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Andrey Sharpinskiy

4:24 Best easter egg ever


Did you realize that the logos that can be erased are from Main MGS Games, while the ones that cannot be erased are from spinoff MGS Games? Interesting...

Solar Pupper

Oh my gosh yes queen.

DanTDM Fan

The fishing part

Michael Drobenko

Shout out Roger Bagley!

Shalini Verma

Rematch please?

Kristian Fabian

Ricardo dalisay ????



The T. rex in the campaign is the one from bf3 on the kids toy that he gives to the tank commander

Benjamin Saul

anyone watching in 2017?

Dusted turtle


Richard Inzunza




Lisandro Q

Guru, I can't tell you I know how difficult it must be to make one video but, your effort to entertain us shows something. I think we should all be applauding you.

Hans Loreit


Hope we have a dad


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