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Yaboydude Samora


No homo Tho


super Strikers

My score was 59 in endless ducker

Wheteva K

Her voice is so annoying

The Challenge Channel


Jake Lake

Month and year I was born


i loved the video (as always) however....was the borderlands thing a new DLC...because i've never seen or heard of that expansion for the pre sequel




Kimberly Smith

Dylan is so sick his cooler than me

But their special

BT 7274

It fake the basketball is a paid actor

Anime Weirdo

My girl had a miscarriage at 11 and I'm over here complaining about my period.

mini pappachan

Love your video


Stop abusing animals


1:30, seems legit

youthdom beats

They're celebrations used to be so akward.


The new Drake

Mamamia Meghan

Wow I’m the 4th comment

Bloody Rouge



I actually tought the bioshock one was a little bit sad :(

Stacey Studios

i love the rage monster


your avatar...ive seen it /ZPNmMMC . gif


I’m pansexual (i like boys and girls) but my parents and my brother is homophobs so i understand how hard it is to keep you sexuality a secret, i’m 14 years old and my parents or my brother still doesn’t know my sexuality. The only one who knows is a close friend to me that is also pansexual but we’re only friends

DailyVlogs YouTube

I got a diabetes ad before this video LOL

Gretchen Martin

I just spit sweet tea all in my bed when grayson jumped at the end of his round off

Aidan Matthews

I really hope you do more of these, I love these.


sampea CAML

I love happy endings.

Lucas Wallo

Even if she was the biggest homophobe of all time it wouldn't make her evil. It would just mean she doesn't like a small part of the population.

OOF Series

I thought the pe teacher was Donald Trump when I saw the thumbnail lol

Wayne Rogers

I want to be on your show in the country

Alex HD

3:15 look in the end of the hallway, what the heck is Tyler doing xD

Emily_is _weird

Yep it is

You're basically depending on public demand to keep you here, and I think that's the last thing you want to depend on now a days.

Goro Akechi

I was diagnosed with BPD by the time I was 18, I'm older now and I realised that BPD wasn't my issue it was the fact that alot of my friendships and relationships were toxic and because I knew they were I'd try to do something about it, convincing people that I'm crazy and neurotic. Which I internalised and started feeling delusional . I learned not to give my time to toxicity and build relationships that are based on mutual respect. I can trust a person who doesn't have intentions with me. I feel like I barely meet the criteria anymore the only time I'm having a bad time is usually from outside sources instead of from internalised crap now. Gotta learn to love yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company more really helps with these kinds of issues.


if i was that girl i would’ve gotten that notebook and thrown it at her face and say


Just one word "Subscribed"

Its Derpy Logan

I think Cory and Coby'sdad look more like them.

You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy) 

The Fall of New Babylon

Godbless . They have crazy creativity

Luke Vitale

Well now the dude is suicidal

Oscar Putet

Whos house is it

Did Call Of Duty : Finest Hour You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)    

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