Humor and Motivation - Live Training Program

Live recording to TS Madaan's motivation program. Full of humor, thoughts and ideas. Full of Comedy yet very informative. Must watch!

Mason Young

They should do this but with smash brothers ultimate

Kohlton Miller

4:07 Who the fuck are you playing as?

Jan Sieber

RIP Garrett's hair


When I saw those environment I was like...The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cartoon Edition!

The Furry With no money

happy shroom will be happy

Catarina Wilfong

Right when he first touched my ass, I would punch him in the face so hard he would go all the way to Neptune.... (realistically he would fall on the ground and start crying........ while his face was bleeding)


Pain can really mess with your brain more than people realize..after 2 bad car wrecks which were no where as bad at this I still deal with this stuff. It's exhausting, you never just magically get through the pain or the mental illness. It's all about time.

SpOnGeGoD Is DeMoNiC

What about the person that spoils Endgame?

Repeater305’s Video games

Wha appened do cobes


I wanna leave study n keep eating n procrastinating...


Finally fucking awesome!

Conner Britton

It’s not a flute

Swapna Seerla

I saw you in the Guinness world record 2018.

rebecca smith


Letta Burger

ty is the best

Milky milk

Hey who's cutting onions?!

Hollie Westron

Gears bat


Damit!! I cant download it its not 4 my version of Andriod=(


If you can or gave the time please make a video showing off video game easter eggs in movies because that would be epic making you more epic man keep up the good work.

luke hamilton

this is so cool of dude perfect even though it is only for fame


With the Easter Egg in Rage, they could have loaded the entire game into it due to it's incredibly small size, but then again that could have taken a long time and would have caused unnecessary delays.

Cole Fraser

Texas Roadhouse is better than outback in literally every possible way.

Emmanuel Perez

Ditto is clearly just Mewtwo's poops

tyler chaney

I have others too....they have been distant. But they talk

Emma Catlover

Is this in real life


I am like Lily and Paul LOL cris

Mark Bsedin

St. Louis blues

Kitty Gamer15

Choose the right way

Andrew Hernandez

It takes talent to put a easter egg in alot of videos this was awsome


Why did you change the title?

James Taylor

2nd shot was nasty launched that puck... boom head shot hahaha

Mariam Altalikany

It’s made me cry

Adalberto Bello


Zane Elashry

I new it was checkers

Maor BV'

Frozen the new Avatar

Fate Rewind

do you think everyoneischeering for them now cause of donald trump

Edwin Castelan

Blame Steph Curry?I’ll BLAME Steve Kerr because he’s being OutCoach by Nick Nurse!👍🏽


Song is C418 stranger think


Your Saint's row 4 playsrmodel is Faith from Mirror's edge?

Kristin Wiebold

It is so sad Reena has to fight so hard with her parents for the right to go to school. Her mother says who will help us on the farm? Reena isn't the only child the boys can help on the farm too. I am glad Reena was able to get the education she wanted and was able to use it to help others. Even glad her mother got some education in the end.

Short Baller

Come to Utah again


The one from insidious was scarier than n.1

XLR 15

Hmmm something tells me this bitch gon turn evil or sumthin




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