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Doggo Lover

Man, if I was that girl’s parents, I would explain why the LGBT community is valid and tell her to apologize to her friend about what she said. Not, “You can whatever view you want and disagree with a whole community’s existence.” Anyway, this was obviously made up by some homophobic middle aged woman who saw that “those gays” were poisoning society and bringing hell upon us all. This is so retarded.


this is like a frickin ghost sighting...but panda.

Chinwai Mode


Ibrahim Alkurdi

Who's here in 2019 ✋

Loren Munjas

This was lame

Jay’s Life

My goldfish died . I just hope I’ll be able to do these things until my last breath cherishing every single moment of it.


same here, i don't know why



Gameplay footage starts at.... oh wait, never

Snowball Kitty

This is the songKeep it onehuhe


Haley Donovan

I dont want to lose weight, as im 20lb underweight.


toolbox zombie scared the hell outta me

Holly Rudder

i love kris bryant and the cubs so much


Best DP Video I’ve ever seen!! Those cameos were priceless😂😂

Egg Gaming

4:58 this is the fake money

alana !!

who taught noel how to cripwalk

James Fletcher

Is it just me or dose anyone else hate the word toxic

Mana Sgh


Diane Long

You never let a team like this rest up Dam Dummies You play to the finish Toronto got comfortable But someone on Golden State other than the SPLASH BROTHERS BETTER STEP UP ESPECIALLY OFF THAT BENCH IN GAME SIX!!!

Gacha Yuichi


Funko Popping

This is the cutest love story EVER! 😭❤❤

Teala’s World

Are you happy now YouTube I watched it


wow look at that hook! ... wind? or because of sidearm motion?

Sam Dog Owner

Heh, Dick's ;)

Momo The YT Hero


Jamarcus Reynolds

The wake is your video game about that movie that scared you with a kid that the movie that you made a video about


you are literally too stupid to insult

That Girl

Riyasha Singh

I am just not into relationships 😂😂😂

back up

so you weren't struck by lightning but it struck close to you and left an effect on your eyes that eventually went away.

Zachary Pheiffer

The gang teams up so Coby so he never wins

Juliana Pereira

5:37 Kylie 's phone is crackk


Put conan here 😂 with jordan or andy better.

Mint Candy

Watch 5:37 it's so look funny


I bet he can't do that in a game. :P

Tonya Gillette


Tbh I felt like I needed to say this


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