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Robert Mirsky


is this an specific OCD or am i normal?

Sam eley

Support team GB

Trevan Walker




sreekar gamer

tyler is the best

Break up with your boyfriend,im bored

pragati sharma

I love panda

Felix Lee

Is this normal? I got a Adidas ad


Mein Name

Hold on a second, am I seeing this correctly.... American cities are sinking in the Atlantic Ocean yet a large part of the US - population including the US - government still denies that climate change is actually a thing?

Alex Garza

can u imagine if they played call of duty D:

Tony Watson

He eventually does

Laura Amy

Ethan: has a $500 spending limit


I can't even make a free-throw -.-

Favor Leavasa

is it just me or does drake sound more smoother than chris brown in this song

Relita Adelia Putri

Trending #20 indonesia 💜😭

foxam gamer9103


Heather McFadden

Dude perfect is the best

Camping stereotypes

Horatio Ward

5:50 (terns up volume) raaaaaa! not scary>:D

Georg Gross

Sometimes, many people end up not knowing what bad things they did. And over time, they realise what they did and end up regretting each and every bad thing they did and let bygones be bygones, converting them into common senses.

Jac Davis

Yes sir🔥🔥🔥

Ani Brus

poor Ty

Noah Vanpelt



well they wouldnt wanna waste time and take slow motion shots of him jumping and making it for no reason...they simply did it after he made it soo they could show different angles...thats all..jus cuz he took off his hat be4 they took those shots doesnt mean its fake...yall just cant accept that..that kind of shot is possible i suppose.

Barbarian Matt

the conversations the last one about moving rocks makes me think of the movie the other guys

Alex Madriz

Guru do u think they are going to add the scarab gun in halo 2 master chief edition?

Aaron Hickerson

Not trying to be a hater but, I’ve seen older videos with the same Easter eggs. I think some people have discovered them first, people need to show the smaller videos that are older some love too. When I first seen the gameplay I picked up on the ps3 in the game, and some other stuff here and there. But overall this game is a masterpiece and a 👍 up for this video.

Mace 2.0

"Footage Sources:

Andrew Staerker

Johnny football went to the Browns



I am a Tyler fan


Hala Matalka

Those 3d models were so cool


elizabeth Galvez


XxreapergummixX ręæpęrgūmmį

How does no one witness this

DJ Rocks

I swear Cory wasn’t any of the stereotypes


Amazing video❤

RDG Griffin

I'm begging y'all make a new game

Fernanda Rodriguez

At first this made me a bit upset😢


So, eh, any idea on doing Bioware games? Pretty sure they have some interesting easter eggs. Just a thought. Popular developer to tackle.

Bill gates: Hold my Beer


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