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How to choose career option in php development. Why choose web development. Difference between all fields.Learn Website Designing for free- Javascript for free-


What do i do if I think they won't believe me and feel I have no one else to talk to I feel like I am trapped and can't get out what do I do???


I have PTSD and some dissociation issues. I can relate to how she feels......... PTSD is hard, but people joke about it like it's a game. Maybe if you read this you might try to help people like me.

privacybistecca ita

very cool

Alejo GarciaH

yep that one; i don't think the videos were made after the videogame or box art, because it's like a preview of far cry 3 so... i don't know, maybe you are right

Honestly Madds

5:00 "come on baby there is something going on here" did y'all hear her say that or am i going crazy

Posma Prima

I've always liked the way your video flows, the transitions, the zoom ins and everything. But this has to be the best edited video you've ever done.

Angelica Schuyler

Heh I’m not good at anything

Tanner Tatum

Hey ps3 guru kid it's have mods I know you problem don't remember me but I wanted to play with you again since my account got banned ! Please reply

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Gameing room

Aditya Parama Hadi

This was incredibly made, professional like quality. As always, great job guru!

90127 taylena

와... 말잇못

i do have one question: What do you mean by "unused" easter eggs? Aside from that small confusion, keep it up, man! P.S, congrats on 500k! Can't wait for that 1 Million milestone... (Psst. You should do a livestream when you hit 1M. It will bring a lot of views and potential subs)


I knew his pants ripped


Lol that video really triggered me

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Jaji Sohail


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This is fake. Most planes are made of aluminum which can transmit electricity so thunder could not really affect a plane only the heat form a strike could do something

Hobbes Smith

Guru I noticed that you aren't doing a watch dogs video, and that there was a disappointing amount of eggs in bf1. You're also doing movie eggs. Do u think games are including fewer eggs bc it "lessens the game" somehow?

Amogh Ramachandra

Over 9 mil

RiverVassi Gaming

( I don't get the Easter Egg, yet i have beaten the game. Explain it to me )

5000 subscriber without a video challenge

Hello person scrolling through the comments


I'm addicted to pandas snow

Lost Cause

1:41 "Well bless me! The legends are true! Giants! STONE GIANTS."- The Hobbit

ZaaR AwaN



asthma : "not serious" according to them

Miss Epic

Whatever man lol 😂😂😂🎈😂😂😂


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