visit the Leadership Funnel Program Testimonial Video, here at Follow our Official Facebook Page at and get updates of recent happenings, events, seminars, blog articles and daily motivation.#drvivekbindra #trending

Create your own PHP Router the simplest possible way

Github Repo: used PHP's built-in Web Server in this example but if you are planning to use this with Apache you can use this gist to setup your .htaccess

5 Tips For Getting A Data Science Job - YouTube

►Resume Template and Cover letter I used for applying to software internships and full-time jobs:for Technical Interviews? This is what I used to get job offers at Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Amazon:Use code "joma" for a 30% discount. Ends Soon!Sign up for daily interview questions at coupon code "joma" for $10 off What is Data Science? My Resume/Cover Letter Template for Internship and Full-time: resume.joma.io►Chat with me @jomaoppaFILM STUFF AMAZON LINKSComputer Monitor - - Camera - Lens- lens - I use - Camera - Pod - - HERO 5 - Mic - Get $55 off AirBnb:

TuneTable Teaches Computer Programming Concepts through Music

Georgia Tech's TuneTable is a musical, interactive tabletop exhibit that teaches the basics of computer coding. Students move coasters along the table’s projection surface to make a musical piece using elements of computer programming. Then they tap the surface to play a series of beats, beeps and samples.

Burak Yeter - Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval (Audio) DELUXE - YouTube

Burak Yeter - Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval (Audio)DELUXE Dolby Digital Music Production

Last 2 Minutes Of Raptors vs Warriors Game 6 EPIC Ending In 2019 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins - YouTube

June 13, 2019 |Last 2 Minutes Of Raptors vs Warriors Game 6 EPIC Ending In 2019 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'✅ Like And Subscribe For More!✅ Follow me on Twitter -Subscribe To My Vintage NBA Videos Channel - Watch FreeDawkins Daily Updated Playlist - Watch 2018-19 NBA Most AWESOME Videos - Watch Luka Doncic Updated Video Playlist - Watch Updated Video Playlist - Watch LeBron James Updated Video Playlist - Watch Derrick Rose Updated Video Playlist - Watch Giannis Antetokounmpo Updated Video Playlist - Watch Kyrie Irving Updated Video Playlist - Watch James Harden Updated Video Playlist - Watch Nikola Jokic Updated Video Playlist - Watch Paul George Updated Video Playlist - Watch Russell Westbrook Updated Video Playlist - Watch Damian Lillard Updated Video Playlist - Watch D'Angelo Russell Updated Video Playlist - Watch Ben Simmons Updated Video Playlist - Watch Joel Embiid Updated Video Playlist - Watch Donovan Mitchell Updated Video Playlist - Watch Trae Young Updated Video Playlist - #NBAPlayoffsDISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.__

How to become a Software Engineer (or) Software Developer full details in Telugu - YouTube

Want to become a software engineer ? Thinking about becoming a software engineering , so in this video i will tell you about how to become a professional software engineer after 12th class . what are the requirements for software engineer study . can i join software engineer after 12th arts , commerce science.For All Videos Click here : Secret Android Mobile Settings That Will Surprise You should Tryto Print Documents from Mobile? Google Cloud Print - Anywhere from any location in Teluguto Know If Your Mobile Is Hacked or Not or Spy Someone | Teluguto check JIO 4g Data Plan and Data Balance on your smart phone use this CODE for all Jio Usersto Repair Corrupted Pendrives or Memory Cards?To Verify Mobile Number & Email ID Link with Aadhaar Card Online 2017 | TeluguTo Open Any App Lock In Any Mobile Phone without password & app (Only For Educational Purpose)/ share all the Data between Mobile and Computer without using USB Cable wirelessly| Teluguto Monitor your Kids or Employee Phone without knowing Cell phone monitoring app Android/iphoneto Apply for PASSPORT Online in India Step by Step Explained in Telugu 2017to Recover Deleted Photos Videos Documents for Free data recovery software hdd recovery toolto Solve Android Phone Battery Backup Problem Solution Tricks & Tips - Cell Phone Battery Issueto increase Typing Speed to 50 wpm | How to Type Faster without looking at the keyboardTo Create PDF Files Offline | Convert Any Document File into PDF Fileto Make money online typing work at home | Earn Real Money online Typing Data Entry from HomeMoney using Android Mobile App upto 300 per day | 100% working and GenuineTO OPEN PAN CARD AADHAR CARD CENTER and Railway, Airlines Franchise or Agency in India | TeluguSecret setting for mobile | No more Virus | Google's new features | Solve Mobile Virus ProblemMONEY BY WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS 2017 | How To Make Money For Watching Youtube Videos TeluguTo Book Tatkal Ticket From Mobile Very Fast Telugu 2017 | Book Tatkal Confirm Ticket from MobileFree Website with Mobile in Telugu |How To Make free Website for Lifetime Step by Step |Teluguto Make Passport size Photos in Mobile | Create Passport size Photos Easily | Teluguto Apply new PAN card Online through NSDL in 3 Days | Aadhar ekyc System 2017 | Quick & EasyWay to Learn English and improve English using Mobile Best Way to Learn English in Teluguon Your Mobile Screen Funny Prank App | A snake is crawling on your mobile screen | TeluguMoney to Make Free Android Apps No Coding Required Publish in Play Store | TeluguEntry Work | Do Typing Work For Indian Government Digitize India Job | Online Data Entry JobsIndia Online Data Entry Work - All Problems & Solutions in TeluguApp All in One App for your Mobile Increase Mobile Space, Battery Life & Many more | TeluguTo Link Aadhar Card to Any Bank Account Step by Step Easily in TeluguTo Create QR CODE for Your WiFi Connection Easily FREE in Telugua software developerbest software engineering masters programs1 year masters in software engineeringmaster of engineering softwaresoftware developer schoolbest masters degree for software engineersoftware engineering course for beginnerswork software engineerms software engineering course detailssoftware engineering training coursesit software developerapplication software development

Bjarne Stroustrup: Advice for C++ Developers - YouTube

If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner Executive Interviews: people don't use C++ anywhere near as well as it could be used."Question: What advice do you have for C++ developers? Bjarne Stroustrup: Most people don't use C++ anywhere near as well as it could be used. There are still a lot of people that are trying to use it as a glorifiedC, or as a slightly mutated Java or SmallTalk, and that's not the rightway of using it.  Go back, read one good book and see if you are up todate or if you happen to be stuck in the '80s or '90s.  We can do muchbetter.  And then, next year, C++ OX will arrive, the next generation ofC++ and it'll support some of the modern programming styles that hasbeen proven useful over the last decade or so—significantly better thanC++ 98, which was the previous standard.  And so learn a little bitabout it, look at what has been done and try to understand why it wasdone.  Things are just about to get much better.Recorded August 12, 2010Interviewed by Max MillerQuestion: What advice do you have for C++ developers? Bjarne Stroustrup: Most people don't use C++ anywhere near as well as it could be used. There are still a lot of people that are trying to use it as a glorifiedC, or as a slightly mutated Java or SmallTalk, and that's not the rightway of using it.  Go back, read one good book and see if you are up todate or if you happen to be stuck in the '80s or '90s.  We can do muchbetter.  And then, next year, C++ OX will arrive, the next generation ofC++ and it'll support some of the modern programming styles that hasbeen proven useful over the last decade or so—significantly better thanC++ 98, which was the previous standard.  And so learn a little bitabout it, look at what has been done and try to understand why it wasdone.  Things are just about to get much better.Recorded August 12, 2010Interviewed by Max Miller

Pure ALOHA and Slotted ALOHA in Computer Networks | Computer Networks GATE Lectures | CN GATE - YouTube

Hello Friends Welcome to GATE lectures by Well AcademyClick on the link given Below for Different Branches :GATE CS : GATE ME : EE: EC : Civil : CourseIn this course Computer Networks is Taught by our Educator Abdul Sattar Founder and CEO of Well Academy. He is going to teach Computer Networks for GATE .Computer Networks will be in Hindi and we will think for english lectures in Future. from Computer Networks Basic Concepts full computer network course will be taught and this will be taught according to GATE Syllabus. So if you want to learn computer networks for GATE then do watch our computer networks GATE Lectures by Well Academy, All Computer Network GATE video Lectures for Computer Science their is Playlist where you will get all lectures in Structured Manner.and currently we are focusing on computer science GATE subjects soon and as it completes we will add more lectures for other branches on Well Academy.About VideoIn this video till now we have seen many Topics in our previous videos and in this video we will discuss about Access Control Method called ALOHA in that we will discuss types of ALOHA ie. Pure Aloha and Slotted Aloha in Computer Networks for GATE so if have not watched then take a look at them also our all the future videos will be GATE lectures.Computer Networks will be in hindi********************************************************************To get Each and Every Update of Videos Join Our Telegram Groupclick on the below link to join 👉 👉 are Links of video lectures of GATE Subjects********************************************************************👉 DBMS Gate Lectures Full Course FREE Playlist : Discrete Mathematics GATE | discrete mathematics for computer science gate | NET | PSU :Computer Network GATE Lectures FREE playlist :Computer Organization and Architecture GATE (Hindi) | Computer Organization GATE | Computer Organization and Architecture Tutorials :Theory of Computation GATE Lectures | TOC GATE Lectures | PSU | GATE :here to subscribe well Academy👉 Lectures by Well Academy Facebook Group👉 you for watching share with your friends Follow on :👉 Facebook page : Instagram page : Twitter :

Head to Head: Scott Allen and Jon Skeet - Scott Hanselman - YouTube

We’re back with another Stack Overflow Question and Answer session - this time with K. Scott Allen going up against Jon Skeet. In this session, Scott Hanselman will select five questions from Stack Overflow pertaining to .NET and will send these questions to Scott and Jon a week before the talk. They won’t be allowed to see the answers online, nor can they see *each other’s answers* - they’re only allowed to reveal their answer at the talk. Will they be different? The same? You’ll find out…NDC Conferences

LITERATURE - Voltaire - YouTube

Voltaire was one of the wisest, funniest and cleverest people of the 18th century. He continues to have lots to teach us about toleration, modesty and kindness. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): more films on LITERATURE:in collaboration with Reflective Filmswritten for The School of Lifeby Professor Nicholas Cronk, Director of the Voltaire Foundation:#TheSchoolOfLife

DPF Cleaning using REDox DPF Cleaning tool from TheOBDcompany.co.uk - YouTube

This step shows how to set the car into regen mode using Delphi diagnostics tool

Data Scientist Vs Data Analyst

In this video I want to talk about the differences between a data scientist and a data analyst. is data science a viable career and if so should you try to become a data scientist or a data analyst.► Full Playlist Exploring All Things Data Science ( )► Top 4 Best Laptops for the Data Industry ( )► Data Scientist Masters Certification ( )► Get the Best Certified Tutorials on Data Analytics... What is the best career path for a data scientist?- How do I become a data analyst?- What is the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?- Is data science the same as data analytics?- Is data science a viable career path?- Is data analytics a viable career path?Jobs related to data science are booming right now with the tech industry growing at a rapid pace, but there is a lot of confusion between the Role of a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst...I am going to QUICKLY breakdown the difference for you so that you can get started right away with your career in the Data Analytics industry!First of all what is data analytics...Data analytics is the extraction a large, large, large amounts of data that are stored within a data base. This data comes from a multiplicity of places all over the world via website traffic, in-store and online purchases, social media activity, traffic patterns, etc, etc, etc.... the list could go on and on.Basically everything we do is being collected to be used as data to advertise to us, keep us safer when we are driving, or help us find the restaurant we want to eat at.Now to The Role of Data Scientist - The IT Rock Star!Data Scientists are the top professionals in their industry. They usually hold a Masters Degree in some relative Computer Science degree or even a PhD.They understand, very well, data from a business point of view and he/she can make accurate prediction of the data to advise clients on their next big business move! Data scientists have a solid foundation of computer applications, modeling, statistics and math!Highly Advanced in coding (Python, MySQL, R, JavaScript, etc...Ability to do high levels of math quicklyFantastic Statistical Analysis AbilitiesGreat Communication Skill: Written and OralAnd they have a brilliant Knack for communicating between the IT world and the Business Professionals.Starting Salary: $115,000The Role of Data AnalystA Data Analyst is very important in the world of data science. They are in charge of collecting, organizing, and and obtaining statistical information from a large amount of data sets (Data sets are very large pools of data that must be searched in order to find the data that is relevant to a specific study). They are also the ones responsible for formulating all of their findings into an accurate report of powerpoint presentation to give to their client or internal team.Strong Understanding of Hadoop Based Analytics (Program to help extract data from large data sets and the analyze the data)Familiar with data analytics in a business settingMust have data storing a retrieval skillsProficiency in decision makingHave the ability to transform data into understandable presentationStarting Salary: $60,000-------SOCIALTwitter ► @jobsinthefutureFacebook►/jobsinthefutureInstagram ►@JobsinthefutureWHERE I LEARN: (affiliate links)Lynda.com ► ► FAVORITE GEAR: (affiliate links)Camera ► ► ► ► ►Download the Ultimate Guide Now!( )Thanks for Supporting Our Channel!DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Chanuxbro vs SL Geek Monthly salary in youtube sl geek , chanux bro

Chanuxbro vs SL Geek Monthly salary in youtubesl geek , chanux broWasthi production vs ashen vlogs monthly earning 💰 and monthly revenue , wasthi vs ashen vlog gradeSrilanka YoutubersMoney From Youtube Chanux Bro - Wasthi Production Monthly sallery From Youtube:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::🇱🇰 Srilankan Best Youtubers .what the (Chanux ,Wasthi,SL Geek,);:::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::chanux bro monthly salary::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ashen vlog ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::wasthi:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::chanux bro:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::chanubro:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::wasthi production :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::sl Jokes ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::kuppa cinema ::::::::::::::::::::::::sl geek::::::::::::::::::::::::ratta:::::::::::::sakkili production ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::srilanka youtubers::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::youtube sthudeo::::::::::::::::::::::::::myhub,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::chabi::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::lion kolla:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::wasthimonthly salary::::::::::::::::::::::::::::sl diaries ::::::::::::::::::::::::Chanux chanux broSl geekWasthilakai sikaiTravel with wife And Our Youtube Channel Monthly Sallery ..Chanux Bro Vs Wasthi Production Monthly sallery From youtube Earning (Chanux ,Wasthi,SL Geek,Lakai )SUBSCRIBE My ChannelTech SL GamersI am Sujan Piumal#wasthiproductions#chanuxbro #YTBoostRequest #TechSLGamers#TechSLGamers#MoreViews#Moresubscribers SUBSCRIBE SL Tiger

Day 1: Your First Webpage (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS) - YouTube

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a working web page that displays the words, "Hello world."► Browse WordPress Themes and Plugins: is part of the free Envato Tuts+ course 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS: more great web design courses and tutorials go to: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Envato Tuts+Discover free how-to tutorials and online courses. Design a logo, create a website, build an app, or learn a new skill: ElementsAll the creative assets you need under one subscription. Customize your project by adding unique photos, fonts, graphics, and themes.► Download Unlimited Stock Photos, Fonts & Templates with Envato Elements: Subscribe to Envato Tuts+ on YouTube: Follow Envato Tuts+ on Twitter: Follow Envato Tuts+ on Facebook: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Inside a desktop computer with details (RAM,PROCESSOR, MOTHER BOARD AND MORE) in Hindi #1 - YouTube

Hello friendsIn this video we will see the details parts inside a desktop computer.Here is the list of parts inside the CPU box.1. RAM - Random Access Memory2. Processor / CPU - Brain of the Computer3. Motherboard. The motherboard is the computer's main circuit board (MCB)4. SATA Hard disk Drive -HDD5. SATA 2.0 data bus6. CPU Fan7. SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) - Who supply the power to all the unit.8. Video Card 9. Network Card 10. Expansion Slotsand lots of transistors.... So for updates stay connected with stay updated.Thank you for watching.You can follow me on channelto become topperBannedtech updatestory of Indian entrepreneursupdates JIO COIN app Sony XperiaMarket PlaceRepublic Day Offeryour personal Information /Securityis Memeform of tech wordsa computerFeaturesAmazing Websitesis HashtagYoung Entrepreneurs Success storyCODE TRICKSAND TALENTOVERLOADINGCOMPUTER SHORTCUT KEYSUSEFUL RUN COMMANDSACCESSSTATUS CODESHUMANOID ROBOTWEBSITESWHATSAPP FEATUREINTELLIGENCECOMPUTINGYOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTTIPS TO ENHANCE BATTERY LIFERICHEST COMPANIEScan follow me on channelFOR WATCHING*******************************************************#computer_parts

IT COULD WIPE OUT THE US? - How Big do Tsunamis Get Reaction! - YouTube

It could wipe out the us?SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE FAMILY!Original video: to RealLifeLore: out Charmx2: out Charmx3: me on Twitter: music: Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Copyright issue? Send a message to me on Twitter and we'll get it resolved.

Mazda 3 ⭐️ - El nuevo rival a vencer en su segmento - YouTube

Rango de precios: $335,900 - $415,900 MXNPrecio de modelo en el video: $415,900 MXNGracias por ver nuestros videos :) Te invito a que me acompañes a bordo de los autos que manejo en Instagram: @gabosalazar21También acompáñanos alrededor del mundo para conocer más sobre la industria automotriz en las siguientes redes:facebook.com/autodinamicomxtwitter.com/autodinamicomxinstagram.com/autodinamicomx#Mazda3

Investing For Beginners | Advice On How To Get Started

FREE COURSE To Start Your Online Business:this video, Stefan talks about investing for beginners, and gives advice on how to get started.In particular, he highlights five investment success principles.When Stefan was 18 years old, he read a finance book called, "The Wealthy Barber”, by David Chilton.After reading this book, he realized that the most important thing that he could do was to start investing as soon as possible.The earlier you start investing, the sooner you can make mistakes and learn from them, and you have a higher risk tolerance.Stefan started from nothing, and has been able to build himself up to a millionaire, at 30 years old.Are you ready to invest in your future?It will be one of the best decisions you make!★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★Subscribe ► FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★Blog ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Podcast ► MY PRODUCTS & COURSES: ★☆★Morning Ritual Mastery ► Marketing Mastery ► Money Mastery ► Hour Book ► Optimizer ► WANT TO BE COACHED BY ME? ★☆★You can apply for my 1-on-1 and group coaching programs here:RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: ★☆★you found this video valuable, give it a like.If you know someone who needs to see it, share it.Leave a comment below with your thoughts.Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later.

Manejo de Objetos y Clases Con Delphi XE8 - YouTube

Trabajo No.4 VCL Diplomado Delphi

System Design Basics: Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling - YouTube

Systems design a procedure by which we define the architecture of a system to satisfy given requirements. It is a technique by which the required amounts of scalability, reliability, performance and consistency are satisfied in real world systems.We discuss how to start with system design and why it is required. The first concept in designing a system is scalability. We discuss the two main approaches to solve this problem: Horizontal scaling and vertical scaling.Horizontal scaling is adding more machines to deal with increasing requirements. These machines handle requests in parallel to improve user experience. Vertical scaling is replacing the current machines with more advanced machines to improve throughput and hence response time. The techniques are used in conjunction in real world systems.References:Harvard Lecture: balancing: links:#scalability #software

Part 3 Why and when should we use an abstract class - YouTube

Link for code samples used in the demofor csharp, asp.net, ado.net, dotnet basics, mvc and sql server video tutorial playlistsquestion can also be asked in a slightly different wayGive an example of where we could use an abstract class?Let us understand when to use an abstract class with an example. An organisation has 2 types of employees1. FullTimeEmployee2. ContractEmployeeWe would create an abstract class, when want to move the common functionality of 2 or more related classes into a base class and when, we don't want that base class to be instantiated.

Constructor Concept and This Keyword in Java - YouTube

In this video, you will learn about what is constructor and what is the purpose of this keyword in Java.Learn:1. What is Constructor and Constructor overloading2. Why we use this keyword3. Class var v/s Global VariablesNote: This is my classroom Training Video.~~~Subscribe to this channel, and press bell icon to get some interesting videos on Selenium and Automation:me on my Facebook Page:join our Automation community for some amazing knowledge sharing and group discussion on Telegram:API Automation Tutorials:


Evidence was recovered at the scene of the crime and LE DOES INFACT HAVE DNA EVIDENCE IN THE DELPHI MURDER CASE.Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.Section 107 calls for consideration of the following four factors in evaluating a question of fair use:Purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes:Courts look at how the party claiming fair use is using the copyrighted work, and are more likely to find that nonprofit educational and noncommercial uses are fair.This does not mean, however, that all nonprofit education and noncommercial uses are fair and all commercial uses are not fair; instead, courts will balance the purpose and character of the use against the other factors below.Additionally, “transformative” uses are more likely to be considered fair.Transformative uses are those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work.Nature of the copyrighted work:This factor analyzes the degree to which the work that was used relates to copyright’s purpose of encouraging creative expression. Thus, using a more creative or imaginative work (such as a novel, movie, or song) is less likely to support a claim of a fair use than using a factual work (such as a technical article or news item). In addition, use of an unpublished work is less likely to be considered fair. Amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole:Under this factor, courts look at both the quantity and quality of the copyrighted material that was used. If the use includes a large portion of the copyrighted work, fair use is less likely to be found; if the use employs only a small amount of copyrighted material, fair use is more likely. That said, some courts have found use of an entire work to be fair under certain circumstances. And in other contexts, using even a small amount of a copyrighted work was determined not to be fair because the selection was an important part—or the “heart”—of the work. Effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work:Here, courts review whether, and to what extent, the unlicensed use harms the existing or future market for the copyright owner’s original work. In assessing this factor, courts consider whether the use is hurting the current market for the original work (for example, by displacing sales of the original) and/or whether the use could cause substantial harm if it were to become widespread.

Best Kharaj Ka Riyaz Matra Ke Sath | खरज का रियाज़ मात्राओं के साथ |Best Morning Riyaz For Vocal - YouTube

Indian Music SchoolBest Kharaj Ka Riyaz Matra Ke Sath.Best Vocal Practice With All Vowel Like A E I O U.Best Way To Practice Vocal In The Morning And Evening. To Enhance Your Vocal And Singing Skill Do This Riyaz. Mandar Saptak ka Riyaz With Matra Aa I Uu Ee Oo ( Practice With Vowel A E I O U )Video Tutorial of Indian Classical Vocal And Instrumental Music.

Photoshop Gold Text Effect - YouTube

How to create gold text in Photoshop! Turn letters into gold with this easy to create text effect in Photoshop CC and CS6.►Read the text version | Get the PDF:Watch Part 2: How to remove the background:Get Photoshop CC 2019 here: create the gold text, we'll use Photoshop's layer styles, and we'll create our own custom gold color gradient! We'll even add a few sparkles to the text using one of Photoshop's brushes to make our gold letters really shine. I'll be using Photoshop CC but every step is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and with earlier versions of Photoshop.►Subscribe to my channel:ARE THE ASSORTED BRUSHES IN PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 and 2019?Adobe made changes to the brushes as of CC 2018. To access the Assorted Brushes, click the menu icon in the Brush Preset picker and choose Legacy Brushes from the bottom of the menu. Click OK to restore the Legacy Brushes, and then scroll down to the bottom of the brushes where you'll find a new "Legacy Brushes" folder. Twirl the folder open to find all of the original brushes from CC 2017 and earlier, including the Assorted Brushes. LEARN MORE:VIDEO GUIDE: HOW TO CREATE A GOLD TEXT EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOPStep 1: Create a new Photoshop document (0:38)Step 2: Fill the new document with black (1:24)Step 3: Select the Type Tool (1:55)Step 4: Set your font options (2:00)Step 5: Set your type color to white (2:21)Step 6: Add your text (2:47)Step 7: Resize the text with Free Transform (2:57)Step 8: Duplicate the Type layer (3:41)Step 9: Add a Gradient Overlay layer style (4:08)Step 10: Edit the gradient (4:27)Step 11: Save the gradient as a new preset (5:39)Step 12: Change the gradient Style to "Reflected" (6:03)Step 13: Add a Bevel and Emboss layer style (6:17)Step 14: Change Technique to "Chisel Hard" (6:28)Step 15: Change Gloss Contour to "Ring Double" (6:35)Step 16: Change the Angle and turn on Anti-Aliaising (6:49)Step 17: Set the Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode opacity to 75% (7:02)Step 18: Increase the Size to fill in the letters (7:10)Step 19: Increase the Depth to 170% (7:39)Step 20: Add an Inner Glow layer style (7:47)Step 21: Select the original Type layer (8:37)Step 22: Add a stroke (8:42)Step 23: Change the Fill Type and choose the "Gold" gradient (8:51)Step 24: Set the Style, Position and Size of the stroke (8:53)Step 25: Apply Bevel and Emboss to the stroke (9:28)Step 26: Apply an Outer Glow layer style (10:27)Step 27: Select the copy of the Type layer (10:15)Step 28: Add a new blank layer (10:24)Step 29: Select the Brush Tool (11:56)Step 30: Load the Assorted brushes (12:03)Step 31: Choose the "Crosshatch 4" brush (12:42)Step 32: Sample a brush color from the gold letters (13:12)Step 33: Paint random sparkles around the letters (13:38)Step 34: Lower the opacity of the "Sparkles" layer (14:07)If you enjoyed this video, please Like, Share and Subscribe!►Click here to SUBSCRIBE:MORE VIDEOS?Help support this channel by becoming amember of Photoshop Essentials and get HUNDREDS of Photoshop tutorials as PDFs!LEARN MORE: Essentials offers Adobe Photoshop tutorials and training designed with beginners in mind, with easy to follow, step by step instructions that make learning Photoshop easy! Subscribe to my channel for my latest Photoshop videos, and be sure to visit my website for hundreds of my written Photoshop tutorials!►SUBSCRIBE to Photoshop Essentials on YouTube: Visit my website:

Krebs natürlich heilen? Dr. Probst im Interview - YouTube

#krebsheilen #cancer #selbstheilung ►Shownotes + Das Interview zum Nachlesen: Rolle spielt Krebs in Deinem Leben? Hast Du bereits Angehörige oder geliebte Menschen an ihn verloren, oder bist Du selbst betroffen?Was wissen wir wirklich über dieses Schreckgespenst, das als Diagnose Angst und Panik verbreitet und gleichzeitig als Milliardengeschäft höchst umstritten ist?! Ist es anmaßend zu behaupten, Krebs wäre auf natürliche Weise heilbar?Zu diesem provokanten und brennenden Thema spreche ich mit dem Naturheilarzt, Physiker, Autor und Erfolgs-Referenten Dr. Probst. Dr. Probst blickt auf über 40 Jahre Erfahrung in der Behandlung schwerer, chronischer Erkrankungen zurück und hat ganz simple und doch geniale Erklärungen für das Phänomen Krebs.Links: ► Webseite Dr. Probst: Buch "Der natürliche Weg zu Heilung und Gesundheit": Buch "Warum nur die Natur uns heilen kann": BioRedox-Basenpulver nach Dr. Probst: ►YouTube Kanal ABONNIEREN: ► Webseite: ► Live Event: Facebook: ► Podcast: ► Impressum:

Command Line Program - 2 Factorial of a number

Command Line Programming Concept for TCS Paper Make sure you've gone through the first video to cover Command Line Programming Basics here - Coding Dashboard- Command Line Programming Dashboard -

The Self-Compassion Pause - Hypnosis/Meditation Session - Mindfulness Technique to Develop Self-Love

In today's episode, we will discuss a mindfulness technique that is called the Self-Compassion Break or The self-compassion pause. This mindful pause can be helpful with approaching stressful situations and is a beneficial self-regulation tool. You will have the opportunity to experience this technique in a mindfulness meditation session. *This program is complementary to any other healing work that you are doing. It is not meant to treat or diagnose any emergency medical condition. Please check with your doctor should you have an immediate concern regarding your health and well-being. Do not listen to this program while driving, operating heavy machinery or engaging in any activity that requires conscious thought. This program is designed to induce a relaxed state. Do not listen to this program if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, dissociative disorders or have had recent heart surgery. By consenting and listening to this recording you agree that you use the information contained herein entirely at your own discretion.*

Mind | A Beautiful Chill Mix

enjoy a beautiful chill music...best mixes — mixes —• • • 00:00:00 • Dessin Bizarre - Shapes00:09:36 • Dessin Bizarre - Endless00:16:35 • ekte - Renim00:25:58 • Joachim Heinrich - Y00:28:34 • Au5 - Cosmoscope00:40:04 • Janek Sprachta - Grow00:49:44 • Cyprinid - Floating00:56:48 • Delectatio - Her, My Dream01:04:01 • Cass. - Redwood01:08:14 • Whithe - Going Home, Trying To Catch Feathers Together01:11:55 • KnKn - Elsewhere••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Image by — Daniel Leoneyou like games. subscribe to my gamingchannels!BLUMEGaming — — and design. Also subscribe!M I N I M Λ L I S T — • • • • • • • •support (donate) BLUME: issues сontact me • • blumegaming74@gmail.com

Ancient Technology Documentary 2018 Advanced Civilizations That Still Baffle Historians - YouTube

Many puzzling discoveries point to the possibility that thousands of years ago advanced civilizations roamed our planet. Many of these civilizations were using an advanced ancient technology, the evidence is just too compelling to ignore. The most distinct evidence is the precision and mastery of machining technologies that we are only now beginning to re-discovered. Scientific marvels, inexplicable artifacts, huge pyramids and incredible ruins surely bear testimony to a civilization that was technologically comparable to our own and in some cases more advanced than today.There is much evidence in the archaeological record that supports this theory, but it is largely ignored...until now.Watch thought provoking, extraordinary, educational, eye opening, awesome documentaries by subscribing and of course hit the bell button at the top tight of the screen. We will make each filmexpand the horizons of the viewers open to learning more about the world. We hope you will become aware of many facts you may have been previously unaware of in this Advanced ancient technology Documentary.

When are you ready to go Pro ... as a Coder? - YouTube

Learn web development fast:of the biggest fears of budding nerdlings, is whether they know enough to become a paid, professional coder or developer. The reality is that you don't, and you won't, ever know it all. There are just too many programming languages, too many frameworks, too many libraries for you to adsorb it all.... You need to understand that you will have to learn to code on a nerd-to-nerd basis. That is the nature of being a professional software developer.Tips:1. Learn the fundamentals of programming. 2. Do a few mini projects on your own.3. Go get a few freelancing coding jobs. Learn Python 3 fast: Entrepreneur Course: Instagram:

Aladdin (2019) Review - YMS - YouTube

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Franco Battiato - Ruby Tuesday - YouTube

Best of FrancoBattiato: here: video by Franco Battiato performing Ruby Tuesday. (C) 1999 Universal Music Italia Srl

Python Tutorial : OOP Classes - YouTube

In this python tutorial for beginners I give an introduction to classes and OOP (Inheritance) by implementing a simple example.I show how to create own classes with Python and how to instantiate these and derive classes from base classes.Here are my social platforms:G+:

Programming for Kids - Course 2 Bee Debugging

Course 2 Bee Debugging in Code.org Code Studio


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Introduction to Java (HINDI/URDU) - YouTube

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C Program to find the factorial of a number using recursion

C program to find the factorial of a number using recursion

Redmi K20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Comparison Review - YouTube

More tech news and reviews at --

Confessions intimes - Ma femme est une gueularde - YouTube

▶ intimes Ma femme est une gueularde NT1

Map, Filter, and Reduce Functions || Python Tutorial || Learn Python Programming

The map, filter, and reduce functions simplify the job of working with lists.In this lesson, we show you how to use each function.If you also use lambda expressions, you can accomplish a great deal in a single line of code!This video was made possible with the help of our Patrons on Patreon! We would especially like to recognize the generosity of our VIP Patron, Carlos A.We are so happy you are on the Socratica Team, Carlos! ➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢To learn Python, you can watch our playlist from the beginning: ​help​ ​us​ ​make​ ​videos more quickly,​ ​you​ ​can​ ​support​ Socratica at:​Patreon​: Socratica Paypal: We also accept Bitcoin!:)Our​ ​address​ ​is:1EttYyGwJmpy9bLY2UcmEqMJuBfaZ1HdG9Thank​ ​you!! ➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢If you’d like a reference book, we recommend “Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition” from O’Reilly:Mythical Man Month - Essays on Software Engineering & Project Management➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢You​ ​can​ ​also​ ​follow​ ​Socratica​ ​on: -​ ​Twitter:​ ​@socratica -​ ​Instagram:​ ​@SocraticaStudios -​ ​Facebook:​ ​@SocraticaStudios ➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢➢Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty(@ulkam on Twitter)Written & Produced by Michael Harrison(@mlh496 on Twitter)

Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Keda (Official Clip) نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب قول تاني كده - YouTube

Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Keda (Official Clip) نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب قول تاني كدهSubscribe here and never miss a video album available click here : her on FACEBOOK : her on TWITTER :

Why You CAN'T Muscle Up | THENX

DOWNLOAD THENX APP FOR IOS: FOR ANDROID: MUSIC: THENX APPAREL: A THENX MEMBER: GET FULL ACCESS TO ALL OUR PROGRAMS & WORKOUTS- WORKOUT FROM HOME-TAKE WORKOUTS TO THE PARK-TAKE WORKOUTS TO THE GYM- NEW CONTENT ADDED DAILYFollow Us:Instagram: @thenx @chrisheriaSnapchat: thenx.comThe BEST Streaming calisthenics workouts, secret techniques, programs, and step by step guided tutorials tested by thousands of people to reach their goals, with the most simplistic systematic approach to learning any calisthenics move such as the Handstand, Muscle Up, Planche, with ease.And it's all IN HEREwatch: "TOP 5 Exercises To Master Handstand | THENX"

Rainbow Ruby RTV : Ambil Gambar Ini - YouTube

RTV adalah stasiun televisi nasional yang mengedepankan unsur edukasi dan hiburan dalam setiap sajian programnya. Selain dapat disaksikan free to air, RTV juga dapat disaksikan melalui tv berlangganan dan live streaming. Saat ini RTV mempunyai jaringan terluas, dengan coverage area mencapai 43 kota di Indonesia.RTV (PT Metropolitan Televisindo)Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. B. 10-11Atrium Mulia Building, 8th Floor Suite 802 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta 12910 Telp : (021) 2930 6677 Fax : (021) 2930 6678Subscribe Rajawali Televisi Official Youtube Channel:Televisi Official PageWebsite : : Fan Page : in : : langsung Channel kami di layar televisi anda:| Jakarta - 23 UHF | Bandung - 36 UHF | Cirebon - 60 UHF | Purwakarta - 61 UHF | Cikarang - 61 UHF | Sukabumi - 22 UHF || Surabaya - 38 UHF | Malang - 24 UHF | Yogyakarta - 55 UHF | Solo - 56 UHF | Semarang - 56 UHF | Pati - 57 UHF || Medan - 53 UHF | Palembang - 52 UHF | Lampung - 44 UHF | Batam - 55 UHF | Pekanbaru - 38 UHF | Padang - 53 UHF || Denpasar - 51 UHF| Banjarmasin - 48 UHF | Pontianak - 51 UHF | Palangkaraya - 25 UHF | Balikpapan - 34 UHF | Mataram - 54 UHF || Manado - 60 UHF | Gorontalo - 48 UHF | Poso - 22 UHF | Ambon - 44 UHF | Kupang - 44 UHF | Jayapura - 44 UHF | Surakarta 55 UHFCORPORATE COMMUNICATIONEmail: corporate.communication@rtv.co.idTelp: 021-29306677 (ext: 7787)SALESEmail: sales@rtv.co.idTelp: 021-29306677 (ext: 7799)NEWSEmail: redaksi@rtv.co.idTelp: 021-29306677 (ext: 7848)

Disney Princess Rapunzel Draw N Style with Hair Color Markers at Barbie Fairytale Salon - YouTube

Disney Princess Rapunzel is so excited to go get her hair colored at the Fairytale Barbie Beauty Salon. First Ever After High Holly gets her hair crimped with the hot iron. Then Rapunzel takes a seat in the syle chair. Clip in the hair barrettes, clip in the stencil then start coloring her hair. Wow hearts, bows and butterfly shapes!Don't forget to subscribe!! It's free. Never miss a video! More Fun Cookieswirlc Videos 🍪🍪🍪Season 6 Shopkins Chef Club Surprise Blind Bags with Mystery Shopkins Inside Recipe Book Giant Rainbow Cupcake Fail - Baking My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Birthday Cake All 6 Shopkins Season 5 Limited Editions DIY Squishy Cookie Nut Shopkins Season 4 Inspired Easy Craft Do It Yourself Splashlings Mermaid 12 Pack & Season 4 Shopkins 12 withSurprise Blind Bags🍪 More Cookieswirlc 🍪 ---------------------🍪www.cookieswirlc.com🍪 Friend Cookieswirlc on Instagram:@cookieswirlcis a unique channel bursting with fun, positive, happy energy featuring popular videos on Disney Frozen, Princesses, Littlest Pet Shop LPS, Shopkins, mermaids, My Little Pony MLP, Lego, Barbie dolls, Play Doh, and much muchy more!!! Everything form stories, series, movies, playset toy reviews, hauls, mystery surprise blind bag openings, and DIY do it yourself fun crafts!"Create the life you want everyday. Do things that bring you happiness!"- CookieYou rock cookie fans! I'll see you in my next video!◕‿◕

Data Analytics for Beginners

This video is meant for individuals who are yet to take their first step into the emerging field of Data Analytics. We have tried to cover various aspects associated with the skill set, placement and salary expectations, basic definitions and wide applications of Analytics.If you like this video, please click on subscribe, and also share it with your friends who might benefit.

C++ Tutorial - 3 - Declaration Statements and Variables

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