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Why would u teach us tricks while school is back hhe


whatsthe name of the first song?!?!?its awesome!

Shania May Bautista

my facebook profile and cover photo are just plain black .my nickname there was: ShaniaMay Bautista "(mentally ill)" .it took few days before my guardians saw it .theyre reaction was just lyk: "what have you done? whyd your profile looks like this? what if someone saw this? what would they think about you?" my thoughts about them got worse .im not really open to them but before they saw my profile im already thinking of how i will tell them but hearing their reaction bout my facebook nickname ,haixt i dont want to tell em anymore (-‸ლ) ill just wait til the right time come that i could save enough money so that ill be able to talk to a gp/psychiatrist and then that way ill be diagnosed (-‸ლ) hys i dont know who to trust of my thoughts and feelings 😥😫

Rose Hensley

i miss 2018 and yah...



Angie Romero

I saved a kid from a bully

/\ greenтea /\

"always takes longer" bruh i was good with my mom it only last her 40 minutes

Remix Kral

Nah en uzun en uzunu Türk tozkaparan iskender tarafından 846metre olacak şekilde atıldı


God has spoken.


face reveal 700k subs?


Wow, great shot


Have you tried to shoot down the UFO on top of Mt. Chiliad?

She hadn’t done it for a good 5, 6 years until two weeks ago; but by that point I’d finally found friends who loved me for me and who made me feel wanted and loved. Dance?-Floor!

Johnny Cash

@bigman710011 no he didnt you can obviously view this in a video form seeing as they streamed it on a public video forum site

Rachel Howes

This is Shelly 🐢 1 like 1 trick shot

MT Challengers

Marvellous video

Rita Lima

I'm Brazian🇧🇷

Elena Martinez

do cam newton

Ricardo Chavez

yoll hit someone

andrew keddy

what song?

Fungated Plum Cake

1:20 it was a peetty good dodge


omg woow


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