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How to Become a Programmer? – [Hindi] – Quick Support. आज इस विडियो में हम आपको बताने वाले हैं, प्रोग्रामर कैसे बने?

Me: . . . Calls 911



Addison Thoms

oh my gosh I love watching you guys

Customer Service Online

I like the longestjump ever andup and down


You take a million try's to get the shot till you get the shot then you post the video


I am autistic while it isn’t as bad still I have been bullied also I have similar interests like anime art and game so well done for going through it 😊

Legacy C

don’t get why people are freaking out about fucking plants😂😂 vegans man hahahaha

Margo Heaviland

My grandma says you will shot your eye out

Unicorn Wizard

The Star Wars reference in the beginning of the video is also found in HalfLife 2 episode 1. Although it isnt as accurate, you can find a skeleton in a bunch of cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. (This comment might not be exactly what is found, I just remember seeing something like that in a cave)+

Nick Carter

poor panda

2024 Jaxon Borden

witch idiot disliked this video like why are there 7.4k dislikes?

Nims Vibes

How about a race with Usain Bolt?

I wouldn’t call it dealing with what everyone else goes thru. Only some people can see what we see

Santa Bega

Holy fuck im so sorry

Jake Kessel

You missed a couple

pizza demon

I acstadenty beat John up...

GnomesPlayzGaming Mostly Roblox

Team panda

RubberDuck PRIME

Default dance

Tim Seeburger

Turning on Netflix now. Sold!

David Mullins

Like me I'm David Mullins

Julianne Callahan

They made another storybooth

Hyper Kirby

No polar bear?

Cory Burns

Will Cor.......He's bAcK!!!!!!!


I think you are on about the coloured skulls you complete on Dead Island. You probably found the yellow shrine.

paul wehmer


Rylee R.M.B

What does you mean " saved" ?

Wille LX1

Why didn't they play Gorn

Akram Sabik

GG dude :)

jordan clark

You missed the minecraft sniper that shoots arrows

cherish the beast

So he works at McDonald's

TinaSean Sheehan



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