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Check out my new book, How to Prepare for Everything:!The internet is not a fuzzy cloud. The internet is a wire, actually buried in the ground. Computers connected directly to the internet are called "Servers," while the computers you and I use are "clients," because they are not connected directly to the internet, but through an Internet Service Provider. Routers shuttle packets of information across the internet, and transmit e-mail, pictures, and web pages.

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part 3 plz

Jose Ostorva

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This game was fantastic!

Petzel Lover

She’s a killer queen, oh not the band a school, whoops!


I was so confused throughout this video and why is a girl narrating a guy

Demonic Films

was josh horton there

Sarah Contr

English comment you were searching for lol

I don't know why but they look familiar...

Lily Pelham

I am so sorry you your lost and that is so sad

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XXXPro'zXXX Killer

Hahaha floating heads

Surface Girl Massive UT Fan

poor thing i hope you find some parts this story is not fake!!!


my first video ive seen from you guys and you got an instant sub from me. hilarious content I love it


Added to liked videos

jon wrong

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lmao Badass Creeper xD

Junior Patton

I didn't know Dude Perfect liked wearing Patriots jerseys, especially in front of NFL players from different teams.

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Julia Mantel

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The real lesson of the story: don’t become ninja


"I'm Bipolar and See Things That Aren't Real

Wilson Always wins 1207

Hows watching old dude perfect videos in 2019 anyone ?

Tyrell Laupama



holy shitttcan't wait for this movie <3


I'm watching this in today- Oct 28, 2018. haha...

Actually Happend

Krista Devins

Boyyyyy noooooooo definitely November 2018 god

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I play basketball and I'm usually the misses all game but banks in a three for the win and my friend is the imaginary dunker

Panic at Every Social Event

The moral of the story is cheat on your love ones and never be loyal and don’t forget to beat up your kids. -_-

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who else came because its free on Xbox 360



This is still kinda sad i mean she does have a happy life but she ignores the the fact the dad did cheat on the mom i see why tho

They can't actually kill you, right? It didn't look like you were taking damage at least.


I don't know about you guys but I love trickshots!!!!!


@JoshandJamesM loool rofls hahahahahaa

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That shark scared the shit out of me

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I feel so lucky every time I am watching your videos.

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This is how you get a panic attack.

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Title should be “I woke up on a sidewalk”

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Do the Chargers


John Wick vs Jon Snow

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Crying my eyes out.


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