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Lynsey Bales

dallas cowboys


Pretty cool. But when you guys look super excited and stuff, I get the feeling that you might have not expected to make that shot, therefore you might have tried multiple times.But hey, I guess ANYONE would be excited if they made amazing shots like those.It just shows that you guys aren't extremely pro and aren't doing it on your first tries.



also them: has done a 3rd grade math sheet and looked at a map...


I am astonished! Keep up the good work! We will always support you.

Isaiah Leeth

Do a dirt bike edition or off-road trick shots

Bobsicle Gacha

95% of comments shook cause Puma and Adidas are brothers

fiona goldwater

wise words man, its just a shame that smoking is still a thing do, with the kids of today as well. if only it never was made then no one would have a promin with it in the first plaices. I wander if it will be band in the future do? or something worst tack its places?

Luke Wang

This is santa🎅🏻👕👖👞1 like equals 1 kiloLet's see how heavy we can get him

Lilli hope

I swear to god chandler

Jazmynn Maharaj

i cried most of the video, i am going through cancer Im for member


I'm watching 8 years later!!!

Alec Kearns


Ava Cyr

Omg JEFF with the Botox

true story

Snow Jade

I would love to see u guys do this in Australia 🇦🇺

Jimmy chaos

That's cool

Anthony Horan

That was not checkers

Parker Williams Alt Account

It’s the uno reverse card really

Jared Torres



1:12 That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Rise the drake

I hope this won't be 20 bonfires.

Lily Martovitz

Hello this is Joey and your watching Disney Chanel 😂

Estiven Ramírez Maldonado

do not forget to gta v

Riley McGovern

Panda for the win

Kim Ylisela

2019 anyone?

Ruben Barona Rivera

Panda is the best

Zoey Ramirez

I Passout at gh2 frist Day of school in 5th grade

Valeria Minton

My dog turns 11 in September!

Janine Hooper


anibal nambo

Jordan Banks

Kobe Bryant LeBron James Carmelo AnthonyRussell WestbrookKevin Durrant James Harden Chris Paul

Hai! Hai!

I had my period for 6 months straight but no cramps....just always hungry

XXX Crash3r

It dident pop cause it hit his shirt it happens alot get a new match of this

candela Naican


Annie Charles

I look like a burned piece f popcorn and it’s ok with me



I Eat Ass

You would expect people to realize that guru was the one to put the dj khaled eater egg in the video after all these comments

Ian Hopkins

Take enough damage during a mission, and Snake will be getting a blood transfusion back in the ACC afterwards.

Henry Jiang

hits in the feels. I can totally see this happening.


Country roads, take me home


My childhood is ruind

Also I get it, I have germaphobia too, just certain things I try no avoid, nit be around

Nicole Monsalve

I’m so happy for her 😭🌸🌸


Hello, I am a Korean who has always seen Dude perfect. I've been watching videos for a long time. Thank you for always posting fun videos.

Mustapha Razak

iam the bottle flip MASTER

Dan Anthony Ventura

This is the same feeling that I have. My grandfather passed away, and it has been 3 weeks after his burial. This experience was almost exactly the same thing in the video. I thank you for this video. Even though I feel sad and depressed, I could always remember the good times we had. I also felt guilty of it, but this video has cheered me up somehow and lit back the fire in me. Thanks!

MLP DancingOnRainbows

Story booth actually happend MY STORY ANIMATED Tell my story and now minutevideos



LewdLoli •

Tho I don't have the game and I badly wanna get it, what is GMP?


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