How to read "vernier Calliper" - YouTube

In this video i show that how to read a vernier calliper of least count of0.05mm#Vernier #Callipers How to read Vernier Calliper in easy way.

YT Frost

Codys name should be Mr Pingpong

Jacob Mora

I went there that same year

Ruben Ninaja


gradey thompson

thats fuckin sweet

X-Trash Lego Style

Ure so 🦇 in soccer

tumblrally • why don't we

MY parents work there and I'm like :: bruh I could've gone to work with them

Jaya K

It seems kind of dark. What's everyone so mad about?

OP - OriginalPigeon


Skull Crusher

how to get the place nuketown 2025?


Just found out that I'm an introvert, not sure how I feel about it

Sarah Orozco

Marble has the same birthday as my brother😂

Me sending voice mail out loud

The Black Rat Assassin Audiobooks

i like tony alot. hes one of the best fighters ever. however i must painfully say that beating cowbody doesnt really mean much at the end of the day as far as his elite of the elite status. so far tony has proven that he is a solid silver medalist. but is he gold medal material? hard to say. its highly unlikely that he can beat khabib. but of course it is not impossible.

Devin Boothman

these guys are legit, shutthehellup.

Keegan & Jack

Subscribe please

4. Goes out hard and dies

Bruh I’m The Best

Why would her foster dad do that?

YoU gOt No JaMs

A "get in shape" ad came on before this video. What a coincidence

Ivan Sanders

He is so funny, I’m glad he did this video. For sure my favorite video.

Michelle Haley

Team necklace


Your Graphic Designer is fat

Sean Jon

Stone Got Next!

Yossi Feldman

Guy at 38 kinda looks like stomae

Ma.Irene Fuentes

Cool flip

Jack K

Some of these suprised me.


The number 2 one was funny.

Roberto Cortes

whos watching this in 2015?

The Bheader

Target... Small animalls 😑


Parents: Were going to France!!1!1!!1 :D Coby, Cory, Cody, and Tyler: LOLOLOLOLOL

Optimus Mike and A-aron talk about everything!

Nice Dominating the Broncos 2 year Russelbeating a LEGEND. My dad calls it "Stomp City" I live in Seattle soooooo I go to lots of Seattle games. I got tickets to go to super bowl 48 and watch Russel, Kam, Bobby, Lynch, and Doug. Seattle HYPE

James Harris

which celebrity lebron james

antonio davila


[Chorus: Drake, with Chris Brown]

Anna MB1279

My parents would probably just say it's a phase or hormones(I'm 12). I literally just went to tell them because I gathered a little courage but instead I said that I forgot. I'm not sure about the anxiety, but I think I have depression. Wow. Seeing me type that I might have depression scares me. I've tried telling them how I feel before, with small hints, but my mom said it was hormones. I really feel good about putting this in the world. Thanks for reading, if you did.

22 and autistic... I’ve tried several dating apps since I turned 18 but I’m deciding to give up because I realized that I’m not good enough for a relationship and I don’t think anyone would ever put up with my weirdness, anxiety, etc. #foreveralone


My friend had beautiful long red hair and she got cancer and almost lost her life after losing her hair but shes fine and doesnt mind her now short hair and is just glad she still has her life, this girl needs to be thankful she didnt die rather than thinking about losing her hair

is it only me?....oh ok cool only me nice chat bye 👋

Deby Velez

So very sorry for your loss. Diamond is at Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. You will see her again.

me: instantly starts crying

Anyway ..

2018seru youtube


But now I am okay, I realized that life is more than being depressed and sad. I moved on and thought that my grandmother is in a better place and is watching over us.

Haw old ar    

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