How to execute java program using Command prompt - YouTube

Java Dukes this video you will get to learn, how you can execute a Java program using command prompt. We all are familiar with command prompt but for those who don not know about command prompt , it is a black window which is used to execute your command . By default it is present in all computers . In windows 7 and older versions you can open it by clicking on window icon on the leftmost corner of your window screen then type command prompt . its icon will appear click on that and it will appear.IN WINDOWS 8 , To open command prompt click on the window icon and type command prompt . In this video you will learn few basic command used in command prompt like cd, md etc. In order to execute your java programs we type javac and then file name with extensionand to run a java program we type java and then the class name . the same will be followed here , after writing the java program , open command promptafter that save your program in any drive. By default command prompt will use your system drive but you can easily change it . For changing the drive in command prompt simply type the drive name followed by a colon. After this compile your java program by typing javac followed by your java file name . After compiling your java program you can run it by simply typing java followed by the class name.Java Dukes--

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