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Mouse and friends Oliver, Moose, Pig, Cat, and Dog are back for more mousey mayhem.Join the crew as they take the neighborhood by storm on some of their biggest adventures yet!» SUBSCRIBE: Stream If You Give a Mouse a Cookie now, exclusively with your Prime Membership: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:Follow the adventures of Mouse, Oliver, Moose, Pig, Cat, Dog and other familiar friends as they discover that when you’ve got a curious Mouse for a friend, one thing always leads to another, then another, and then another! You never know what to expect, but you do know it’s going to be fun and maybe a little bit messy.Get More Prime Video Kids: To watch outside of the US, go to More Shows for Kids: Prime Video Kids on Facebook: Prime Video Kids on Twitter: Prime Video Kids:Prime Video Kids offers a variety of fun and entertaining shows, including original series, “The Stinky & Dirty Show,” “Wishenpoof,” “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street,” “Just Add Magic,” and “The Kicks.”Video Kids


You sound a bit like the narrator from Stanley's Parable.

Brady B

They made that balloon hard so it did not pop jk I just want to see coby win for once

Marley G

You just blew my mind everything you said is basically the life inside my mind, drug habits and all. Absolutely blown away and I was just about to run away from home to the streets tomorrow because that seems more doable for me and least way of hurting the only people left to hurt, so I can remain in my own reality.



game2 Laskar

nice FUNWITHGURU.Are you indian?

Jehan Hassouneh

WTF why do wehave TO FUCKIN PAY

ryan holober

dont tell anyone but i like Tom

Braxton Papania

travis is in nitro circus

Davy Yuri

it seems twins

Vu Ho

What about the lady taking a swat at the ball? She interfere with Lowry making a save.

Werewolf Ria

Whos sugarbaby?

Well bob, that's why she did it The end

They better not make the parents alive or make Anna have powers. That would ruin it.

Betiana Duarte

Alto temaso✌👌💗


a simple "no u" would have worked just as well

reema singh

Can you please give me that aeroplane

Johna Resler

The first time I went to a mental hospital was 14 days and then a week later I went back and was their for 6 days and they sent me to the other side of the hospital were you stay their for a while I was tgere for 4 months

CadenZside 0

Plot twist: he was Santa Claus to give Earley prestesnt

Dank Krabz

I'm a simple man I see stranger things I click

My deepest condolences, Miri from Germany❤️

Tenille Payne



1:00 "Lost Dog: BOLT"

IronMike 2021

1:49 stereotypes

Jke 2013

Yes it's Starbucks


SAD 😭😭

Gemma Lam

Such a sweet story 😭

Maram Mohamed

3:00i wonder how the cup is still alive🤔

Jake Abatayo

🤣 haha sacked⚽️🥅

Barttish Ikhwan

U are D.KCody

Eli ;;;;;;

Haven't been on this channel in a while but i still love it


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