How to write Kickass Animated Circle Progress Bar (Ep 1)

Ever wanted to integrate animation into your iOS applications? Struggled with learning about animation with the Swift language? Today's video will teach you how to use CABasicAnimation to animate a circular stroke with CAShapeLayer. Enjoy.Intermediate Training Core DataFirebase CourseGroupBasic Training CourseSource Codeme on Twitter:

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1:40 How doesn't this hurt them...I mean it's glass after all🤕🤕


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Rosie Garcia

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Loud Pack

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Natalie Tran

1:11 and 1:14 sry Coby but ur left out in the back seat

ViZn Trode


Élite management.

i can hardley transilate that Moroccan song , i don't think it's Arabic

Moya Elle

Video: Jerid a sweet red head boy


this is an wonderful mix of movies I watched as a kid and movies I'd never heard of before that I now want to watch :D


joshua hankey

2:19 = concusionlol


The one in the stairwell in Dear Esther, something similar was caught by Ghost Hunters i believe.


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Isaac Capilouto

Favorite is 60 yards

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What character are you playing as?

Charles Bolanos

Yeah, they def. failed to sue notch.

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james Joel

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Heather House

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wait a minute.. the girl doing the voice over.... is the SAME (or sounds extremely similar) as the homophobic girl in the other video.


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LeRa_GaMeR_XX Fortnite


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Really? It zoomed on Quiet's butt?

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Mr hooman Gaming channel



Does that happen with every solider?

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?????? WAT IS HAPPENING/what happens help me ;-;

My username is ultracarterthegrea3 Man

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Scorpion vs Sub zero

Lily Ramirez

Jeffree I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand how you feel, even though Diamond wasn’t my own, it’s still so heartbreaking to hear her passing. Rest In Peace little Diamond. Don’t push yourselves please, take as much time from social media and creating videos please, we all just want y’all to get better. We love y’all



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Good thing the video was there to demonstrate how a wall works.

Ryee Bred

in the DLC u c a baby crib

4 months ago

Elliot Steneudde


K1- B0

The last easter egg was the best im still laughing

Diego Santana

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King George III

Disney: So how confused do you want your audience to be? Director: yes


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