I Am Going To Read Your Mind - Part 2 - YouTube

I'm about to read your mind with 3 different mind tricks. Zach King will teach you how to trick your friends that you can read minds by the end of this video. Watch Part 1 - the first to pre-order my new book here - it on amazon here - at me: on Facebook too - - Website where you can email me-

Edwin U

Its not JOCK its actually JACK, one of the suspected killers of the ghost, loenora johnson, a famous actor in gta v based off of a real life actor killing.


Legend of Zelda Easter Egg = Mind Blown

The Rebel Dottie

Mortal Kombat and Dark Souls Easter eggs show that For Honor really respects it's influences


Hey Guru! I think I may have found an easter egg on the last level. You know the part where the ladder breaks and you have to use it as a bridge? Well, if you put it up right in between those 2 fan things on the side of the wall and climb up to the top, Joel's hair will flash two times to the color blonde. It may be a glitch, but i tested it 5 times from all camera angles. Anyway, Thanks! :D



I'm Moonplle

{\ /}

jamie ly

that mushroom was strong! lol

Robert jajko

can i get my virus in blue?

Dokkaebi [R6S]

Now I feel bad for females wait what am I doing here....

Keren icehand


Laura Castro

Austin did his eyebrows? 💕

Evolet Collazo

dont worry i peed on my phone before so Jaiden dont feel by yourself :)


Ahaha mad max in witcher and John cena in Emil won everything :D

Slim 803


matrix stunts

January 2019

Shaily Sharma

Play pubg

Will Allen

You should change your name to George Jetson because you are always yelling at Astro.


I feel bad for Cody

I’m Peridot Yah CLOD!

“Cancer is for people who are like 50!”

Lucy Mastri

I’m fat

J Bay

anyone need a platoon?


Rabbit having S*E


Dude perfect u guys rock I wish I can see u guys in real life

B Stewart




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michael keller

What are your favorite Game Series?. And are you Excited for Metal Gear Solid V or Fallout 4?

Joe Biller

your 1# tiler is 6#

Äxu Fuchs

Please make a 2nd vid of this

Speedwaifu best waifu UwU

This was so cute tf 💖💖💖 congrats


He wasn't a Muslim

Smitha Suresh

i have watch your every single video


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